Day 421 - Miniryu | ミニリュウ | Dratini

It is said that Miniryu was born under the aurora borealis. Its horn stores power as an internal jewel, and it bursts forth upon evolution. They’re incredibly rare to see, so it’s the mark of a very patient Trainer.

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Some more background-less ones from the last few days – of the ones that work without a background. Some are cropped or have too many effects that mess with transparency.

Gomazou, Fushide, Miniryu

Phanpy, Venipede, Dratini

I’m going to be retroactively re-doing the earlier days where things were rougher, so I’ll be continuing the little story of the two wheel Pokémon here that have a rivalry going, so chronologically it’ll go:

Fushide = Gomazou  (done) -> Wheega (re-do) -> Donphan (done) -> Pendror (re-do)