RH will be an account-per-player site and each player’s miniprofile will include a list of their characters. The miniprofile can currently hold up to six characters and their dragons/drayks, but more spaces can easily be added in the future.

The basic options for each character are name, rank, age, application link, and an adjective to describe them/one word description.

For characters with a drayk or dragon, there’s also a spaces for their dragon/drayk’s name, color class and hex, age, application link, and an adjective to describe them.

In addition to those basic options, there are spaces to input images (100x100 icons), any pets, and a theme song for each character. As you can see in the screenshots of Thrall’s MP above, the icons are totally optional; if you don’t input one, a default dragon silhouette will occupy the space. Feel free to use stock icons or personal art as well.

this is a look at the minipro and how the power system works. Each one is seperated into different classifications such as ‘mental’ or 'physical’ and then there are three different types for each. With enough posts you gain 'evos’ or points you can evolve and go up in level. 


so several people said they wanted to see a skin preview… except i’m still working on the cfs right now so that’s not feasible. HOWEVER the miniprofile is complete, so i thought i would share that with you. 

the top two are how the staff ones look, but i realized that the black made it hard to see so i went ahead and capped one w/ membergroup colors as well! the av is 250x400 and the gif will resize (without warping). 

keep an eye out for a contest soon!

anonymous asked:

two questions! can you give us the sizes for graphics / gifs / etc? and secondly, when do you think reserves will be opening? love the site!

of course, my dear!

  • we ask that everyone use avatars of exactly 200 by 370 pixels, otherwise the miniprofile won’t look as fabulous as it’s supposed to. (just a heads up, the avatar field is actually located in the edit profile info tab of your control panel.) there’s also an “avatar gif” which should be no smaller than 123 by 123 pixels, and two mini gifs, which should also be square and at least 160 by 160 pixlels.
  • all gifs are set to be black and white, keeping with our site’s ~aesthetic. avatars, on the other hand, do not have to be black and white, though we encourage everyone to use muted or toned down color palettes if possible!

as for reserves, we don’t have a concrete time and date set just yet, but i promise we’ll make an announcement just as soon as we figure something out! it shouldn’t be too long now. :)

Just a quick update to announce that Pearl has created a new miniprofile, and you will only be needing one gif, 140x140 in size. Bigger ones will crop down, but I assume that a standard small tumblr gif will look okay! The avatar size is still 250x400!