minions so cute


Sebastian Stan and his stunt doubles singing the Minion song or as Seb calls it:

Ha! Take that, Steve and your barber shop quartet! (Although, I’m sure Bucky was one of them 😁)

P.S. Seb…….. What are you doing???!!!! Somehow, he always ends up as the one lurking behind his friends when they sing 😂😂😂

Cue this video I posted in May:

I just really love how genuinely into each other Scarlet and Herb are. They’re so in love and really care for each other and it’s so sweet.

Herb is suck a dork, and this is a time before dorks were cool, so it’s easy to imagine his supervillain origin story. I imagine his early supervillain career was a lot like Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s antics- lots of inators/death machines and complicated schemes that fell apart due to lack of focus. And then he meets this girl who takes him seriously and likes his dorkiness and keeps him on track. 

And Scarlet, she probably had trouble getting taken seriously when she started out, and only because she was a women, so that was really frustrating. So she went looking for the biggest guns on the market and came across this guy who made great stuff but never quite managed to be successful. And he believed in her, even though she was a women, believed that she could be the number one supervillain. 

And when they worked together, they found that they were better than all the other supervillains out there. All they really needed to do was love and support each other. 

I really love their relationship. 

LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


@cactaurkitten IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK U FOR BRINGING MY SON HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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more clarke and lexa in the same universe as alex just means more people that alex can rope into playing with her. the grocery store game hits peak fun when she can make three different versions of lexa wait in a line for twenty minutes as she plays cashier. tea party turns into tea banquet. she can play complex battle games with her dolls and pit clarke against lexa 3v3. alex is the ultimate ruler of the playroom and her mothers (bless their souls) are her petty minions

This is so fucking cute I died