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I Know Your Dirty Little Secret - Chapter 2

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There is one more chapter to come so keep an eye out for that one

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

“So what is the plan guys?” Veronica broke the silence on the table. She wanted to know who it was so that she could support Betty through it. Unless she wasn’t telling them who it was because it was someone she shouldn’t be seeing. Then she may need to talk some sense into her. Either way she needed to know. Part of the new and improved Veronica was being there for her friends.

“Well Kevin I think you need to go full Gossip Girl on this. Check all your sources. Someone must have seen something.” Cheryl started fully embracing her role as leader of team “Find Betty’s Dirty Little Secret”. She couldn’t bring them this gold mine to see them squander it away.

“On it.” Kevin nodded in agreement. His phone already out and at the ready, sending texts to his most trusted sources on all that was Riverdale High. Cheryl turned to Veronica next.

“Veronica, you need to work that BFF vibe you got going on, see if she will open up to you.” Archie decided that this was getting out of hand, if Betty wanted to keep something private then maybe they should let her be.

“Is anyone else concerned that we are currently taking direction from Cheryl to spy on one of our closest friends.” He then thought about what Cheryl had just said. “Anyway aren’t I the best friend.”

“Archie if Betty is dating someone the last person she is going to tell is you.” Veronica interjected.

“Yeah especially after the dance after party incident.” Kevin added, still not quite forgiving Archie for that move.

“And don’t worry Archie there is a role for you as well.” Cheryl concluded. “You live across from Betty’s house, you are going to be our eyes and ears at her home.”

“And what will you be doing exactly Cheryl. Besides ordering us around.” Veronica asked.

“I, my little sad breakfast club, will be getting my best minions on the case, they will sniff out whatever is going on here. Trust me, they learned from the best. Although lately they have been starting to lose their game, they need something like this to re-invigorate them.”

They all nodded in unison at the plan, except for Archie who just watched on at the madness unfolding in front of him.


Veronica found Betty the next day sitting on her own in the student lounge. Her notepad was on her lap and she was chewing on her pen staring off into the distance. Veronica sat next to her, handing her a caramel, white chocolate which she had recently learned was Betty’s hot drink of choice. Betty was broken out of her day dream by the hot drink thrust in front of her face which she took gratefully.

“So Betty, you know how we are basically BFFs now?”

“Yeah.” Betty answered cautiously taking a sip from her cup.

“Well you know you could tell me anything.” She was sincere in her statement, she liked Betty and felt that although they had only know each other a short time that theirs was one of those friendships that would be forever.

“I’m not sure I understand what you are asking?”

“Well let’s say hypothetically that you were seeing someone romantically, or not even romantically just you know” She let the statement hang there, a quirk of her eyebrow to get the message across. “You could tell me. No judgement.”

“I’m not seeing anyone.” Betty answered chirpily. Returning her gaze to the drink in front of her not wanting to look Veronica in the eyes.

“But you could tell me.” Veronica continued noticing the blonde’s nervousness at her line of questioning.

“I know I could, but really there is nothing to tell.” Betty insisted.

“Cheryl saw you covering up hickeys in the boy’s locker room.” Veronica could not contain it any longer, she had been holding onto the information since yesterday and needed to get it out.

“What?!” Betty’s hand automatically went to her neck.

“Ah-Ha.” Veronica exclaimed. “OMG Betty you need to spill.”

“Honestly it’s nothing.” Betty muttered through clenched teeth, hoping that Veronica would lower her voice in line with hers. She didn’t need the whole student lounge hearing about this.

“Oh my god, it’s Trev isn’t it?! I knew that whole nothing happened was a lie. Betty Cooper you are in so much trouble.” Veronica excitedly whispered.

“I guess.” Betty took another sip of her drink admitting defeat. It technically wasn’t lying if she just didn’t correct her. Besides it would but her sometime until she knew exactly what her and Jughead were before opening it up to the full scrutiny of their friends and the student population.

“We need to find Kevin so he and I can grill you together.” Veronica stated excitedly, dragging a reluctant Betty along with her to go find Kevin.


“Did you guys hear?” Kevin managed to get out while he furiously tried to catch his breath so that he could continue. “That Betty.” He held out a finger to them indicating that he needed them to wait for him to catch his breath. He leant over bracing his hands on his knee, and took a couple of deep breaths.

Jughead was patiently waiting for what Kevin had to say, he hadn’t seen Betty at school today and she hadn’t texted him, so he wanted to know what about Betty had Kevin so worked up.

“Is dating Trevor, Betty is dating Trevor, ex footballer.” He exclaimed, the pride clearly showing on his face and his tone that his girl had nabbed herself one of the good ones.

“What?” Jughead was the first to speak.

“You missed this yesterday at lunch. Cheryl found Betty in the boy’s locker room covering some hickeys, which led Cheryl to organising a man hunt to find out who gave them to her.”

“And the result of this manhunt is Trevor!” Kevin said excitedly, practically beaming. “I knew it wasn’t just a fact finding mission. Didn’t you?” He directed his question to Jughead who still had a blank expression on his face, trying to comprehend what was going on. “Never mind.” Kevin said exacerbated. “I know you don’t care about these things anyway.”

“Well as long as she’s happy.” Archie replied. “Isn’t that right Jughead?” He turned to his friend who was already grabbing his bag and making a move from the table.

“Yeah, sure. I need to, um, get something before next period.” He said as he stuffed his laptop into his bag.

“Cool man, see you in history.” Archie replied casually.

“Yeah sure.” Jughead answered not really listening already on the move.

“I cannot believe I made the sprint across the lawn for those two lack luster reactions. My gossiping skills are truly wasted on you two.” Kevin sighed.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the lack of Bughead interaction but there is more to come next time.

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Chapter 3


Prisoners of Love Discussion Part 4: The Ghost Zone 2/4 (Lairs and Minions)

In case the fact that I’m doing 4 of these when I already have multiple parts of this discussion didn’t tip you off, I have a lot of thoughts about the ghost zone. I’ll probably talk more about it in the future, but I’ll do my best to sum things up in these posts.

As of episode 8, we’ve gotten a look at 2 detailed ghost lairs, so here are just some of my thoughts on how lairs work. I’d like to emphasize that these are just my personal headcanons, and you absolutely don’t have to agree with me.

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Still water runs deep II: The villains

As some of you know, I’ve written about water before. It has been a very elusive subject, because its meaning is not as direct and simple as the alcoholic Drink Code I wrote in july. 

The first meta I wrote about water was this one about the H.O.U.N.D. deduction and how Sherlock had access to that sort of information out of the blue (tl;dr: he had access to it as a little child; also Henry Knight acts as a mirror to Sherlock, so childhood trauma=Redbeard). I said water represented “THE MIND” and yes, it holds for that specific scene. But the truth is water represents much more. It can be pure, it can be catartic, it can be destructive… It all depends on the nature of the water and how it relates to Sherlock and John specifically.

For months I had a theory that every water sightning was related to Moriarty and his plan to burn Sherlock’s heart. That’s not true, but there’s a pattern we can link directly to Moriarty: The villains he sends on Sherlock’s way are presented in the series with their face covered/obscured (common villain trope) AND linked to water in some way (this is the bit that ties them to Moriarty).

Let’s check this cool hypothesis, shall we? (Please remember M-Theory is the sand I build my tiny bucket castles)

Jim from IT / Moriarty (TGG)

Setting the link. The first time we see Moriarty his face not covered but his identity is. He uses John as a mask again at the pool, and shows his face as he speaks. And well, the pool gave us enough water for a lifetime.

Jeff Hope (ASIP).

Covered face, plus a rain scene (James Phillimore’s kidnapping scene blended with an image of Sherlock realising the killer was a cabbie). Ok, good.

Irene Adler (ASIB)

Not only we don’t get a clear visual of her face when we first see her, she is introduced as a sort of “resolution” to the pool cliffhanger.

Dr. Frankland (THOB)

“I only came to fix the tap”… I’ve always wondered why did Frankland bother to make contact with Sherlock and John to begin with, when he could just stay low and let their investigation slip away. More on this after the ‘read more’

Kitty Reily (TRF)

Is true the big bad guy in TRF is Moriarty, but he always acts through others. Kitty Reily is not a villain per se, but a tool serving his purposes. She is supposed to represent the whole press chasing after Sherlock.  Not only her face was blocked when we meet her, she is also using a facade.

Charles Augustus Magnussen (HLV)

The press again. The shark. Always sweaty. Disgusting. He navigates through other people’s secrets and benefits from them. The world is wet to his touch. So dangerous even Moriarty had to get rid of him sooner or later, via Mary or anyone else. 

Lord Moran (TEH)

We tend to forget this small villain; he wanted to blow the Parlament up and yet he’s not considered an important character. Well, because he isn’t. He doesn’t even interact with Sherlock, he is clearly not ‘sent his way’. If anything, Sherlock is the one meant to stop him. Definetely not the villain you would assign to the episode. But it has to be!! Well, now that you mention it, here’s the jewel to the crown:

BONUS TRACK: Mary Morstan (TEH)

You cant’ tell me you’re really surprised to find this bad girl in here. You know me better than that!! We have the classic villain’s blocked face and ALSO a black hat (!!!), PLUS she is re-introduced to us like Moriarty was. (hence the four screenshots). Not only does she reject the red wine (romance) offered by John, she chooses water.  I’ve linked Mary to water before (my Sinnerman meta); I mean really, this water theory is worth nothing but just to throw another bit of “Mary Morstan is EVIL” evidence at the huge pile we already have.

Ok, this is all very nice, but what about General Han? Jonathan Small? Westie’s brother in law? The other baddies from TGG? WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKING WATERS FAMILY?!? Did you forget about them?? Click so you can see how water proves to be oh so consistent (Also there’s another big fish in there;) and lots of pictures because who has the time to read)

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why do ppl started hating minions so much im so confused

i think its the fact they’re literally Everywhere and they’re jsut so ANNOYING imo those disgusting little yellow cretins dont deserve two movies PLUS one on their OWN jesus FUCK i want to stamp on them ALL fukcing meaningless pointless little SHITS get this i sat next to this girl in class who had a minion phone case for about two years and every time she answered a text i wanted to DIE i had to put up with staring at a silicone nightmare sitting on the desk with stupid goggles on for TWO YEARS i wsa like listen u are sixteen years of age and u wanna be seen with that  i mean i had enough secondhand embarrassment being next to her also dont get me started on minion quotes otherwise known as literally 40-year-old-mums-on-facebook’s idea of heaven 


I might very well be dead. BEA repellomuggletum15 WROTE ME A FIC AND IT IS THE BEST EVER! MWAH MWAH! THANK YOU!


Because you’ve had enough shitty messages in your inbox to last you a lifetime and deserve a treat tonight =)


“Leave her alone.”

When he says it, it comes naturally.

Like it’s instinct, like he was born to protect her.

“Roland, what are you doing?” Much asks when he looks at the boy, standing at the ready with a tiny arrow notched in his tiny bow, his face set in a scowl as he stares at the scene before him.

“She’s my friend,” he says adamantly, “and you’re hurting her.”

It startles her, how fierce he is in his defense of her, how he scrunches up his nose and tilts his chin up defiantly at one of the men who’s helped raise him.  But he’s determined, it seems, and Regina can’t quite wrap her mind around it.

“Roland, she’s an evil witch,” Much tries to reason.  There’s no danger, he’s likely to not even get a scratch (if the arrow even hits him), but it’s clear that the boy’s stance surprises him as much as it does her.

“She’s not evil, she’s my friend.  Let her go,” he states again, frowning at the painful hold Much still has on Regina’s arm.

“You heard the boy,” a voice comes from behind them, and Regina turns to find Robin stalking towards them from the far end of the hall.  She wrenches her arm free of Much when she feels his grip slacken slightly and then walks to Roland, who’s still standing sideways, bow and arrow at the ready, one eye closed as he calculates his target.

“Roland, it’s alright,” she tells him as she coaxes him to lower his weapon, and her heart aches at the way he strays his gaze from Much for just a moment to flash her a small smile and ask if she’s really, really okay.

The Merry Men doubt her, despite Robin’s insistence that she’s changed, that she’s no longer the Evil Queen, and she can’t say she blames them for their distrust, but having a grown man walk up to her and slam her against the wall in anger had brought painful memories to the forefront of her mind, and she’d been frozen, unable to defend herself.  Her magic would not come, suppressed by her fear, and by that part of her that knows she deserves this, the pain and the judgment and the suspicious looks.  But it seems her arsenal of unlikely friends now extends to the littlest outlaw in the Enchanted Forest, and he has taken it upon himself to rescue her.

“I really, really am,” she answers Roland’s question with a smile, kneeling before him as Robin finally reaches them.

“It is her fault the Wicked Witch is after us, Robin. I told you we should’ve killed her, I told you she wasn’t to be trusted and now we have that green monster sending her minions after us, and it’s all because of her,” Much spits, jerking his chin in Regina’s direction, and she feels it, the anger boiling inside her, making her magic flare, but then Roland is putting a small hand on her arm where Much had grabbed her, inspecting the slight bruising that now colors her skin.

“She also saved my son from those minions, in case you don’t recall,” Robin insists.  She notices how he’s suddenly shaking and it baffles her, that he’s so angry on her behalf, that he wants to defend her just as much as his little boy did.

“Once a villain, always a villain.  She’ll turn on us and aid the witch in destroying us all, she’s scum!” Much replies, and Robin seethes.

“That’s enough!” he thunders. “Ultimately, the decision to stay in this castle and help the queen is mine, if you’d like to reside somewhere else, you’re welcome to leave, but don’t for a second think I won’t defend her if you so much as think of trying this again.”

He turns his back on the man then, crouches down in front of Regina and Roland and gives his son a proud smile.

“Quite the little knight, aren’t you, my boy?” he asks in a murmur, wincing at the intentionally loud noise Much’s boots make against the floor as he stomps his way down the hall, leaving them there as he mutters things under his breath.

“He was hurting my majesty,” the boy resumes, “I was saving her.”

“And you did,” Regina speaks then, “you saved me.  But Roland, honey, your uncle Much loves you, you can’t treat him like that.”

“But he was being mean,” Roland insists.

“He’s only mean because he’s scared, my boy,” Robin tells him as he sits more comfortably on the floor.

“Of the green witch?”

“Among other things, yes,” his father tells him, and Regina expects him to elaborate, to tell his son how she is the reason Much is scared, how her past deeds have tainted her, but he doesn’t.  Instead, he watches his son as he takes Regina’s arm in his tiny hands again, ghosting fingers over the bruises Much has left there.

“Does it hurt?” he asks her, lower lip trembling, and the force of his affection punches her in the gut, makes her want nothing more than to hug and soothe and care for this child, since she can no longer do so for her own.

“A little, but I’ll be okay if you give me magic,” she tells him, smiling conspiratorially.  Robin frowns for a moment, but lets her continue her little game, and for some reason the fact that he’s trusting her with his son even when she’s discussing magic (a subject she knows Robin detests) makes a pleasant, liquid warmth flood and settle in her chest.

“Silly majesty, I don’t have magic,” Roland tells her with a giggle, shaking his head in an admonishing way, like she’s the child in this conversation.

“Oh, but you do,” Regina insists, “see, what you just did for me? That makes you my truest knight, and truest knights have a special kind of magic.”

“We do?!” he asks excitedly.

“Of course! And I need yours for my arm to stop hurting.”

“What do I do?!” he’s clapping his hands and bouncing where he stands, his little bow and arrow forgotten at his feet, and Robin chuckles where he sits beside Regina, his eyes bright and happy as they look at her, and oh, she could just drown in the sparkling blue of his gaze.

“Majesty! How do I do the magic?!” Roland asks again, interrupting the trance she’d been inadvertently drawn into, and she turns to address the boy, grins as she replies.

“Well, you have to give me a truest knight’s kiss right here,” she says as she offers her bruised arm, “and it won’t hurt anymore.”

Roland’s all too happy to help, and delicately bends his head towards her damaged skin, landing a feather of a kiss on her arm and then looking back up at her expectantly.

“Did it work?” he asks.  Regina moves her arm, bends it back and forth for show, and then smiles at him.

“Perfect,” she confirms, and the boy beams, dimples that are so much like his father’s on full display as he announces his success.

“I did the magic, papa! I did the magic!” he tells him, and Robin nods, smiles proudly at his boy and says that yes, he most certainly did, and then Roland is scampering off, heading to the castle library to find Belle and tell her all about his new powers, leaving Regina alone with the leader of the outlaws, sitting on the floor in the middle of the abandoned hallway.

Silence presses in from all directions, and she’s startled when Robin’s hand gingerly takes her arm and brings it to his lap, one finger running slowly up and down the bruises. She shouldn’t let him do this, but she finds herself unable to stop, reveling in his gentle touch, in the intimacy of the moment, something she hasn’t had in quite a long time.

He raises her arm then, bringing it to his lips and smirking as he says “I assisted Roland, did I not? Technically, I’m your knight, too,” and bends forward to kiss her arm.  He doesn’t stop at one, though, leaves peck after peck on the purplish spots, the soft press of his lips against her skin sending lovely electric shocks through her entire body.

“Did you mean it?” she finds herself asking, her voice raspy thanks to his actions, and he looks up at her, confused, comprehension dawning only after she tacks on, “what you said to Much about defending me, did you really mean that?”

“Of course I meant it,” he confirms.

“But… why? He’s your friend, and I’m… Why would you help me?”

“I don’t know the details of what happened to you, but I do know that you’ve redeemed yourself, that you’ve found a way out of the shadows, and that deserves recognition.  You have a beautiful soul, Regina, I’ll gladly fight my pig-headed friend to defend that,” he tells her with a small smile, and only then does she realize he’s laced their fingers together, his lips falling on her knuckles, softly pressing against her skin as his eyes find hers, and for the first time since she let her son go and destroyed that ill-fated scroll, she feels it, tiny and warm and creeping in through her very skin, a bright spot of light in the darkness of her life.