Well I did unplug, but got sucked back in when I saw that bot reblog my pic.

My week has been going really good! I’ve lived in my house 4 years(?) I think, and I never took the time to really organize it, atleast not the kitchen, so I did that. Also caught up on laundry and I’m signed up for a Spanish class that meets once a week 2 towns over. I’ve always wanted to learn but couldn’t take it in high school, so with R’s family mostly Spanish speaking I figure it’s the perfect time. Plus the girl will take it in fall so a jump start should help. Things are good with R, some big things have happened this week and it’s awesome. Hope you’re all having a good week. Bye again❤️

Big Brother exposed video created by yours truly. Spread it everywhere and tag everyone. Allison Grodner & Co. tend to think they’re slick but they’re not slick enough. Without us giving them ratings and paying $6 a month to watch the feeds, there is no Big Brother. If they’re not going to keep it clean and unbiased, we’re not going to fight clean neither.