minion craze

Digitally Trapped Minion!” 

Date: July 4, 2013

Theme: Kids Toy Meal Life!

Where: Makati City, Philippines

Models: Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Stuart Light Up Grabber & Tom Babbler (Happy Meal: Despicable Me 2), McDonald’s

Production Date: July 4, 2013

Camera: Canon EOS 60D / Kit: EF-S 18

10 Ways Feminism Ruined the World
  • responsible for every adam sandler movie under the happy madison productions banner
  • unleashed a biological virus in raccoon city that killed thousands
  • banned crystal pepsi and ecto cooler
  • aided darth vader and emperor palpatine in the construction of the death star which lead to the destruction of alderaan 
  • destroyed the noble video game industry by making all games about women’s struggles against manspreading and finding work as a women’s studies major
  • ended hulkamania
  • unleashed the minion craze unto the world
  • helped hillary come to power and put all the small membered men in fema camps
  • betrayed goku in his battle against the androids which led to the destruction of the z team
  • feminism refused to go on a date with me