minion craze

Brain: hey, you really want to write that fic in which Bucky and Seb get magically swapped into each other’s universes for a day and inadvertently solve each other’s romantic problems, right?

Brain: here, let’s start right now, instead of grading these papers!


No time, no time, and Steve wouldn’t hear him—communicator damage—

Bucky threw himself off the parking structure. Let himself fall. Sunlight skittered off his arm as he dove. Like wings.

He caught the flying blue orb just before it would’ve collided with Steve’s ridiculous rippling back. Landed squarely in the palm of his human hand; he himself landed in a breathless bruised-rib heap at Steve’s feet, and then took out a supervillain goon with one low deflected shot from the metal hand. Not a kill. Incapacitating.

Steve spun around. “Buck—where’d you even—oh shit, Bucky, you’re hurt, your leg—”

Hadn’t noticed. Pain not so much registering. Not a Hydra remnant, just the simple plain truth that Bucky Barnes would run on a broken femur to make himself into a human shield for Steve Rogers, who never watched his own damn back.

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You really really hate minions you want them permanently removed from existence forever but you can’t show it Bc you’re in character, you can’t show any kind of hatred towards the minion. You are asked to pose for a photo with the minion, you want to push it over, you can’t. You must contain yourself. You could punch that minion in the face any moment. It’s there, you could do it. Would Anna do it? Probably. But that’s not the point, there are children who look up to you. You know your Elsa hates minions too, you can see the pain in her eyes. If she could really freeze it’s heart she would. Why are you standing next to this giant yellow butt plug. The smile you are forcing is hurting your face. You are disgusted. You can not let the minion craze over shadow frozen. You know the picture with the minion will now exist for all of time. Is this how you want to be remembered? You can feel the anger build up inside of you. You truly want it to die. Why are you here. Kill them.

Digitally Trapped Minion!” 

Date: July 4, 2013

Theme: Kids Toy Meal Life!

Where: Makati City, Philippines

Models: Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Stuart Light Up Grabber & Tom Babbler (Happy Meal: Despicable Me 2), McDonald’s

Production Date: July 4, 2013

Camera: Canon EOS 60D / Kit: EF-S 18

10 Ways Feminism Ruined the World
  • responsible for every adam sandler movie under the happy madison productions banner
  • unleashed a biological virus in raccoon city that killed thousands
  • banned crystal pepsi and ecto cooler
  • aided darth vader and emperor palpatine in the construction of the death star which lead to the destruction of alderaan 
  • destroyed the noble video game industry by making all games about women’s struggles against manspreading and finding work as a women’s studies major
  • ended hulkamania
  • unleashed the minion craze unto the world
  • helped hillary come to power and put all the small membered men in fema camps
  • betrayed goku in his battle against the androids which led to the destruction of the z team
  • feminism refused to go on a date with me