minion 77


Minion 77 here for the position of Patron Saint of Conjured Currency. Unfortunately, my camera has decided it hates detail today. Pictured above is part of my collection of over 200 copies of Conjured Currency, including my five of my foils. 100 of the copies are currently used as deck backers for one of my EDH decks but I do not have it on hand sadly. I’ve always really loved the art for the card and it reflects the subject matter very well, but my favorite part about this collection is that I didn’t put it together all by myself. About 70 copies of the card I actively went out and got, but the rest of them, the community around me helped me find. In the past year it has become quite the trend that, whenever one of my friends spots me, they hand me at least one copy of Conjured Currency that they found when they were going through their collection. I’ve spent pretty much my whole summer so far and the rest of my summer starting tomorrow working at a cubscout camp, but when I return home for good. I’ll get the rest of my collection up.

All packed up...

Thirty-nine Steve Argyle signed cards… one week of bidding mayhem.

My thanks to Minions #5, #37, #55, #77, #95, #96, #116, #145, #154, #201, and #204 who have pledged to give these cards a new home.  Hooray, we did it… we managed to keep them all in the project!

They will ship out tomorrow!!!


So its been quite a while since I updated the pictures of my collection, but here is the new stuff. Just yesterday I finished my playset of deathrites and I finally got my first copy of lilliana. Also included in the pictures 2 of my 3 everflowing chalices, a Chandra Ablaze and some other cards, but the main point in my accumulation of Conjured Currency cards. My friends at college are all thoroughly aware of my love of Steve’s art, mostly because i tell them every five minutes, and I’ve amassed quite a few copies of the same card. Some of the copies I bought but most of them I got from my friends who knew i loved the art. The goal is to someday fill a whole binder with them but at the moment, I’m sitting on 82 of them.
–Minion 77 out

Minion 77 reporting in.
I’m proud to say that I was the first one to message the guys over at Holoprints about purchasing one of Steve’s deckboxes.

Yeah… that’s a bonus point!

I’m not sure of the exact relationship between HoloPrints and AlteredPrints… but HoloPrints continues to exist.  You definitely want to snag up those boxes. - Justin