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1) Music

2) Food

3) My minions

4) Love

5) Writing and Reading

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These are my minions. I don’t know their names. I don’t *want* to know their names. They are known as…

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There was a Chanel number four, but she got meningitis. She was like, “I’m sick, I have to go home,"and I was like "No, stay”, but she went home anyway and then she died. So another thing I was right about.

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Pmmm characters reactions to minions

Madoka: she tolerates them. She mostly just humors her little brother with them.

Homura: she hates them. She fucking hates minions. She swears that minions are the spawn of satan. Once she saw the minion condom, she swore to destroy every minion merchandise in the world.

Sayaka: she hates minions, but not as strongly as Homura. Occasionally she’ll rant about why they’re stupid, but most of the time she just sends Homura minion memes to bother her.

Kyoko: she likes minions. But only in an ironic way. She also also takes part in sending Homura minion memes, probably more often than Sayaka does. She once bought a whole cart full of minion things and gave it to Homura as a “surprise present”.

Mami: she loves minions. And not even in the ironic way that Kyoko does. She just absolutely adores them. She buys minion merchandise, makes minion memes, and tries to speak the language occasionally. She saw the minion movie 4 times in one day. She isn’t allowed back in that theater.

Nagisa: she really doesn’t like minions. She pretends to like them so Mami won’t lecture her on “how childish it is to hate characters from a movie made for children” like she did to Homura. Secretly she steals Mamis minion things and burns them.


1. Both were taken into a “family” where they acquire power.

2. Both at some point take over their “brother’s” body.

3. Both are sassy rich bitches who have minions.

4. Both are related to time at one point (Mask of Time, The World)

5. Both have some menacing “fuck me” eyes.

6. Both are remade into fucking Gold and Purple babes 


Who’s in, who’s out, who’s up, and who’s down. This is...

Television: Three new arrivals to the Fandometrics list balance out a few tumbles.

⬆︎ I Am Cait debuted at No. 11 on our list and at 8/7 Central on E!.

⬆︎ We Bare Bears bared it all for a spot at No. 18.

⬇︎ Star vs. the Forces of Evil fell from the sky—down seven spots to No. 16.

Movies: Marvel muscled its way to the top, and we can confirm that July 27 is when we hit peak Minion.

⬆︎ The Avengers unseated Ant-Man at No. 1, but Mini-Rudd rounds out the top three.

⬆︎ Baruto: Naruto is big in Japan and five spots higher this week, now No. 4.

⬇︎ Minions fatigue sent them tumbling—adorably—13 spots to No. 20.

Music: Just a little shuffling around the edges.

⬆︎ One Direction: Up. Two spots to No. 2, thanks to a surprise single.

⬇︎ Frank Ocean washed away, his rumored album lost at sea.

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Celebrities: It’s the Kardashian’s world, we just live in it.

⬆︎ Caitlyn Jenner soared eight spots to No. 2, just behind Kylie and just above Kim.

⬆︎ Also up eight: Cara Delevingne, who doesn’t suffer fools.

Games: Everyone scooch. Make room for the animatronic monsters.

⬆︎ Five Nights At Freddy’s finally knocked Pokémon off its three week reign at No. 1.

⬆︎ Life is Strange but jumping six spots in a week? Incredible!

⬇︎ Pokémon took a hit in the rankings and needs Nurse Joy to patch ‘em up.

Web celebs: If they have a TV show are they still web celebs?

⬆︎ Hannah Hart helped herself to No. 11, jumping nine spots after releasing the first teaser trailer for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

⬆︎ Thomas Sanders serenaded his way back to a sonorous No. 15.

⬇︎ RWBY got Dust in their eyes and dropped four to No. 19.

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Bag Demon!!! A.K.A. introducing a new party member while the villain attempts a monologue

Backstory: Starting a new campaign with a party that was together for some time, sadly minus a player. New player’s character comes from teh Feywild and needed a way to get her to the party, that as a warm up exercise were hunting down a vampire in teh catacombs beneath a city. Said vampire being a PC’s father.

The banter between them while the poor vampire was trying to monologue and was ignored was amazing.

(DM as Vampire) Va'Kelith: But I will have my vengeance!!! 

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Enough of this! Tonight you sleep in hell you dog!”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “Vengeance?” (laughs), “You are so agressive Dear Father, will you not answer my questions?”

(DM) Va'Kelith: Maybe I should… After all the knowledge will be useless to you, once I trapped you just like you trapped me, here in these forgotten tunnels, buried alive… buried alive…

DM: The vampire start his monologue when something happens. Va'Shera feels a great source of heat practically on top of her.

PC 2: Va'Shera readies herself!

DM: The heat source is apparently your bag of holding that starts smoking and even glowing red hot.

PC 2: Va'Shera opens the bag and looks inside.

DM: As you do the bag explodes, tearing itself apartm its contents spilling around you.

PC 2 (ooc): oh ffs… I lost a damn Bag of Holding?

PC 1 (ooc): Dont worry I have one! I’ll carry your tampons!

DM: The explosion dazes you temporarily, but other than that you are fine. You barely have time to take this into account, when a ball of lighting starts growing, where the bag used to be right in front of you. It forms a sphere, roughly 6 feet in diameter and then dissipates in just a second. Lighting arcs across the room from the sphere right before it dissipated. And when it does so, there is a figure in front of you. The figure is unarmed and unarmored

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “What the hell?”

(New Player/PC 3) Erevanne: “Hello!”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “What the FUCK!” (Looks at her with wrath)

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Vimak stops moving) “Who the hell are you!”

DM: Vampire looks annoyed at the interruption.

(PC 3) Erevanne: “I am Erevanne and I need your help, urgently!”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Looking at PC 1) “Boss should i kill it?”

(PC 2) Va`Shera: “You owe me a damn bag of holding!”

(PC 3) Erevanne: “What!?”

(PC 5) Lucan:(looks around blandly) “Perhaps we should focus on the Master Vampire and its minions first?”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: (Directed at PC 1 and pointing at PC 3) “Boss the devil spawn is talking!”

(DM as Vampire): Va'Kelith: “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!?!?!”

(PC 5) Lucan: “Shush you, dont you see us adults talking?”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: (at PC 3) “Who are you?! BAG SPAWN!?”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “This demon shall taste my hammer, even if it comes in the guise of a elf!”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Do not harm the Bag Demon Vimak! It seems friendly for now!”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “But Xavier i never get to smash a demon, its aways undead or orcs or something…”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “We will find a rock, write demon upon it for you to smash later.”

(PC 4) Vimak Stonehand: “Aye not many goliaths can claim to having slain a rock demon, but not many could claim victory over a bag demon either…”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Can we discuss this later? Vampire needs staking.”

(PC 5) Lucan: “Now that this is mostly handled.” (he points out towards Va'Kelith) “Anything you want to say?” (he pauses) “Something productive at least?”

(PC 1) Xavier Tesler: “Be careful what you say filth, I’m writting it down. Be poetic.”

(DM as Vampire) Va'Kelith: (having had enough of his monologue interrupted) Enough of this foolery! Minions! Attack!!!