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My collection is ever growing! I can’t believe how much Steve Argyle Stuff I have now. GenCon was awesome to me, as I got to meet Steve for the first time, get a bunch of cards signed, and throw all my money at him (gigantic prints of his work… yes please!).

So. You might not know this, but I’m obsessed with Bloodbraid Elf. (Just a little–it’s why it’s all of my computer/phone backgrounds, it’s why I have a huge print of it on my wall, it’s why she is my new playmat, it’s why I decided to make her come to life by cosplaying her). And cosplaying her has been an adventure. Never have I ever attempted something so complicated, but it’s been a lot of fun. Thanks for creating such an awesome version of her character, Steve!

I’m glad to be a minion. :)

(I’m also happily supporting the Holoprints Steve Argyle Playmat Kickstarter!)

Hope you like this update,


Minion #37

Reblogged this with Steve’s original post  twoish days ago, buy I thought I’d submit through here. 

Super cool drawing. Love Liliana & Deathrite’s expressions. They’re the best.

-Minion 37 /Ascended 17

I must’ve missed it.  (Fun behind the scenes factoid… this got submitted four times in rapid succession.  That’s one way to get somebody’s attention.)  Looks like everyone’s having fun with the coloring book! - Justin


Minion 37’s/Ascended Minion 17’s fabulously wonderful trip to GP Portland, where I cosplayed Bloodbraid Elf, met Steve Argyle again, got an awesome alter, 60+ signatures, 2 mini playmat sketches, a huge Liliana print to go along with BBE and Jace’s ingenuity (not pictured), gave away mini-me (my BBE pop toy) to Steve, ate not nearly enough food/drank not nearly enough water, all in one day (plus or minus a 3 hour drive each way).

Other than the manymanymany cards I got signed (which required 6 trips through the line), I got a Liliana-> Bloodbraid Elf alter, Signatures on my BBE binder candy, “RK post as Steve Argyle” tokens, assorted sleeves, Bloodthrone Vampire abacus, Deadly Allure deckbox and divider, BBE skull, and Imagine FX magazine with “Hot Redhead Riding a Mecha-Dragon” on it, whose signature unfortunately transferred to my binder on the way home.

AND I watched my cute little BBE guard Steve’s tip jar the rest of the day. (I miss her, but she has an awesome new home with her 6 (soon to be 12) brothers and sisters ;) )

I can never get over how awesome Steve and Kat are, who both stayed an hour and a half longer than they were supposed to (in a very empty artist alley) and put off dinner to sign cards as long as there were people and to finish my alter.


Yes.  It is true… it’s been true for a very long time.  Minion #37 has been slamming her ascensioningness down on the table for ages.  I’ve even had calls from among the minions for her to get an ascension, particularly after her rather mighty Bloodbraid Elf cosplay.

I missed her at GenCon 2013… but I saw her BBE sketch sitting on Steve’s table.  She is the patron saint of all Bloodbraid Elf things.

Now, in case you were wondering why it took so long for me to make this official… I’ve been trying to get Steve “not-back-yet-from-the-time-machine-superstore” Argyle to craft something special for her… and that is still in our future.  But, seeing as how I’m sending out those official membership cards on Monday (YAY!) and hers does, in fact, indicate her as Ascended Minion #17 I figure I can’t hold this secret back any longer… so, Minion #37… it is my pleasure and honor to announce that


All packed up...

Thirty-nine Steve Argyle signed cards… one week of bidding mayhem.

My thanks to Minions #5, #37, #55, #77, #95, #96, #116, #145, #154, #201, and #204 who have pledged to give these cards a new home.  Hooray, we did it… we managed to keep them all in the project!

They will ship out tomorrow!!!

Minion 37 popping in with an update to my collection. Signed Liliana’s 1-3 now have some unsigned friends. So does Deathrite Shaman (and just about everything else).

I’m glad my collection is growing so fast, and I’m looking forward to getting a bunch of the pretty FNM Bloodbraid Elves soon.

I still really want to meet Steve :/  I keep missing him at all the big events that happen over periods of time where I’m really busy.

Ah well.


Minion #37’s awesomely epic adventures at GenCon…

I actually have no words to describe my experience at GenCon. It was mind-blowingly incredibleawesome (and I’m still in shock a week later).I had spent the weeks leading up to my time there on a road trip, so when I realized Steve was going to be there I freaked out… most of my collection that wasn’t in my Legacy deck was at home (also was really freaking excited to finally meet my favorite artist/personal artistic inspiration). To make up for my depressing lack of stuff to get signed I spent huge chunks of time staring at the cards I did have with me (playsets of Lili, Bloodbraid, Shaman, and the random copies of Jace’s Ingenuity and Mayael’s Aria). Let’s just say I fell in love with Bloodbraid Elf and the actually absurd amount of detail Steve put into her. And I subsequently decided that she was going to be my winter cosplay project (and, so help me, I am going to do her justice somehow). Much scouring of the internet for references ensued: she became my computer background, I became infinitely jealous of the playmat sketch he’d done for someone, I did some sketches of her myself (very much not as awesome as Steve’s), and, well, you get the idea.

Flash forward to GenCon…10am on Thursday when the doors to the Expo hall opened. My plan? Find booth 666. I wasn’t the first person there but it was the only time in the three days I was at GenCon that the line at Steve’s booth didn’t stretch around the corner and into the next aisle. I nervously introduced myself as Minion 37 and got my unsigned Lili, 3 unsigned Shamans, playset of Bloodbraid Elves, and a few others signed while I watched with awe. Steve then offered me one of the few remaining minion playmats from GP Vegas and drew a cute minion on it. Then I said hi to Kat who is adorable and really nice as she was putting up some of Steve’s huge framed prints on the walls of Steve’s admittedly too small booth and ran away (there was too much awe, and I also wanted to explore the rest of the con (with a secret objective to pick up as many FNM Bloodbraid Elves as I could)).

I popped back later to get the three FNM elves I managed to acquire signed. There was a HUGE line (I honestly shouldn’t have been surprised). So I chatted with the guy in front of me about which cards Steve had done were the best and looked at the binder of artist proofs Steve had on display. The guy ended up nabbing the predone Deathrite Shaman sketch on a Deathrite Shaman proof that I had my eye on (I was jealous, reaally jealous). Then I talked with Kat about the fact that both our names are Kat :) and about prints and stuff. Happily got my promo Elves signed and left in Steve’s tip jar a sketch of Bloodbraid I had done in the back of my car on the way to GenCon. Steve really liked it and I saw it next to him on the table each day afterward. He commented that my drawing in a car is probably better than any of his drawing in a car (!!!), which coming from my artistic idol meant a lot.

Beat face in a Legacy tournament that night with my awesome playmat and signed cards, made scalemaille stuff, and conked out.

Woke up the next day determined to buy some prints. And I ended up doing so, getting freaking massive prints of Bloodbraid and Jace’s Ingenuity (my two favorites). Begged a picture from Steve (who was super busy) unfortunately after running around at the con, I looked like a total derp so you nice internet people will not be seeing that picture.

Later that night, I went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (mmmn…) decided to sit outside and lo and behold Steve, Kat, and co. were there. (I swear it wasn’t on purpose!). On my way out I stopped to say hi (for the  6,254,957,314th time in two days).

Unfortunately, by the third day at GenCon my wallet was wallowing in misery, and thinking to the fact that I still have PAX to go to I decided to not get Steve to alter something/get a proof/get a sketch on something.

(NOTE: HUGE REGRET. I should have told my wallet to shove off and gotten something done by him. Especially now that I’m sitting here looking at all the pretty alters Steve did for people. /tears )

 Anyways. I’m home now and my Ascended Minion Project stuff arrived in the mail (yay, awesome binder candy!). THANK YOU SO MUCH, JUSTIN! (I’m in love!)

Question. How do I acquire a Minion ID card? I didn’t know to ask for one from Steve. Oh well.

My collection is currently looking sweet. (and I probably have a ton more stuff by him in my boxes of cards. I guess I’ll have to go look.

I had an amazing time (and this post is now monstrously long), so Minion 37 is signing off now. :)


Minion 37 finally reporting in!

Excited to finally post my awesome (albeit small) collection featuring SIGNED cards because I love signed cards. Steve’s artwork is amazing, and it was the first art I fell in love with when I started. My very first FNM promo was this Jace’s Ingenuity, and to this day it remains some of my favorite art along with Deathrite Shaman and Liliana of the Veil.

I was so unhappy when I found out I couldn’t go to GP Portland this year, but one of my friends offered to get a couple of my cards signed. When I got them back last night, I was so pleased. The way Steve does his autographs is just so cool.

I hope to expand my collection in the future (and pick up some of his cards in foil).