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i was tagged by bagelsaremything cheers

Name: Ella

Nickname: None but I am often referred to by my friends as ginger, for example “oi ginger come here”

Birthday: 23rd March

Star Sign: Aries

Gender: Female

Height: 5″6

Sexual Orientation: I think I know but I’m completely sure yet so I won’t say just yet

Fav Colour: Pink, black or blue

Happy Place: My room or near these abandoned large houses near where I live because it’s very quiet and scenic there

Current Time: 8:32pm

Average Hours Of Sleep: 7 usually

Lucky Number: 23 ??

First Word That Comes To Mind: Moon

Number Of Blankets I Sleep Under: 1 unless its hot then none

Favourite Fictional Character: Vince Noir, Nathan from misfits, Moss from the IT crowd, Roy from the IT crowd, Old Gregg from The Mighty Boosh, Pandora from Skins, Super Haans from Peep Show, Chop and Archie from My Mad Fat Diary there’s probably far more

Celeb Crush: Noel Fielding currently, I would say Moz but that’s a bit predictable of me

Fav Book: Idk I hardly read woops, send me book recs maybe?

Fav Band: The Smiths obviously 

Last Movie I Watched: Dirty Dancing with my Mum lol

Dream Job: Radio presenter at a good radio place like the BBC, or a tv presenter on a comedy panel show, that would be fun I can be amusing if I try

What I’m Wearing Right Now: Sports crop top thing and shorts because I was doing a weird workout, my legs have gone all jelly like

I tag kapists tomorrowalbarn papkaniefikcja carolwhites graham-leslie-coxon auto-matic-stop bundysdream laser-questing  and anyone else idk sorry if i tagged you and you hate me goodbye


Under the cut are 110 textless gifs of the Korean actor and sweet summer child Yeo Jin Goo, best known for his work in The Moon Embracing the Sun and Orange Marmalade. None of these are mine and full credit goes to the talented makers!! If you see your own gifs here and want them to be taken out, please drop me a message. Likes and/or reblogs are appreciated.

TRIGGER WARNING: guns, blood, injuries

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Army, Air Force fit MRAP with freaking mine-clearing lasers
The US Army and Air Force are preparing a new MRAP vehicle that’s capable of detonating IEDs from 1,000 feet away using laser beams.This post is appearing on Autoblog Military, Autoblog’s sub-site dedicated to the vehicles, aircraft and ships of the world’s armed forces.Mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles need to be good at surviving…