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Stim/fidget toy resource post

Blogs that are centered around stim/fidget toys:

Blogs centered around chew stims:

Places to buy stim/fidget toys online: (personal favorite)

Some places online that aren’t centered around stim/fidget toys, but still offer them: : good place to go for chewlery/other chewables, homemade slimes, marble mazes, and a lot of other homemade stim toys. : pretty good selection, often times it’s cheaper to buy off of one of the websites actually centered around stim/fidget toys though. : also has a pretty decent selection, often times better prices than Amazon. Sometimes you can find rare stim toys.

For any questions on where is the best place to buy a certain item, or if you need help finding something, let me know.

Also, If you know of any other blogs or websites comment so I can check them out please. I am always looking for new resources myself.