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Live Stream ♡ Christian Yu

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“Ah.. Y/N, Y/N, Y/N.. what a gorgeous girl.”

Christian was live streaming once again and I was currently at a shoot getting my necessities together before leaving. I received the Instagram notification and decided to see what my soon to be man had to offer. 

A lot of people figured we were together because of what we post via Instagram, and Twitter. We were just two individuals obviously in love with each other but too afraid to take action. We acted like a couple, that’s for sure. I met Christian when Dabin was searching for a certain someone for his ‘RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW’ music video, and he just so happened to be paired up with my very best friend. 

“Who is Y/N?” Christian repeated from a fan who commented.

“She’s a friend of mine. Such an appealing girl.. ridiculously stunning, and over all just a great catch.”

You’d have to be stupid to not realize how intrigued he was. Not a day goes by of him not expressing his genuine feelings to poor little Dabin about you.

“I’ve hung out with her plenty of times, and not a second goes by where I’m not completely fantasized by her damn beauty of a smile. I swear she’s got to be Santa’s little present to me or something,” Christian grinned before placing his chin on his balanced fist. 

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a series of unlikely crossovers:  Klaus gatecrashes a Caroline Forbes soirée

Dear Love,

They’ve always asked me, why you?
And I’ve always wonder, why not?

But now I came to realized that they will never figure out why until someone like you enters their life like you have barged in mine. They will never know how amazing you are and how lucky I am because you are mine. I always tell you that out of all the relationships I’ve been, ours is the easiest. No complications. No serious dramas. Less fights. Less mistakes. And I used to think that we are compatible like that.

But no. We are not. Watching my Mom’s wedding made me realize things about us. We are not really that compatible and everythinh doesn’t fall perfectly into places. But it’s you— who made all those things happen. You worked on our compatibility like it’s your job. You’ve deal with every shits and tantrums that I’ve thrown in you so patiently and quietly.

Two people are meant for each other not because they are compatible but because they work for the relationship to keep going until it can. And that made me appreciate you more. For all those times that you have to swallow your pride and for all those times that I’ve cut you off, instead of saying I’m sorry, I’ll just say thank you for letting me.

I have wrote you appreciation letters before but this one is in my most sincere state. You make me better. You make me go out and experience the world. You introduced me into your family and let me see who you are inside your core. And in those months that we’ve been together, you never even once intentionally hurt me. I salute you for consistency and I thank God that in a few men like you, I got one.

You are a blessing to me.
I’ll always answer them like that.

That’s a stealth ship that the military spent $195 million and over 10 years building and testing before unceremoniously dumping it where it now sits … inside a larger mothballed multi-million-dollar ship, the Hughes Mining Barge. This is the same barge that helped raise the Soviet submarine K-129 from thePacific Ocean floor in the summer of 1974, so it’s not like these ships were unusable or defective in any way. They were simply forgotten.

Although to be fair, the Navy didn’t necessarily want to mothball the Sea Shadow; that was a last resort. They initially tried to give it away for free. But since any takers would also have to take the Hughes Barge, no one took them up on the offer.

Today, the USS Iowa would cost $1.5 billion to build, which, combined with the Sea Shadow’s $200 million, means there’s at least $1.7 billion just floating out there in the bay, waiting for bored bloggers to raft out and walk around on top of it.

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steve rogers/bucky barnes →  the star-tangled man (tangled au)

When Bucky Barnes comes of age, he makes a deal with Steve “Captain America” Rogers to take him to the kingdom of Brooklyn in order to see the lights. Unknowingly kidnapped and raised by Father Pierce due to the magical qualities of his hair, Bucky finds it hard to trust anyone, much less the former captain who broke into his tower. In which Bucky is not so innocent (he’s had a near two decade bad hair day, can you blame him?) and Steve’s reputation has gotten way out of hand (they never get his likeness right, he’s had a growth spurt!). Will love win out in the end? And will Bucky ever get a damn haircut?