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i think i'm in love?? what do i do


No I’m just kidding. It can be a wonderful thing but it can also suck a lot. I’ve only been in love once and it didn’t end well.. of course now I work with her 🙄 but that’s another story. Anyways, If this person loves you too I say Embrace it!! If you aren’t sure you’re in love, do a test. Spend 2 weeks away from that person, minimum contact if you can. Or Tally all the times you think of them when you aren’t with them, then make notes of how you feel around them. You’ll know if it’s more than crushing on them.


❝ Happy Anniversary ❞

Plot: When you’re tired of distance so decide to make a surprise, for your anniversary, at your boyfriend Yoongi, who’s on tour in America. 

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff

For @ fatimaloveskpop, I hope you like it cutie! -M.

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! 

When he told you that for your anniversary he would be in another country, the discouragement had taken over. It was your second anniversary and the first one you two had passed in the same way, away from each other.  

You faked a smile during the call, reassuring him it wasn’t a problem. He already had too many worries, you didn’t want to give him any more problems to think about.  

The news had arrived a couple of days before and only then you realized that you wouldn’t waste another second away from him.  

You were packing when the ringing of your phone scared you, but you immediately ran to fetch it from the counter of the kitchen. His name was blinking on the screen and feeling incredibly guilty, you let the voicemail start. If you had spoken to him, you were sure, you would not contain joy, and you would have revealed your secret.  

Your suitcase was waiting for you and so was your boyfriend on the other side of the world, completely unaware that that anniversary would be completely different. 

~ ~

“Y/N, why does your anniversary fall just tomorrow? Tomorrow? Chicago scares me…. it’s so BIG. ” You murmured looking around, immersed in the chaos of the airport; “And if I lose in the crowd..? No, Y/N. You can do it, you need him, everything else is completely irrelevant. ” You added, giving you a little pat on your shoulder as an encouragement.  

If the airport was crowded, the streets outside of it were even worse. You lifted your gaze, trying to overstay the crowd before you, but without being able to locate a taxi. Your only possible means of transport was practically unattainable.  

“And now what I do……” The sadness was evident in your voice, so you sat on your suitcase and waited for the crowd to disappear; “Sooner or later will have to do it.. Everyone will get a cab and they’re going to disappear, yes, of course. " 

The phone in your pocket began, for the umpteenth time, to ring but you ignored it completely, and biting your bottom lip you started to feel the guilt increase more and more.  

Your surprise was more important, he could endure your silence for a few more hours.  

~ ~

*Yoongi’s pov*  

"Fuck” Yoongi blurted throwing his phone on the bed totally annoyed, having to hold back from composing her number again to have a minimum contact with her.  

It was two days that she didn’t answer and he began, in addition to anger, to prove a sense of concern that didn’t suit him.  

“Still does not answer you, Hyung?”  

“I start to be tired of this. If she’s upset because I can’t be there tomorrow, it’s not my fucking fault.”  

“Maybe she’s busy with work..” Hoseok proposed, trying to calm his own hyung; “You said she had an important project to present next week, right?”  

“They moved it and she took some days off.”  

At the Yoongi’s answer, Hoseok found himself to be silent because he had no plausible excuse for the behavior of Y/N. Perhaps something happened, but he preferred to keep that thought for himself. He didn’t want to worry Yoongi more than he was already.  

“Let’s go for a walk Hyung!” The others are in the hotel’s playroom. “  

"You go, I don’t want to.” He whispered turning his back on his friend, who disheartened gave him a slight pat on his shoulder and walked out of the room. Yoongi began to observe the sky outside the window.  

It was changing color, becoming more and more dark, fading those few excerpts of light left by the sun now gone to rest for that day. The nth day without her and it was something that really started to weigh him.  

For this, he had always tried not to bind himself sentimentally to anyone. He knew it would be difficult, especially for someone like him who always forgets to answer messages or phone calls.  

But with her everything was different, he felt the desperate need to be part of her life and had, immediately, learn to live with the sense of abandonment that inundated his chest every time he had to “abandon her” because of his work.  

The gaze slipped him on the package, perfectly wrapped, on the room table and smiled slightly. He would have given her anniversary gift as soon as they would have been together but seeing it was almost a warning of his continual absences.  

And that thought began to make him doubt that perhaps she had begun to be tired of being his girlfriend.  

~ ~

Being on a soft and comfortable bed was the first real joy of that infernal day. Now it was nine o'clock in the evening and the fatigue was your best friend at the time.  

You would have wanted to take a shower but your eyes shut you up again before you could say “get up and go to the bathroom”.  

The alarm clock started playing at six in the morning, habits because of your work, but the night had been profitable and you felt totally rested.  

You took your time to get ready because you didn’t want to look like a zombie that morning, trying to ignore the jet lag that hammered your head with an annoying and continuous pain.  

The only one who was aware of your presence in Chicago was Sejin, who had managed to find a room in the same hotel where they were staying. You would give him everything to repay him for his kindness.  

“Alright y/n, you seem acceptable,” You said to the reflection in his mirror, finishing to retouch the Peach lipstick on your soft lips. You just walked away, observing how the blouse fell perfectly on your curves and the jeans bandaged your legs. Yes, you were fully satisfied with your look. 

Your destination was the building where you knew they would have held a couple of interviews, always merit of Sejin who had given you all the program of those days, because you would never be presented to the concert that evening. You could bear to be seen by some interviewer and people from the crew, but thousands of fans were another thing.  

You came out of the bathroom, slipping your phone in the back pocket of your jeans,  putting on the leather jacket you gave Yoongi for your birthday and leaving your hair loose, which soft caressed your shoulders.  

Your mission was about to begin and you could no longer contain the emotion that you felt at the idea of being able to finally see him again after weeks of distance.  

~ ~

The peculiarity of Sejin was that with his height hid you completely. You had reached him almost half an hour and you had spent those thirty minutes hidden behind him, waiting for the boys to come out of the room where they were holding the interview.  

You were so proud of them and what they had reached that you almost felt like a proud mom, even if you were only one year older than three-quarters of them.  

“I tell you he’s not in a good mood, Y/N.”  

“W-What?” You stuttered looking at his shoulders; “In what sense?”  

“You haven’t answered him for more than three days, how do you think he’s..?" 


You’d be forgiven, but that wasn’t the moment for guilt.  

Finally, their voices echoed in the hallway and the agitation flowed through your veins faster than the blood.  

“PDnim! Only RapMon Hyung spoke but I think it went well! ” Exclaimed an enthusiastic Jungkook, making you smile slightly.  

“You were great guys. Yoongi-ssi? ”  Sejin called him and you could imagine your boyfriend raising his gaze slightly confused, without understanding why he had been called.  

“A fan of yours has left a gift for yo–don’t complain, guys, this is a special gift.” He silenced immediately the others who had already begun to grumble by complaining, while you could see the shadow of someone who was approaching your “cover”.  

“What a gift, PDnim..?”  

Without leaving Sejin the time to answer, you protruded your hand, where you kept the box with his anniversary gift. A duplicate of your house key and a ring that you had engraved with the date of the day you were met.  

You remained hidden, leaving only the hand in beautiful sight. Your laughter threatened to ruin that moment, but you could remain silent.  

“What the hell..” Murmured in chorus those you recognized as Hoseok, Seokjin, and Jimin, while you felt the box was taken and the silence came from Yoongi.  

“What is it, Hyung??”  Namjoon asked, while always thanks to their shadows on the walls you understood that everyone was in circles around him.  

“A key and a ring.. What the hell of gift is th–”  

“Hyung, are you okay..?” Jimin soft voice came perfectly to your ears as you started to worry because you didn’t understand if his reaction would be positive or negative.  

“There is an engraved date.. It’s the day I met Y/N. ”  

“Because you should remember the day you met the most obnoxious woman in the world. ” You murmured, finally coming out of the open and taking a few steps on the side, finally free from the protection of Sejin.  

Seven shocked glances rested on you, but the most upset were just Yoongi’s one. The others began to smile but he couldn’t even move and you started to think that maybe didn’t answer to him had been a mistake.  


“Yes.. In short, I know that your work is important, but I wanted to spend at least a few minutes with you for our anniversary. I swear I’m going back to the hotel and waiting for you to finish the concert, I swear. Sorry if I didn’t answer.. But if I had spoken to you I would have told everything, you know I cannot keep secrets.. Y-Yoongi you could say so–”  

He didn’t let you finish the phrase because you were already into his arms, your face was hidden against his chest and his heart was beating so fast that you could feel the sound perfectly.  

“You are the best gift ever, Y/N.” He whispered into your ear; the voice slightly trembling, while his arms squeezed you with more strength.  

You smiled and went straight to resting your arms on his hips, braiding your hands behind his back and letting yourself be lulled by that hug that was really worth more than a thousand gifts.  

“Sorry if I didn’t answer Yoongi..”  

“It doesn’t matter. You got me mad, but now that you’re here, it’s no longer important. ”  

“Happy anniversary, Yoongi.”  

“I love you, Y/N. Happy anniversary, baby.”  

Surround yourself with positive people and try to have minimum contact with negative people. The more you surround yourself with positive people; it will help you to see best in yourself and others. Negative people will just make you more depress and you won’t be able to appreciate the things that you already have.

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The question about minimum human contact made me wonder if a person could suffer any of the effects if they saw people outside of their cell /constantly/ but was never interacted with. even with an animal(s), plenty of room to move, entertainment like books and things, decent or even high quality necessities (food, drink, bathroom, etc), but no one talking to them even even though (they think) they can be seen and heard by all people outside.

They would definitely suffer the effects of solitary confinement.

It’s a question of when. The factors you mention might delay the onset of symptoms for a few days (at best) but…it’s not getting rid of the cause.

Perhaps there are some real statistical outliers who wouldn’t show any severe effects for as long as a month. But I’d expect most people in the circumstances you describe to start showing some sort of symptoms within two weeks, more likely within a week. Probably starting with depression.

The saying that a gilded cage is still a cage: that’s true. There isn’t really a substitute for human interaction. The antidote to loneliness is company not amenities.

I think the character you have, locked away in their lovely tower, would probably envy the people they see outside. If they talk to them and the people outside don’t respond they would feel rejected, ignored, cast aside. I think that would feed depression, feelings of helplessness and possibly rage. It would exacerbate the symptoms of solitary confinement.

A person in the conditions you describe would suffer.


They would probably suffer severe effects in the long term (months to years) if they could interact in meaningful ways with the people outside.

Being confined is not good for human beings. Being isolated is extremely bad for human beings.

Your scenario is extremely damaging. Your character would manifest the symptoms of severe solitary confinement. Depression, helplessness, self harm, suicidal thoughts, aggression and hallucinations are all possible. There are also physical symptoms which include headaches, joint pain, insomnia and heart problems.

I suggest taking a look at Shalev’s Sourcebook on Solitary Confinement, particularly the second chapter which deals with symptoms. Read a few of the survivors’ accounts, look at the symptoms Shalev lists and how common they are percentage wise. Decide based on that and what works for your character which symptoms they’d manifest. I would suggest a minimum of three severe symptoms, though what these are may change over time.

Keep in mind that if the character becomes suicidal all those luxuries in their tower can probably be used as weapons. As with the ask about a character kept in solitary save for gladiatorial fights, this character would be at high risk of self harm and suicide because they are surrounded by things they could use.

If they have no prospect of escape, no chance of release, no rescue coming and no cause they’re locked up for then I think this character would try to kill themselves and I think that they would probably eventually be successful.

From the sound of your story that’s probably not what you want to hear. I’d suggest drastically reducing the time the character is held, something in the range of 1-3 months would be survivable. There would still be serious long term consequences for the character in that time range and they would still manifest severe symptoms.

I hope that helps.


Dear Team Beard,

Nice try. Your attempt at casual fan photo of the happy duo. While they are conveniently separated from the crowd. Clearly meant to be seen.

Looks wholly and completely unnatural with the minimum amount of body contact required to make them sort of but not really look like a couple. More like strangers that have absolutely no intimate knowledge of one another.

It doesn’t sell because there’s no chemistry. No respect. No love. But I will give you a C for effort.

‘Even if you try to hide it’

Fandom: The Walking Dead
Reader x Carl Grimes
Warning: Makeout session (if that even counts)

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What do you love the most about Rey? And what do you like the most about Kylo?


I love that she’s allowed to act childish and a bit immature but is not infantilized, nor reduced to that (she also proves to be wise and mature in other aspects); that her femininity is not stressed by her clothing or demeanor and is never sexualized (in fact, her gender is narratively as well as visually almost irrelevant); that the fact that she’s an orphaned scavenger isn’t just a cool background that is quickly forgotten once she starts her hero’s journey, but is integral to her characterization, like an ingrained mentality. Like, she eats shamelessly fast and has zero table manners because she’s so used to starve; she doesn’t sit and wait to be rescued because she learned that nobody came back for her; she isn’t a stranger to trading her sense of justice for things that benefit her (see: she was more than ready to sell bb-8 for food), but ultimately, it’s her pride that protects her from selling herself; she knows when to run and when to attack due to probably countless brawls with other scavengers; (most of) her skills as a pilot/mechanic are consistent with the way she made a living on Jakku; stealing things and making them work for her is how she survives and that’s exactly what she does to Kylo’s mind powers—she scavenges them. She’s like a leech, observing and absorbing everything without filters, because that’s exactly what you do if nobody is actually teaching you anything. 

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How would a child react to isolation confinement that was intermittent? Confined to their room with the bare minimum of contact at birth until school starts, then sent to school, but as soon as they return the containment is resumed? How might their condition worsen during, say, summers and school vacations, and how long would it take for that spike to even back out once school resumes? What if they were ignored by their peers at school, or bullied? Would teachers pick up on this?

Is this about Megamind by any chance? Because damn does that movie get the effects of isolation wrong.

Realistically, I’m not sure a child raised with minimal contact would be able to go to a non-specialist school.

Isolation is severely damaging for adults and the data we have suggests it is more damaging for teenagers. We don’t have data for young children in isolation; we have a handful of cases. And we know that young children, toddlers and pre-school age, learn from social interaction. Not just interacting but observing interactions.

Without that…….a child might not know how to function in society at all. A school setting- suddenly going from no contact to all of these kids running around it would be frightening, overwhelming and completely outside the child’s experience. They would probably not respond well.

Panic attacks, trying to run away and violence are all reasonable possibilities. As is locking themselves in a closet and crying and rocking back and forth.

I don’t think a child who consistently reacted to a school setting this way would be allowed in a mainstream school.

And well once that’s established everything else in the setting falls apart. The child can’t attend school, so questions of weekends and school holidays, bullying and relationships with teachers become…moot.

There are children raised in prisons and internment camps. But they aren’t raised in isolation. They’re kept with their mothers, and usually the children of other prisoners.

This is far from a positive environment for a child but it’s also much less damaging then the scenario you’re suggesting.

These children are often excluded from school, not due to behaviour problems but because their parents are imprisoned. Which traps them in a cycle of poverty and depravation but doesn’t…take away their basic ability to interact with others.

A child in the circumstances you describe might have trouble with language, with anything more stimulating than the room they were raised in, with sensory overload and well a host of other things. They would probably already be suffering from depression, hallucinations and self harming behaviours by the time they were school age.

And I’m….honestly not sure if they would ever recover.

They would probably be institutionalised for the rest of their life.



This is an idea that should be passed around.
Let’s see if  Congress understands what people pressure is all about.
Salary of retired US Presidents … . .… …. . $180,000 FOR LIFE.
Salary of House/Senate members … . .… . $174,000 FOR LIFE. This is stupid
Salary of Speaker of the House … . .… . . $223,500 FOR LIFE. This is really stupid
Salary of Majority / Minority Leaders …… . . $193,400 FOR LIFE. Stupid
Average Salary of a teacher … … .… …. $40,065
Average Salary of a deployed Soldier …… .. $38,000
Here’s where the cuts should be made!
TRUMP, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:
“I could end the deficit in five minutes,“ he told CNBC. "You just pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible for re-election”.
The 26th Amendment ( granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds ) took only three months and eight days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it. That was in 1971 - before computers, e-mail, cell phones, etc.
Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year or less to become the law of the land - all because of public pressure. President Trump is asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.
In three days, most people in The United States of America will have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.
Congressional Reform Act of 2017
1. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman / woman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they’re out of office.
2. Congress (past, present, & future) participates in Social Security.
All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.
3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.
4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%
5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.
6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.
7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void effective 3/1/17. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen/women.
Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work.
If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people, then it will only take three days for most people in the U.S. to receive the message. It’s time!
Pass it on.

Levyaku/Daisuga One Shot

Rating: EXPLICIT  (also, this is the censored incomplete version; full version on my AO3 - read till end for link.)

Summary: Levyaku fluff; Daisuga sin, or alternatively, Daisuga porn without plot. (I’m sorry but this is exactly what it is.)

A/N: This is an overdue one shot that I finally found the energy to finish, based on @emuyh-art ‘s drawing; sorry to keep you waiting for weeks Emu ha ha ha, but then again, I believe I’ve redeemed myself by including some rather elaborate smut uh. (Yeah, this is where I am in my sinning journey fml –) And I’m still on hiatus btw (don’t ask me why i’m writing smut in between essays), but I’ll be back next week yay!

There’s nothing more physically taxing than waking Lev Haiba from his slumber.

Yaku has been at it for more than half an hour, trying – in vain – to drag the silver-haired giant out of bed. But Lev, groaning his protests, merely clings even harder to his pillow and blanket, ignoring his increasingly impatient boyfriend who’s struggling to rouse him from his sleep.

“Your class –” Yaku says through gritted teeth as he pulls at the corner of the blanket in an attempt to take it away from Lev, “– is in – an hour!”

As always, he’s not strong enough. After all that effort he only manages to make the blanket slide off Lev’s shoulder, which he immediately regrets. For during that brief moment his mouth goes dry at the sight of Lev’s perfect arms – all those muscles flexing beneath his flawless skin – as they move to keep the blanket in place.

Silently, he curses his physical – and mental – weakness. If only he has half of Lev’s strength, he wouldn’t be in such an unsightly predicament. Then again, he wonders why he’s even putting himself through unnecessary adversity when he can just leave his lazy-ass boyfriend alone. Of course, there are other tactics he can deploy to get Lev’s immediate attention, but he’s usually reluctant to use them unless the extremity of the situation demands it.


“What?” Yaku stares at his mumbling boyfriend, who’s returning his gaze through a sleepy squint. He’s hoping he heard wrong but much to his dismay, he’s already feeling the heat that’s creeping up his neck.

“You heard me,” Lev replies cheekily.

Yaku narrows his eyes at Lev, trying to dispel the fluttering in his stomach. “J-Just wake up already.”

Damn it.

Trying to act indifferent apparently only makes him stutter like an idiot. If there’s anything Yaku hates, it’s his own weakness against Lev’s cunning manipulation. Or perhaps, it’s the fact that he secretly enjoys it that he hates. But whatever it is, his rapidly reddening face is seconds away from combusting.

“I-I’m gonna make breakfast,” Yaku mutters, letting go of the tip of the blanket he’s been trying to take away. He turns to leave, thinking how stupid he must look to be affected by something so trivial so easily, especially since they’ve been going out for more than a year now.

But Lev – damn his agility, Yaku thinks in between his internal fits of nervousness – takes hold of his wrist before he can even take a step towards the door, and with his inhuman strength, he pulls Yaku towards the bed until he falls backwards onto the mattress with a thump.

“Yaku-san,” Lev says softly, in a low voice.

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((Somebody said Steampunk? I’m in!!!!))

Here’s my Blackmore design for the @bdcyberwestern event

He was one of the few humans who gladly offered to have an upgrade, he knew humanity didn’t had too much time on earth, that the faiths of this were written in stone, so why not serve by your own will and heart before being forced to it?

He works “with the law” but slightly outside it, he tracks and capture all those rebellious humans who still refuse to the inevitable advance of the species, he doesn’t do it by a recompense he actually wants to help them, to survive in this new world, by the force, taking them to the authorities. 

Obviously, those who resist too much or are unable to listen end up frozen and shattered for being too defectuous to be part of the society. 

His “weapon” are 3 blasters of cryogenic liquid, at the minimum contact with the skin of a human it will freeze it, making easy to break to impossibility that rebel who’s on the run, and isn’t lethal since it avoid the blood to go out the body the human won’t die, and that lost limb will be easily replaced with a mechanic one.

When it rains he can use the blasters on his heels to help him “walk” on the drops for a very short period of time.

He began by the obligatory core, but every time now and then began to upgrade his body more and more, now his only external human parts are part of his chest and his hips, internally the lungs only, this are the next intervention he wants to get because it would help him to accomplish better his work.

The mask help him to protect his lungs from the cryogen, the “tights” actually have a purpose and that is: protect the conducts where the cryogen travels from the deposits on his thighs to the blasters on the heels from tangled or stuck.

3 generations of Malfoy x Potter shippers

Lucius x James - minimum contact FAILED

Draco x Harry - Harry getting obsessed over Draco but then comes Ginny. Drarry FAILED

Scorpius x Albus - BFFs, Do we hug? Rose Granger-Weasley but Scorpius can’t live in a world without Albus. Scorbus SUCCESS.

Tendori bedtime and morning headcanons

-Tenga showers at night because he likes that clean feeling of washing off the day’s stress and grime

-Chidori showers in the morning because it wakes her up and she feels more prepared to take on the day

-Chidori sleeps better with a white noise machine. Tenga’s pretty used to it but can sleep without it

-Tenga occasionally wakes up with a sore shoulder from Chidori snuggling all night

-Tenga is a morning person (surprisingly)

-Chidori forces herself to get up in the mornings

-Chidori is the type of person who has to set 2 alarms for herself to get up at the right time

-Tenga needs at least 8 hours of sleep. It doesn’t matter what time he went to bed at. 8 hours or murder. No compromises.

-there is a mutual agreement that snuggling/spooning is great, but if it’s super hot out minimum contact is preferred

-both snore but claim the other is louder

-Tenga is most likely to steal the blankets

-Chidori is most likely to get up in the middle of the night to pee

One of my favourite thing about Beyond is that, it explores so many dynamics among the crews.

Jim and Chekov
I always imagine Jim as a brother figure to Chekov. Their journey together is adorable and exciting! I’m so glad they give so much more screen time to Chekov as compared to the two previous movies. He’s brilliant, fresh, genius and undeniably reliable. Thank you Anton for playing this lovable character so well, you will be missed.

Spock and Bones
Ugh these two. I love their dynamic sooo much. It had always been Spock and Jim or Bones and Jim before (not that I’m complaining, don’t let me start on our golden triumvirate but) it’s time to have the goodness of Spones and Beyond gives us just that, thank you! They have vastly different personalities and I love watching them bickering with each other as a façade of their mutual respect. Besides, we can witness Spock’s rare moment of vulnerability (wink wink) and Bones kicking some major asses, so, hell yeah!!

Scotty and Jaylah
You have no idea how much I love Jaylah, she’s AMAZING! Brilliant, strong and independent. Sure she has her vulnerable moment but FUCK IT, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!! Scotty and Jaylah are amazing together (I see them having father/daughter relationship is it weird? anyway) Jaylah is a free spirited lassie with minimum contact with other beings (minus those hostiles aliens of course) and Scotty being as accommodating as he is, just know how to balance out their dynamic, so YAY!

Sulu and Uhura
BROTP! They are so protective of each other, like when Uhura lost her shit when Krall did his sucking mojo on Sulu and Sulu super worried expression when Uhura and Syll was trapped in a room with Krall and Manas. They are super concern of each other it gives me this warm and tingling feeling inside. We saw them working together in the opening scene of ST:ID but this is just another level.

I’m sooo happy to witness their relationship had evolved to one step further, better. Not just as crew members who got stuck together due to the event of Narada but to actually have mutual trust and respect, much like a family. For that, I’m sooo happy and grateful for what this trilogy (reboot wise) had brought to us.

Thank you Beyond.

I’m teen wolf trash for two reasons; dylan o’brien and stydia.  I never stray from my normal fandom but what the hell I’ve been wanting to branch out for a while now. I wrote this little thing in honer of the 5th season premiering tonight. It’s on right now and I’m not watching it cause this short drabble got away from me for a bit. It’s ‘smutty’ I guess but nothing compared to the shit I normally write. And it’s 100% not edited and besides the characters my work. 

So without further ado…


He didn’t like how much time Lydia was spending with Deputy Parrish. He didn’t like how the older man looked at her when she’d flip her hair to one side and expose the creamy skin of her neck. He especially didn’t like it when the do-good officer dropped her off at school one more after they fell asleep at his place while trying to find the answer to the mysterious question of what he is.

All of this though put strain on his relationship with Malia. Neither of them really knew how to be in a relationship and the start of their relationship wasn’t ideal. Throwing jealousy into the mix was like adding gasoline to an already out of control forest fire. The only thing they could really do was watch as the fire burnt itself out.

And it did and it was messy and awkward. Scott and Kira and even Liam tried to keep their small pack together but it was looking to be useless. Malia couldn’t be around Stiles and Stiles couldn’t be around Malia. The pair of them couldn’t be around Lydia without feeling the need to put the blame of their failed relationship on her, which she remained clueless about, like she always has been with Stiles’ feelings towards her.

Only that’s what Lydia wanted him to think. She’s known all along that he’s been in love with her since like the second or third grade. He made it so obvious with his awkward way of stumbling over his words and his dorky expressions. The older and closer they got the more Lydia realized that Stiles’ interest in her wasn’t solely based off her good looks. He knew her; all of her talents and flaws and weaknesses. He’s seen her cry, and in battle and in victory. Stiles has comforted her when she lost her best friend, and Lydia has brought him back from the brink of death. The older and close they got the more Lydia realized that her feelings for Stiles weren’t quite as platonic as she thought they were.

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what do you think of eurus?

She deserved better. I know that phrase is tossed around quite a bit in the aftermath of this show, but a lot of my thoughts on her keep coming back to how her psychosis was treated.

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Hungarian skam should never happen, bc it would be such a low quality, but if it was good it'd happen like this: set in Budapest, Eva(Éva) is new in the city, her mother brought the family because of an abusive father, and the main story would be about her finding peace and trust in people again. Noora(Nóra)'d be this hipster girl, studied graphic design in her previous school, really pretty, a feminist. Sana and Chris are perfect i wouldn't change anything, a muslim aspect'd fit in hungary(1)

Budapest part2: they’d go to lots of house parties, they don’t like clubs where everyone is going to, they’d take the tube a lot. Isak and the boy squad wouldn’t be much different, Jonas’d be a fuckboy but the nicer type. Isak would still live w his parents (its not common in hungary to leave home before graduation) but there’s minimum contact. Even’d transfer from the same art school Noora did, they’d meet at a party for new students. Isak would first come out to the boy and girlsquad

Budapest part 3 bitch im engaged: there would be a lot if sunrises over the river Danube, late night walking on the main bridges of the city, lots of laughing on public transport, houseparties in fancy houses, and in trashy ones, smoking, drinking. Russtime could be replaced with the hungarian prom where the classes hire dance teachers dress up dance a waltz and a class dance, and throw an afterparty at a famous club of budapest (we usually go by hired buses;))


“Sana and Chris are perfect” a truer sentence has never been spoken anywhere. 


Harry didn’t think much of it on the first days, really, you both got maddening rhythms and you were in the middle of a big project at work, so you’re just buzzing around all the time, leaving very early in the morning and coming home late basically dead. When the days turned into weeks, that’s when Harry started getting fussy about it. 

Really? You had the time to go out for drinks with your girls but not stay in and have some sexy time with him?! That was just unfair - In your defense though, the girls surprised you after work, literally dragging you to the closest pub - Why your sex drive was so absent?! That was so unusual for you. Did he do something?! He had to admit that he had gained a bit of weight lately, but could it really be that? You always told him you loved his little tummy…maybe you didn’t actually that much?!

You never seemed so disinterested in him like in those days and that was fucking him up. It was one night when you both got ready for bed that he brought it up. “DidIDoSomething?” He blurted out so fast and with accent so thick you didn’t catch it on the first beat. “What?” You asked. “Babe, did I do something?…. Like.. Uhhh.. I mean…” He was looking down and fiddling with the corner of the duvet, with his back leaning on the headboard. “Harry what you’re talking about, babe?" 

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