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3 generations of Malfoy x Potter shippers

Lucius x James - minimum contact FAILED

Draco x Harry - Harry getting obsessed over Draco but then comes Ginny. Drarry FAILED

Scorpius x Albus - BFFs, Do we hug? Rose Granger-Weasley but Scorpius can’t live in a world without Albus. Scorbus SUCCESS.


Hello, commissions are back!



sketch - $4 ( $5 with accent color ) (+ $1 per extra)

clean lines/flat color - $7 (+ $3 per extra )

full color - $15 (+ $5 per extra )

painted - $20 (+ $10 per extra )


sketch - $5 ($6 with accent color) (+ $1 per extra )

simple color - $7 (+ $3 per extra )

full color - $10 ( + $5 per extra )

painted - $15 ( + $7 per extra )

full body:

sketch - $8 ($9 with accent color) (+ $5 per extra )

simple color - $10 (+ $6 per extra )

full color - $20 ( + $10 per extra )

painted - $35 ( + $15 per extra )

simple animation:

$7 minimum (contact me for details)

If you are interested in something that isn’t listed please ask about it. (backgrounds, props, etc)

I won’t do:

nsfw, excessive violence/gore, complicated armor (negotiable, but it may cost more)

What i need:

picture reference(s),clear description of personality and what you would like in the picture, contact info where i can reach you should i have any questions

Please contact me at if you are interested or if you have any questions (or send me an ask at kimasura)

Paypal only

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Even though Stelena wasn't endgame, at least they had a beautiful and emotional conversation together. I can't say the same for Delena. Lol

I know. I’ve seen so many people say it, but I honestly feel so sorry for Delena shippers. 8 seasons of a built-up relationship, 2 seasons of waiting for some epic reunion and endgame and they got that. I honestly can’t even see why they bothered to include a Delena endgame. The scenes were clearly kept to a minimum, with minimal contact and dialogue because of the tension between Ian and Nina. The kisses they had were so incredibly awkward and Ian’s eyes, expressions and body language were so stiff and made it obvious he was so uncomfortable. And even though Delena were confirmed as being endgame, it’s like the writers wanted to do everything to show us it didn’t mean anything by reuniting Damon with Stefan and Elena with her family. We didn’t really get any prologue as to what their life together was, we didn’t see any kiss or marriage, they just completely skated over it and all we got at the end was Elena writing in her diary about how Stefan brought her back to life and she owed him her life and some handholding with Damon. Like….it’s so awkward because Delena were the canon endgame and yet there was still so much foreshadowing of the Stelena relationship. The way they handled that entire situation was just so weird to me. They pushed so hard in the finale for a family endgame in every aspect of the show, but it felt so rushed and forced because they’ve always given so much focus to romantic ships and even more so over that the last few seasons. Overall, it was just a very predictable, rushed and underwhelming finale that didn’t even follow on from the last 8 seasons of the show.


13 Weeks of Enlisted #2  ➤   Week 4 - Parade Duty

‘’Shut up, ‘cause I’m about to say something nice, and frankly,  I’m gonna need a bare minimum of eye contact, okay? Look, I know I said we all like Rear D the way it is,  but that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to make it better. And even though you failed spectacularly,  it was really fun to watch,  and completely validated everything I’ve been saying. […] Look  You were over there  You were over there. Put your life on the line,  and you deserve to take a crackhead’s seat  at the front of a stupid parade because  You are a hero. Like, an actual, “no one- can-take-it-away-from-you” Hero.‘‘


*prices are per character ( I might make a discount depending on what you want)

* won’t do: animals/hentai

* texture and simple backgrounds are free

* prices are in USD

* paypal payment ( you also pay their fee)

* payment before I start working

* high resolution images starting from 500px wide (for one chibi for example),you can ask for an specifc resolution

* you can ask me for updates or wips

* I will not work with tiny images for reference

* I hold the right to refuse your commisssion

* I hold the right to post it anywhere if I want to

* I usually take a while to get it done but I can work with a deadline ( minimum is 5 days)

* contact:

* when commissioning me please use this form and send it to the email above:



subtype (headshot…):

number or characters in the picture:

texture and/or simple background (yes or no and how you might want the backgorund if yes):

what you want ( please be as detailed as possible):

transparent background (yes or no):


sketch preview (yes or no):

is there a deadline (yes or no and when if yes):

any doubts/other things you want to say: