Our wonderful friend Kate has such a fantastic collection of jewelry, and her newest addition is this beautiful solid 14k Yellow Gold “Minimoody” hinged ring from Body Vision Los Angeles. She has been lusting after this piece for a few years now, and we are so excited to help her finally pick one up!

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It sure was a busy day. Big thanks to all of our amazing clients!

Kane here (how cool is that name?!) stopped by to get some new jewelry for his healed piercings (not pierced by us). 

Check him out now, rocking the gold like nobody’s business! He picked one of our personal favorites, The Mini Moody from BVLA. 14k yellow gold clicker with three graduating sized rings. 

He also picked up some gold domes for his lip and nostril piercing to tie everybody together. 

Looking good, Kane! Thanks a bunch! 

Monterey, CA