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i'd like to achieve a more androgynous appearance, but I'm not out to my parents about being genderfluid yet, so I can't get a binder yet. I've been looking into maybe gettig a compression bra, but i'm not sure where to get one. Any advice?

Lee says:

I got one at Target, and one on the Underworks website. You can get them at any store that sells athletic clothing or sports bras. Just tell your fam you want to buy a sports bra coz you might start exercising or you need it for gym class or coz a friend told you it’s more comfortable. 

Check out the Underworks MagiCotton Sports Bra and Binding Minimizer Bra if you want to buy one online, and athletic brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Champion, etc. for sports bras if you’re in a store. 

You can do the double-sports bra method if one doesn’t get you flat enough, so buy two of whatever you like the best. 

Followers, feel free to recommend your fav compression sports bras if you have experience with any!

Trans Belch:

- His mom is super supportive

- Ever wonder what happened to his dad? His dad wasn’t supportive at all. His mom handled that situation, even though it was officially labeled “natural causes”

- She introduced him as Reginald during preschool, and then Victor started calling him Belch, and most people just forgot he was born Melissa

- Belch is really quiet and has a fascination with body odors and functions, so nobody really questions why he doesn’t shower

- He eats on the toilet, and has been eating there since first grade; it makes opening pads easier because everyone knows that’s just Belch eating snacks while on the crapper

- He smiles whenever someone says something biologically infactual, because the dude was 6′0″ at age twelve and wasn’t even on testosterone yet; his cousin Amy is 6′2″! They just think he’s agreeing with them, which makes him smile even more…

- He loses his voice whenever he’s scared, which is why his voice gets high when Henry attacks Ben

- Vic knows about it, and he won’t tell Henry nothin’

- I have no clue what binding looked like in the 1980′s, but I know people wore sports bras and minimizing bras, so I’m just gonna go with that

- Some people remember Belch’s “sister” and wonder what happened to her

- Sometimes people think his cousin Amy is actually his sister

- Nobody ever questions that Belch Huggins is anything other than a Good Ole’ Boy (and he isn’t)

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I recently got a binder but I’m not out to anyone at my school. I want to wear it to school but I’m afraid of what other people might say to me or ask me. Any advice?

Kii says:

I always counter statements/questions like that with “And why are you looking at my chest?” which usually gets people to back off quickly, especially if you say it loudly enough that other people also hear.

Lee says:

You can also say it’s a minimizer sports bra because it’s more comfortable, but people often don’t even notice if you’re binding if your chest was smaller to start with.

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Sorry if this appears rude, but do maiko/geiko need to wear a specific type of underwear? I can't see western versions working very well with a kimono...

It’s not rude to ask at all, it’s normal to wonder about that.

Maiko and Geiko wear normal big panties to cover up as much as possible if any accident or mishap should happen (at least that’s what Mineko Iwasaki wrote in her book) and kimono-bras, which are basically minimizer-bras to keep you flat, as the desired shape when wearing kimono is as cylindrical as possible.

Next is the hadajuban, which is worn to protect the precious silk-kimono from sweat and then comes the nagajuban, which can be seen when a Maiko or Geiko lifts up her kimono while walking and therefore has to be matched accordingly to the rest of the outfit.

Maiko and Geiko also wear numerous paddings to create the desired shape when wearing kimono (Maiko wear more than Geiko, because more padding is used for the darari-obi-knot than the taiko-obi-knot.).

tips for those who want to cosplay canon war boys:

-if you dont wanna shave your head, try to master the art of the bald cap. if you dont want to buy one/otherwise dont want one, slick your hair back and braid it up if it’s long enough. if you’re going to paint yourself, you can put the paint over your hair too, and it’ll be less noticeable. 

-if you do use a bald cap and have trouble hiding the seam, get goggles to wear. they’ll help hide it.

-if you have boobs, you can wear LOOSELY (this is important) distressed looking ace bandages to look more authentic. DO NOT PULL ACE BANDAGES TIGHT AROUND YOUR CHEST, AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT WEAR THEM FOR A LONG TIME. ace bandages can cause EXTREME damage. bind with something safer underneath and just use the bandages for aesthetics. if you dont have a binder (a half binder would be better imo), use a sports bra, frontwards or worn backwards, or a minimizing bra

-you can also get a military-style jacket. if you’ve got a lighter and more feminine build and you’re cosplaying a canonically male character, a mens jacket will change the way your skeletal structure appears to be. plus theyre cool looking.

-make sure you know what’s in the paint you use. i personally will always be a fan of ben nye products, but be careful if you’ve got any allergies. always read the ingredients. 

-scar putty is your friend

-contouring goes a long way! when you paint your face, it can look very flat without more makeup. this is especially important for war boys, whose faces are dirty from being in the desert and around their cars. dont JUST paint yourself white; use dark gray, black, and brown eyeshadow to make yourself look gritty

-if you’re cosplaying nux and you want the chain, consider buying a cheap halloween prop instead of making it yourself (making chain links is tedious). the chains you can buy online or at a halloween store are usually just made of foam, so they’re super light and you wont get tired dragging them around all day at a con

-consider making a stencil for tattoos/scars. for example, if you’re cosplaying nux and want the v8 scars on your chest, draw out the design on paper (the thicker the paper the better, since itll hold up better) and then when you’re getting ready, use that and trace out the scars. then use scar putty and go over it. 

-you can get cheap cargo pants off of ebay and amazon, as long as you’re okay with having lower quality pants. 

-you can also get prop guns online

-you can get nerf guns and paint them to make them look grungy and mad max-y

-have fun! 


-SEAL THE PAINT. you can buy ben nye body paint sealer (or any other brand really) online from a LOT of different places, or you can use baby powder. this is important for ANY cosplay that involves paint, since it’s very likely that it’ll come off of your hands at some point during the day, and you do NOT want to mess up anything at a con, including other people

-you can buy silver (CHROME!) colored edible spray on amazon. you’ll know which one is right when you see all the reviews from war boys.