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i'd like to achieve a more androgynous appearance, but I'm not out to my parents about being genderfluid yet, so I can't get a binder yet. I've been looking into maybe gettig a compression bra, but i'm not sure where to get one. Any advice?

Lee says:

I got one at Target, and one on the Underworks website. You can get them at any store that sells athletic clothing or sports bras. Just tell your fam you want to buy a sports bra coz you might start exercising or you need it for gym class or coz a friend told you it’s more comfortable. 

Check out the Underworks MagiCotton Sports Bra and Binding Minimizer Bra if you want to buy one online, and athletic brands like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Champion, etc. for sports bras if you’re in a store. 

You can do the double-sports bra method if one doesn’t get you flat enough, so buy two of whatever you like the best. 

Followers, feel free to recommend your fav compression sports bras if you have experience with any!

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Sorry if this appears rude, but do maiko/geiko need to wear a specific type of underwear? I can't see western versions working very well with a kimono...

It’s not rude to ask at all, it’s normal to wonder about that.

Maiko and Geiko wear normal big panties to cover up as much as possible if any accident or mishap should happen (at least that’s what Mineko Iwasaki wrote in her book) and kimono-bras, which are basically minimizer-bras to keep you flat, as the desired shape when wearing kimono is as cylindrical as possible.

Next is the hadajuban, which is worn to protect the precious silk-kimono from sweat and then comes the nagajuban, which can be seen when a Maiko or Geiko lifts up her kimono while walking and therefore has to be matched accordingly to the rest of the outfit.

Maiko and Geiko also wear numerous paddings to create the desired shape when wearing kimono (Maiko wear more than Geiko, because more padding is used for the darari-obi-knot than the taiko-obi-knot.).

one thing i’ve learned growing into adulthood with huge boobs is that there’s nothing wrong with your natural shape and padded/minimizing bras are highly, highly overrated

tips for those who want to cosplay canon war boys:

-if you dont wanna shave your head, try to master the art of the bald cap. if you dont want to buy one/otherwise dont want one, slick your hair back and braid it up if it’s long enough. if you’re going to paint yourself, you can put the paint over your hair too, and it’ll be less noticeable. 

-if you do use a bald cap and have trouble hiding the seam, get goggles to wear. they’ll help hide it.

-if you have boobs, you can wear LOOSELY (this is important) distressed looking ace bandages to look more authentic. DO NOT PULL ACE BANDAGES TIGHT AROUND YOUR CHEST, AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT WEAR THEM FOR A LONG TIME. ace bandages can cause EXTREME damage. bind with something safer underneath and just use the bandages for aesthetics. if you dont have a binder (a half binder would be better imo), use a sports bra, frontwards or worn backwards, or a minimizing bra

-you can also get a military-style jacket. if you’ve got a lighter and more feminine build and you’re cosplaying a canonically male character, a mens jacket will change the way your skeletal structure appears to be. plus theyre cool looking.

-make sure you know what’s in the paint you use. i personally will always be a fan of ben nye products, but be careful if you’ve got any allergies. always read the ingredients. 

-scar putty is your friend

-contouring goes a long way! when you paint your face, it can look very flat without more makeup. this is especially important for war boys, whose faces are dirty from being in the desert and around their cars. dont JUST paint yourself white; use dark gray, black, and brown eyeshadow to make yourself look gritty

-if you’re cosplaying nux and you want the chain, consider buying a cheap halloween prop instead of making it yourself (making chain links is tedious). the chains you can buy online or at a halloween store are usually just made of foam, so they’re super light and you wont get tired dragging them around all day at a con

-consider making a stencil for tattoos/scars. for example, if you’re cosplaying nux and want the v8 scars on your chest, draw out the design on paper (the thicker the paper the better, since itll hold up better) and then when you’re getting ready, use that and trace out the scars. then use scar putty and go over it. 

-you can get cheap cargo pants off of ebay and amazon, as long as you’re okay with having lower quality pants. 

-you can also get prop guns online

-you can get nerf guns and paint them to make them look grungy and mad max-y

-have fun! 


-SEAL THE PAINT. you can buy ben nye body paint sealer (or any other brand really) online from a LOT of different places, or you can use baby powder. this is important for ANY cosplay that involves paint, since it’s very likely that it’ll come off of your hands at some point during the day, and you do NOT want to mess up anything at a con, including other people

-you can buy silver (CHROME!) colored edible spray on amazon. you’ll know which one is right when you see all the reviews from war boys. 

A Secret Victoria Had To Keep.

Character: DeanxReader (Female)

Word Count: 2703

Warnings: Age difference between Dean and Reader (10 Years), Minimal Language, Smut, Sex, Shopping

Dean take his girlfriend(The reader) out for a surprise day to spoil her. While shopping the reader and Dean have Sex in the dressing room and almost get caught.

“Dean, where are we going?” I giggled as I whined smiling over at the handsome man driving the Impala.

“Don’t worry doll, you’ll like it, I promise!” Dean looked over at me from the driver’s seat and winked his beautiful green eyes at me.

He was absolutely breath taking. So very few people saw this side of Dean. The relaxed, sweet Dean. Sam and I were probably the only two who were lucky enough anymore.  Oh, and Sam had made it clear that Dean I saw he was never going to see, we both laughed, but for more reasons than one, I hoped that was true. I hoped I would always have my own special Dean. I had never met anyone like Dean and I had never loved any one person the way I loved Dean.

Right now in the Impala Dean looked so happy and carefree. The windows were down, wind blowing through his perfectly tussled dirty blonde hair, and Pink Floyd was playing lightly through the speakers. Since this trip was rather sprung on me, I hadn’t gotten much time to really take in everything that Dean was wearing. His choice in clothing always intrigued me. Dean was wearing a crisp, actually new looking pair of dark wash jeans, under his best worn grey jacket he wore an olive colored thin sweater. Also something I hadn’t really seen before. The sweater fit perfectly, allowing me to see the ripples of his muscles. I imagined Dean shirtless at that moment. I needed to compose myself. As I looked down hiding my smile, I realized what I was wearing was not in comparison to what Dean had chosen.

“Dean! Oh shit! I look like hell! Where are we going? Turn around, take me back to the bunker! I can’t go anywhere with you, looking like THIS!” I exclaimed in a panic. I was wearing an old pair of skinny jeans with rips in them that were made the old fashioned way, being worn too much. I had it paired with a loose fitting no logo, blue, Hurley shirt. I grabbed one of Dean’s old flannels, out of habit, in case I was cold. I slipped on my dirty white Toms as I was pulled out the door. My hair was in a messy bun and barley brushed. I was in the middle of reading up on my lore. We had all decided to take a day or two to rest after the last few weeks of straight hunting. Sam decided to go visit with Garth and just get away for a while. Promising not to hunt without us.

Dean began to smile. Actually he was smiling like an idiot, trying not to laugh.

“Y/N, do you really think I would take you somewhere and you be out of place. I know how much it would upset you if you were underdressed for anything other than my bed.” He narrowed his eyes giving me the sexy look that went straight to my core. It almost caused me to erupt looking at him too long.

I huffed, unsure of what to do with this information he had presented me. I sat there puzzled, looking out the window. When suddenly I felt Dean’s warm hand embrace mine. “Baby, I promise, you will enjoy this. I will enjoy this. This is something you absolutely deserve. I can’t wait to do this for you.” He smiled at me.

“Trust me love.” He said.

“I do Dean, to the end of the Earth.” I told him, as he squeezed my hand.

I enjoyed the view as we continued our drive. I nodded off for a while. I was awoken with a sweet kiss on my lips. I stretched and opened my eyes, seeing this beautiful man. I looked out the window of the Impala seeing a cute little boutique. It looked like the kind of place I would have shopped before my hunting days. Dean came around to my door, opened it, and grabbed my hand to let me out. We walked into the boutique, it was empty, Dean had arranged for me to have the place to myself.

 “Baby, you can have your choice of ANYTHING in the store. I have some things I personally picked out but first I want you to pick somethings on your own.” He looked rather pleased with himself.

In awe, I walked around the store touching the material, it had been a long time since I had really been shopping, demons and werewolves took the driver’s seat. I was overwhelmed.

Dean stood back observing me rummaging through the racks. The woman who was working, I assume she was the owner, brought Dean a crystal glass of what I could only guess was whiskey. She looked him up and down, hoping desperately to catch Dean’s eye. He saw her and cleared his throat, making it clear he was uncomfortable. Things like this tended to happen occasionally when Dean and I were out because there was an apparent age difference between Dean and me, about ten years. We didn’t care and didn’t really want the opinion of others. Unfortunately this woman saw this as her opportunity, she kept touching his arm, pushing herself against him. His body language was very closed off, he kept trying to move away from her. I attempted not to notice, I never wanted to be “the girlfriend who freaked out.” Suddenly, Dean spoke up, grabbed her hand off of his beautifully sculpted arm, and stepped back.

“Lady, seriously. Give it a rest. I know my girlfriend is younger, you don’t need to be the one to tell me. If you can’t tell though I am trying to do something nice for her, I am paying you a significant amount to be able to do this by the way. If you want to receive the rest of the money we agreed upon, you may want to quit before I snap. I want to enjoy my girlfriend enjoying herself and see what she picks out, not try to fight you off. Now, unless you are going to help Y/N, I believe we do not need any more assistance at this time.”

Dean was annoyed with her, he looked at her with that disapproving look, threw back the rest of the whiskey in the crystal glass, put it down on the table and started my way. He placed his large hands on my upper arms, smiled and said

“So let me see what you’ve picked out!”

We spent the next hour trying on dresses, and when I left I was wearing one of the dresses Dean picked out without me, and of course it was my favorite of the three. It was a tight fitted, deep purple, mid-tigh, lace, off the shoulder dress, one long sleeve. It was deep purple with a tan band around the waist that matched the sparking tan peep toe stilettos Dean picked out as well. We were headed to the car.

“Dean, really, this is too much!” I pleaded, “You didn’t have to do all this.”

“Baby, this is part one of three to our day.” He assured me as he opened the door for me, set the bags in the back seat and got into the driver’s side of the car.

“Wow, Y/N! You look absolutely stunning! Really, just wow!” Dean said making me blush.

Dean ran his hand up my leg, enjoying the much exposed skin. His touch made me squeeze my thighs together.  I had been aroused since he had told that woman to back off. His touch was only intensifying the situation, Dean slid his hands in between my thighs, causing them to separate, and I was sure he could feel the heat spilling from my core. Dean began to slide his hand further up my thigh, and in return I started to squirm.

“What is it Y/N? Is this really teasing you? He said looking at me as he bit his bottom lip all the while continuing to close the space between his fingers and my core. I threw my head back parting my legs allowing Dean’s fingers in. I had completely forgotten that we had been driving until the engine shut off. We were in the parking lot of the mall. Dean slid his fingers inside of me causing me to gasp, he quickly pumped his fingers in and out of me. Curling his fingers up as he pushed in. Oh the sensation was heavenly and then suddenly it stopped.

Dean licked his fingers and kissed me, hard. I whined at the idea that this was over.

“Well baby, I was going to buy you new panties before, but now knowing you aren’t wearing anything I think it is a necessity. I promise not finishing what we just started was harder on me than on you.” He said as he adjusted his pants trying to calm his obvious erection.

Dean came around opening my door and grabbing my hand to let me out. He pushed the sleeves up on his sweater showing those amazing forearms and placed one tightly around my waist. He strolled into the mall and I noticed women looking at Dean, but I smiled because I knew just how little he noticed them. He glared at a few man glancing as they walked past but quickly averted their eyes when they met Dean’s. Dean stopped in front of Victoria’s Secret

“Alright baby, let’s continue shopping for me.” He said smiling. I giggled,

“Dean, unless you are putting on thong, we aren’t shopping for you.”

“Sweetie, you don’t think seeing you in a little outfit is a treat for me? And if you ever say “you in a thong.” In a sentence again, I will lick the side of your face in front of anyone.” Dean said sternly, but couldn’t hold back a smile.

We headed in and picked out a few different things. I mainly just watched for what Dean’s eyes were drawn to. I wanted to have whatever he thought was sexiest. I went back to the dressing room, and made Dean fallow me. It was a rather busy day in the store so no one noticed. I would disappear for a moment and open the door so he could see, first it was a night gown, nothing too special just a red silky night gown, rather revealing, but nothing I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable walking around the bunker in. Dean liked it, and wanted to get it. Next was a white teddy with teal trim. I opened the door and his eye got a little wider,

“Okay, that one isn’t allowed out of my bedroom.” He said sternly. “I can’t let you tease Sammy like that.”

Next was a black panty and bra set, the panties were a thin lace and the bra and minimal glitter on it. I opened the door and allowed Dean to see, turning around so he could see my bare bottom.

“I uhh, umm okay. Yeah so we will get those. We will absolutely get those.” Dean finally managed to get out. I smiled and shut the door.

I then put on one Dean hadn’t seen me pick out. The bra was the same purple as the dress Dean had picked out. It had gem stones, tastefully shooting up the cup. The panties were tan, very, very thin lace practically transparent. There was a bow that made up the back of the thong that was the exact color of the bra. I left the heels on because they matched perfectly

“Sweetheart.” I yelled out to him.

“Yeah babe?” He replied.

“I don’t think you are going to like this one too much. Just to give you fair warning. So don’t think you’ll make me feel bad if you don’t like it.” I said smiling behind the door.

“Well okay, I guess I will keep that in mind.” Dean said, I could tell he was puzzled.

I opened the door and motioned for him to come a little closer. When he could fully see through the door his jaw dropped. He swallowed hard. “I uhh, I don’t know.” He said and his expression began to change.

He came into the dressing room closing the door behind him. “I think maybe you were right about it. I don’t like it. I fucking love it, but honestly. I want it off of you. Now!” Dean growled into my ear as he slid the panties down. Finally. I had been aching for his touch.  I knew I had to be quiet, but I didn’t want to. Dean quickly undid his belt and his pants hit the floor. He pushed me into the wall, facing a way from him.

“See baby, I told you these were for me.” He growled, his face close to my ear.

“Baby, just fuck me already!” I panted

In that instance Dean’s member was inside of me. Filling me. He thrust in me hard, causing me to moan. He placed his hand over my mouth and when he did he began going faster. This was such a turn on, Dean fucking me in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room, while I wore the heels and bra he was buying for me to spoil me. He pushed harder and harder. One hand over my mouth the other hand holding my hips in place. I looked over and saw how delicious he looked fucking me. The mirror was perfectly placed. He looked at me in the mirror. Observing my body and biting his lip. This send me over the edge. My walls began tightening and I could feel Dean’s dick twitching. He dug his nails into my hip and my orgasm hit hard.  Dean held me up as I practically collapsed. He pulled out quickly grabbing tissue paper that had been laying close by to spill into. I tried to regain my breath as he put his pants back on and kissed my forehead. He ripped the tag off of the bra and off of the panties.

“I think this would be appropriate to wear under that dress we just got, don’t you baby?” He smiled at me biting his bottom lip some more. I kissed his lips.

I slid my dress back on and tried to remove the “just fucked by Dean Wincheser” look off my face.

“Grab everything you tried on and bring it out here to the register.” Dean ordered.

“Dean, I don’t need all of this. The one set is expensive and more than enough.” I tried to reason with him.

“I wanted to fuck you in every outfit you came out in, and that is exactly what I intend on doing and there’s some things at the register I intend on doing the very same thing with. So quit arguing and let’s go. We have dinner to get to, then home again so we can keep playing dress up.” He winked at me as he grabbed the clothes we had picked out and started out the door.

I had a stupid smile on my face that much I was sure of. As soon as Dean opened the door a sales associate was walking past. Dean looked like a deer in the head lights as she saw us walking out of the dressing room together. At first the associate winded her eyes at him disapprovingly. I am sure noticing the age difference and being a probably being a little worried but, she then looked at me and I couldn’t hide the immense satisfaction I had felt. I tried to wipe the smile off of my face but it wasn’t working. She winked at me as she smiled and said,

“They don’t call it Victoria’s Secret for nothing.” And strolled back onto the sales floor.

Dean turned around and looked at me, and said, “This store is my new favorite! Do you think the Impala can keep secrets too?” and he kissed me, making me want to start all over again. He smiled while he kissed me and at that moment I wasn’t sure we were ever going to make it out of the store, and that to me was perfectly alright.