• leez:wow toni what an assbutt
  • Lauren the Frikandel:yes
  • Lauren the Frikandel:he won't let amelia catch up aHAHAHAHA
  • Lauren the Frikandel://killed
  • leez:she's fucking 3 let her win
  • Lauren the Frikandel:n o
  • Lauren the Frikandel:>:C
  • leez:wow rude
  • leez:0/10 wuld not reccommend as parent
  • Lauren the Frikandel:i mcrying

minimelia-deactivated20130622 asked:

[She hands Theo a hand drawn picture, with scribbles on it that is supposed to say "Sorry for giving you ouchies", with him as a stick figure and all of is hair]

[ He has no idea what most of that is. ]
[ But he can appreciate it– Can lift it up and stick it to the fridge with a magnet, cooing his thanks at her as he bends and lifts her up, as well– ]