The Concentration section of of my AP 3D Studio Art Portfolio.

Since I’ll be uploading these pieces individually as well, I didn’t include the detail views that were also in my portfolio. Also, because I have submitted my portfolio, I am now locked out of viewing it, so I am missing the dimensions of some of my pieces that I no longer have. 

“My concentration focused around the central idea that through destruction, we can also find creation. I wanted to prove the point that there cannot be one without the other, and that they are both linked through art.

When I first began my concentration work, I started with the images of objects being “destroyed” to create a new object, particularly focusing on the use of fire to change the original object. That was my main focus for my first five images. However, at that point, I decided to branch away from my original concept of using fire to change objects, and turned to focusing more on the imagery of melting objects, especially through jewelry, as seen in the necklace and ear cuff in images 6 and 7. The final stage of my concentration focused on the more abstract idea of breaking relationships to allow for personal change or new ideas. This stage began with the folding mix media book, which spoke of an old friendship that was changed to allow for a new type of relationship (image 8), and the next piece, images 9 and 10, which has fraying friendship bracelets juxtaposed over quotes and phrases, framed especially by the quote (image 10), “It was said in hushed tones: ‘Beware of the particular friendship.’” The last piece in my concentration had to do with the greatest form of destruction: death (images 11 and 12). It portrays how even the destruction of life (in this case, the loss of a loved one) can introduced new thoughts and ideas.”

1: “Melting Candles”: Series of melting candles on ramp structure. (Dimensions missing); Candles, tile

2: “Modern Venus”: Series of candles based on the Venus of Willendorf; meant to portray the destruction of modern views of beauty to allow for new thoughts/tolerance, (Dimensions missing); Wax, wood, aluminum wire

3: “Hot Air Balloon”: Hot air balloon sculpture that was burnt to reveal a wire bird inside the structure, (Dimensions missing); Coiled base: yarn, twine, candle; Top: aluminum wire, tissue paper, rubber coated copper

4: “Ear Cuff”: Ear cuff that uses the imagery of melting skin, (Dimensions missing); Copper wire, paper clay, paint

5: “Melt Necklace”: Necklace based off the imagery of melting wax, 5 ¼" x 8 ½"; Handmade aluminum jump rings, copper wire, ceramic beads

6: “Doors Open Both Ways”: Mixed media book inside a box, based on a poem about friendship, (Dimensions missing); Stiffened fabric, thread, paper

7: “The Particular Friendship”: Wire friendship bracelets frayed across the box over phrases and quotes about friendship, both negative and positive; symbolizes the destruction of harmful friendships to make way for new ones, (Dimensions missing); Wooden box, rubber coated wire, paper

8: “Brain”: Based on the death of a loved one and how even destruction of a life can open up a pathway to new ideas, (Dimensions missing); Aluminum wire, paper

Part 1 of my Breadth

Part 2 of my Breadth


Project 1 out of 3 for my 3D Foundations class.

The Cardboard Project: Silk from a Pig’s Ear

We had to take something useless or of little value (used cardboard) and turn it into something of value. I chose to make a lock, both to symbolize the importance of security in our society as well as to emphasize how people lock up things of value in their lives.

It was a little over 3 feet tall, made entirely of cardboard, and it had a working hinge; the top pulls out and rotates, and is held in place by a peg.


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Before and after of my college jewelry box!
I took some advice and got a tackle box that had lots of small compartments and then attacked it with lots of felt to help protect the jewelry, stop rattling when you move the box, and to make it pretty!

I’d say it took about 5 hours over the last two evenings, mainly because I had to measure, cut, and glue the rolls I used for all the stud earrings.

The only thing I would have done differently would have been finding a box with more of the tiny 1"-2" compartments, which were perfect for storing necklaces.


These earrings are the first real pieces I’ve done all summer. I’ve been letting myself get rusty, and just in time for art school…

These are all for my sister, who graciously bought me these cool bird, skull, and feather beads during spring break… With a slight hint that she would like some earrings made of said beads.

Better late than never?


Little Umbrella Shop’s Yard Sale Giveaway!

This is a notice for all the people who know me from school, summer stuff, whatever (sorry internet, I’m not planning on shipping places).

I’ve been slowly hoarding earrings over the past 5 years or so. Daily earring making sessions and lots of practice have led me to the artist I am today, but that leaves me with a lot of earrings! I don’t really feel the need to take these apart to use on other projects, but I hate the idea of throwing away jewelry.

Nothing is wrong with these earrings. They have never been worn, and they are all sturdy earrings. I’m just hoping to clear my stores to make room for new jewelry that is up to what my current (albeit extremely high) personal standards. 

So here’s my offer! For the next few weeks, I’m going to try to sell as many of these as possible! It’s $2 per pair, or 5 for $8. Just send me an ask about which ones you want and when we can meet up to get them to you (get some coffee or just hang out) and I’ll pass them off to you. Please feel free to send me an ask if you have any questions as well! These are going to be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

4A, 1C, 3D, 6D, 1E, 1F, 2F, 6H, 3I, and 6J are now sold!

Zoo/circus piece for my 2D foundations class. We got them printed at 20" x 30" so that was pretty cool.

We were actually allowed to use not just black and white, but one other color! I decided to go with a circus burlesque, and I took it in a slightly more vintage-style route. I had a lot of fun with this piece, and I’m excited it was our big project – honestly it was a bigger deal than our final book piece!


Compilation one of my Drawing Foundations work. These are all still lifes and figure drawing pieces that I completed in and out of class. They go from pencil pieces, to charcoal pieces, to conte crayon.

Before this class, I had never had the opportunity to draw nude models, and it was fantastic! I’ve really felt my improvement during this first semester.

Let’s just say I don’t want to make any chainmaille for a while. This monster took me somewhere from 16 to 24 hours of work… And it’ll be unveiled later when I can take a picture of it on someone. Speaking of which, does anyone in my area have a silver (or white) strapless/minimal strap dress who would like to pose for a mini photo shoot?


I’m going to start some art dumps (mainly at the request of theoriginalpancake) of some of the work I’ve done this semester. 

These are all exercises from my 2D class. The first five were all done in sharpie, and the last three are a mix of photography and photoshop. 

Our class went from using just straight lines to demonstrate dynamics to using curved lines to also bring new dynamic composition into our work. Then we focused on bringing emotion or meaning to a space. After that, we moved into using photoshop to create a space or redefine a space. Finally, we focused on using typography to create interesting imagery.