✨ minimalistic succulents wallpapers  ✨

three colors * quote or no quote  * universal size

I’ve recently reached 10k followers (omg thank you so so much) so I made these to thank you for following me and just as a little celebration. Hope you enjoy ;) 

Click one of the links below to download a JPG file:


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️  pink


▪️  yellow

▪️  black

▪️ pink

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Sometimes simple is best. A lone candle🕯, a cup of coffee ☕️, and a tarot deck. I’ve been working on being more minimalist lately as I’ve found that when clutter is removed your mind becomes clearer and better able to pick up messages from the subconscious. 

What are your thought on minimalism? 🖤 

This image from @ritual_provisions