i want to believe.


Good wood - I’ve seen a few amazing farmhouse & barn conversions and here’s another beauty. The ‘Townships Farmhouse’ in Montreal by Toronto based architects LAMAS. It was commissioned by an artist and a farmer with long ties to the area. Inspired by old agricultural buildings in Quebec, their brief was for a building that reflected their interest in land conservation and the preservation of agricultural buildings.


Water(s) series.

Sea, Isles, Lake, River, Waterfall.

I wanted to try something a little bit different than usual, using a limited color palette, simple shapes and composition, with recurrent patterns. I had so much fun doing these !

I’ve been greatly inspired by linocut aesthetic, japanese engraving as well as Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair’s paintings and a hint of Matisse’s collages !

Sometimes simple is best. A lone candle🕯, a cup of coffee ☕️, and a tarot deck. I’ve been working on being more minimalist lately as I’ve found that when clutter is removed your mind becomes clearer and better able to pick up messages from the subconscious. 

What are your thought on minimalism? 🖤 

This image from @ritual_provisions