NW2 is a minimalist design created by German-based designer Neue Werkstatt. The NW2 is a simple, puristic bed. It is produced in a local carpentry in hand. For the frame local timber is used. This is solventless stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The simple plug-in connection of frame and legs stabilized the entire bed perfectly and allows assambly without tools.


Loft 9b by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Nikolova

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, Loft 9b was designed by Dimitar Karanikolov and Veneta Nikolova as an industrial attic apartment. Modern and subtly warm the space holds the warmth in its wooden surfaces, vintage touches (ie. the vintage fridge), and modern minimalist furniture

Photography by Minko Minev, Georgi Petev, Dimitar Karanikolov

Clothing Rails is a minimalist design created by Sweden-based designer Annaleena Leino. Leino is a freelance interior stylist with experience in prop styling, set design, and interior design. Her clothing rail designs hang from the ceiling and come in three different styles: rectangular, square, and circular. She sells the item on her website for $375 USD.

BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who & Orphan Black Fan Meetups FAQ!

Q: I love Orphan Black AND Doctor Who. Can I go to BOTH the events?
A: It is our recommendation that you choose one event to attend. Here’s why: After the Orphan Black event from 10 to 12PM, we will clear out the House of Blues to prepare for the Doctor Who event at 2:30PM. When the OB event ends, you COULD hop in line for Doctor Who, but we can’t guarantee you’ll make it in. We are deeply sorry for this Sophie’s Choice of Fan Meetups.

Q: I’m going to the Orphan Black event and I’m going to hide in the House of Blues bathroom until the Doctor Who fan event starts. Brilliant, right?
A: NOooo naahh nope. You can’t hide in minimalist furniture. Or in the bathroom. We’re clearing out the joint between meetups, so don’t try to pull any funny business. 

Q: Who are the “surprise guests” at the events?
A: Surprise guests are called surprise guests because they’re guests whose identity is a surprise. No spoilers.

Q: Are you going to take pictures of me at the event? Will I be on camera? Will I be famous?
A: BBCA will have camera crews on hand at both events, so you very well could be on camera and that could lead to internet fame! But if internet fame is not your ultimate life goal, we will not stick cameras in your face and be all paparazzi about it.

Q: This sounds fun but pricey. Should I start saving up now?
This event is 100% free. Your money is no good here.  Save it for twerking in bed.

Q: What time should I show up?
There is no official start time for the lines. We suggest coming early. The Orphan Black event is from 10AM to 12PM pst.  The Doctor Who event is from 2:30 to 4:30PM pst.

Q: Can fans under 21 years old attend?
Yep, sure. Sounds good to us.

Q: Uh so I live in Bumbleblerg on Beebop Lane? WHY DON’T YOU HAVE FAN EVENTS THERE HUH?
A: We really truly wish we could have fan events everywhere across the country all year round, especially in Bumbleblerg. We chose San Diego during Comic-Con because we know a lot of you already plan to attend.  HOWEVER, we also sympathize with those of you who can’t be there. DWTumblr & OBTumblr PROMISE that we will capture every glorious Comic-Con and fan event moment and post it here so you don’t feel left out. We’re bringing San Diego straight to Bumbleblerg! And other places that aren’t imaginary.

Q: Will there be foods?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be musics?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be dancing?
A: Yes.

Q: How much fun will I have?
A: The most. Trust.

Orphan Black Fan Meetup Details HERE
Doctor Who Fan Meetup Details HERE

See you in San Diego, BBC Americans!


Klopf Klopf

Johannes Häuser created ‘Klopf Klopf’, a clever piece of furniture for modern nomads. Our personal circumstances are switching faster than ever and we move our homes almost periodically. Thus our furniture needs to keep up with us. That is exactly the idea behind ‘Klopf Klopf’. Made of three different pieces and the matching clasps it is variable in height and length, it can be modified or extended. Always ready to be moved or to adopt to new demands.

Tabeau is a minimalist design created by Belgium-based designer Nicole Brock. Tabeau is a 3D composition of volumes and materials that is blindly connected by magnets. It is used as an instrument which stands for personal comfort so women can reflect their own personality into the piece.