Unintentional Date

After the war Draco became wrapped up in sadness and refused to move on, he got a job (just doing paperwork for the auror’s department), he moved out of his parent’s manor, he settled into a monotonous routine, but he still carried the weight of his past with him.
Until one day things changed.
He was just finishing up a report before he went for a late lunch break, when Saint Potter himself came up to his desk. “Doing anything important, Malfoy?” he asked in a cheerful tone that immediately made Draco suspicious.
“No, Potter, I’m doing all this paperwork for fun. This is my idea of a good time.” he replied sarcastically. Potter glanced at the paper and Draco became instantly annoyed, what was he doing? Checking up on him?
“Merlin, Malfoy, that’s not due for weeks! Leave it and join me for lunch.” Potter seemed genuine, but Draco wasn’t fooled.
“Sorry for having a decent work ethic, not that you’d understand a thing like that, Potter.” Potter seemed unperturbed by the jibe and merely shrugged, running a hand through his messy hair. Draco glared at him. Couldn’t he sort his hair out properly? Just once? “So, will you join me for lunch or not?” Potter asked again, his tone casual. Draco was taken aback, he hadn’t thought he was serious about that part. After a short pause, he managed to collect himself enough to provide a coherent response.
“It’s not even your lunch break, Potter.” he attempted to snap, but it didn’t come out quite the way he intended. Potter nodded with an irritating grin, Draco felt his heart flutter - with annoyance, of course. “True enough,” Potter agreed, “but I guess that’s one of the perks of being head auror: you get to go for lunch whenever you want.” he winked after he’d said it, and Draco felt extremely uncomfortable. Had Potter lost the plot? Why else would he be here inviting his worst enemy to lunch, smiling and winking at him? It was absurd.
Before Draco knew what was happening, he was agreeing to go to lunch with Potter. The beaming smile on Potter’s face only disorientated him further, and he suddenly found himself unable to form coherent thoughts, he wasn’t even slightly alarmed when Potter grabbed his arm and apparated out of the Ministry. He looked around and found himself in an alleyway, he felt panic tighten his chest.
Potter laughed at his face and explained. “Don’t worry, Malfoy, I’m not planning to murder you. I couldn’t exactly apparate us straight into a muggle establishment, could I? The place we’re going to is just around the corner.” Draco almost laughed. Almost. He was still a little apprehensive, and wouldn’t calm down until they reached their destination. It was a nice little cafe, about half full, complete with minimalistic wooden furniture. He noticed Potter watching him as he took it all in, he cleared his throat awkwardly. “It’s nice.” he informed Potter politely, moving towards the counter to study the menus.
“Get whatever you want,” Potter told him, “my treat.” He didn’t look like he would take no for an answer so Draco simply nodded and tried to find something that was fairly cheap, he might dislike Potter, but he wasn’t going to spend all of his money if he could help it. He saw a lot of bizarre looking drink names and frowned slightly, better stick with an ordinary hot chocolate, at least then he would know what he was getting. “What about food, Malfoy? It is a lunch break after all.” Potter smirked, Draco felt a little defensive.
“I don’t know, whatever you recommend.” he mumbled, a feeling of relief washing over him when Potter told him to go sit at a table. When Potter brought the drinks and a much larger selection of food than was necessary, Draco decided to be direct. “So, what exactly is the point of all this? What are we doing here Potter?” he couldn’t imagine any reasonable answer that Potter could possibly give to that.
“Well, it was supposed to be a date but you can call it what you want, Malfoy.” Draco felt his heart race and he began to splutter rather unattractively. Potter, the insufferable pratt, was grinning like a bloody Cheshire cat.
“I guess we can call it what it is then, Potter.” The pratt looked surprised for a moment, then his face split into a dazzling smile.
And that was the beginning of something beautiful.


to help make a difference in climate change and to not contribute to human and animal suffering as much as possible i:

- am vegan in all aspects
- do not have a car
- walk and bike as much as possible
- use public transportation when i can not
- use reusable bags
- use reusable water bottles
- use reusable utensils
- use reusable containers
- refuse plastic at all opportunities
- buy recycled/fair trade clothing as i can
- try my hardest to be zero waste
- throw away NO food
- recycle everything i can
- switched to having all of my energy come from renewable sources
- appreciate all water i use
- pick up trash
- buy local produce when i can
- forgo produce that uses many resources
- donate money to vegan and environmental causes
- live a minimalistic life
- get furniture and appliances second hand if possible
- sell and donate things i no longer use

does that make me better than you? of course it doesn’t. but i probably am doing better than you. what the fuck are you doing for the planet? do more.

Dating Lena Luthor: Dom!Reader headcanons [NSFW]

Request: since you said anything,can i have some headcanons about lena having a daddy kink with dominant reader please?            

a/n: I hope y’all realize Lena smut always breaks me… LIKE, this is probably my most favourite type of thing to write LMAO. But also, even though this is one of my favourite ideas to write for, it is surprisingly pretty difficult to write straight up smut all the time for some reason? So that’s why it’s a little lowkey these days, in case y’all were wondering! That particular muse is apparently in hiding… I have to scour the dark garbage corners of the earth to find it again LOL

This got really mushy in the end, leave me alone I apparently have feelings?? Weird, I’m gonna have to have that checked… Have fun y’all! ;)

- - - - -

  • you could say you’ve been warned about the trouble Lena Luthor could cause you, but not once did you ever think you would consider that trouble laying on your back with her straddling you, your name falling from her lips in a long moan that echoes in her empty office

  • your girlfriend, as you know, is a woman of utter wonder and she is never merely just one thing - sometimes she likes being obedient and sometimes, she likes to push your buttons

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I just really need a 64 if your up for it please.... I must know about the goats

64. “Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.”


It was yours and Harry’s first week together after he had asked you to move in with him, saying that it had been so long since you two got together and now you both could save the car gas from all the times you had to visit each other.
You, of course, agreed.

The first day, Harry woke up excited and happy when he smelled a delicious smell, now knowing that you’d both have breakfast together everyday, without you having to go home quickly to get ready for work.

“G'morning,” Harry said sleepily, putting his hand on your waist from behind and giving your neck a chaste kiss, nuzzling his head there.

You giggled, tickled by his breath before you turned off the stove, turning in his hold and wrapping your arms around his waist. “Good morning, Alex.”

Harry chuckled, “You have a kink now, don’t you?”
You only laughed, slapping his chest gently.

Now a week later, you both sat with decor magazines around you, you on your iPad while Harry was on his laptop, both of you searching for minimalist new additional furniture to add to your home.

“Oh! I have an idea!” You perked up, staring at him excitedly.

Harry looked at you, waiting for you to continue.

“We should get a pet.” You said.

Harry grinned, putting his laptop aside before turning his body towards you. “A cat?”

“Not the first pet. A parrot?” You asked.

“Too noisy. A goat?” Harry grinned excitedly before scooting closer to you, “Oh my God, can we?!”

“Harry, we are NOT getting a goat.” You shook your head firmly.

“Baby, come on, please. I’m going to take care of it.” Harry pleaded, resting his head on your lap and looking at you with wide, pleading eyes.

“Harry, you leave like half the year. I’m not going to take care of a goat. This isn’t a farm, baby.” You chuckled, running your fingers through his hair.

He pouted. “Then let’s get a cat, please?”

“Just don’t buy a goat. I don’t care what you do, just no goats.” You pointed out.

“We could’ve named her Rosie.” Harry muttered with a frown.

“How about we name the cat that?” You asked gently, amused by Harry.

“Yes! Come on, baby! Get dressed! We’re having a baby!”