NW2 is a minimalist design created by German-based designer Neue Werkstatt. The NW2 is a simple, puristic bed. It is produced in a local carpentry in hand. For the frame local timber is used. This is solventless stained with color pigments and protected with natural wax. The simple plug-in connection of frame and legs stabilized the entire bed perfectly and allows assambly without tools.


Klopf Klopf

Johannes Häuser created ‘Klopf Klopf’, a clever piece of furniture for modern nomads. Our personal circumstances are switching faster than ever and we move our homes almost periodically. Thus our furniture needs to keep up with us. That is exactly the idea behind ‘Klopf Klopf’. Made of three different pieces and the matching clasps it is variable in height and length, it can be modified or extended. Always ready to be moved or to adopt to new demands.