minimalist tshirt

I’d been working on this one for about a half a month and I’m so so so happy with how it turned out! I’ve wanted to experiment with how I draw Ben all summer and @theinsanedude24 encouraged me to explore some AU Ben 10 stuff. So that, and stuff I’ve been watching this summer (Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Spiderman Homecoming, and of course the Ben 10 Reboot, to name a few) have kinda come to culminate as this!

This is also visually inspired by one of the super super early Alien Force/Hero Generation posters, and I’m especially proud of the background on this one.

The Omnitrix in this one is directly taken from one of @skronked‘s concepts for the reboot, as well as the sort of minimalist hourglass on his tshirt!

I hope you like it! Lemme know what you think!