minimalist runner

It’s always fun until someone loses an eye.

This morning’s weather was perfect for a run. The music on my iPod was really working for me. I felt good. The neighborhood sidewalks were nearly bare save for 2,000 rabbits and a guy slowly jogging barefoot. I wasn’t sure if he was a minimalist runner or nuts so I crossed to the other side of the street to pass him.

A gnat made a kamikaze dive toward my left eyeball. I blinked but not quickly enough. That bug was a fast little fucker and lodged himself under my eyelid.

I finished my run with the same peripheral vision Sammy Davis, Jr had.

Modern TMR Aesthetic ☆ Hopeless Romantic Teresa

She’s trapped in soft pink idealism and hazy beige dreams. Never been known to stay with one person for too long- she wore her heart on her sleeve. Love was never about the novelty for her, it trapped her in a sea of passion until she washed up on shore. It was hard loving everyone more than she loved herself.

Tuesday Bullets (HM W1D2 Training!)
  • 3.22 miles –  47 minutes total (28 at the gym, 19 with the puppy)
  • 7.80 miles on the bike – 30 minutes
  • 3 job applications
  • cleaning up the computer’s harddrive
  • 3 thesis pages
  • 3 emails confirming that a potential job actually contacted my references!!!! (fingers crossed guys)
  • 3 hours cleaning
  • 3 cute munchkins playing with toys tonight
  • 3 hours of Netflix and knitting

…..apparently 3 was the common theme of the day today.  But I’m pretty satisfied with that so it’ll all work out. :)

Also I need to make a list of things I’m going to need for half training.  Like a second pair of compression sleeves as I have a sneaky suspicion that treadmill running is going to force me to sweat in a pair for awhile.  Plus energy gels and body glide.  Things I gotta remember.  At least after 3 of these I’m beginning to grasp what I need.

The dog took me on a run today.

And with the weather we’re having, who can blame him?

20 mph wind gusts at 60 degree temperatures!

I was totally ill prepared to run beyond wearing my Vibrams.  Had all the wrong clothes on yet the dog insisted.

We ran, we sprinted, we went to a sudden stop while he did his business, we chased squirrels, ran after dogs way bigger than my dog.  Then we stopped. Just shy of a mile and three quarters.

1.74 miles @ 23:58 minutes

The dog pulled me faster than I’ve been able to pull myself on any treadmill or road in the past 3 months.

It was the run I needed for the day after committing to a marathon in 2013.