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Maybe a fic where Lance is coming down with the space flu or something with all of the crappy symptoms (nausea/vomiting, fever, headache,) but he doesn't want to let the team down so he tries to go practice anyways. Cue Lance passing out during training and Keith being a flurry of frustrated and worried and at first Lance is freaking out but eventually Keith just tries to take care of him.

The Blues

A/N: A lot of notes on this one, sorry.

So halfway through writing this, I got a fever. I also don’t feel like I’ve gotten used to writing Lance yet. So take it with a grain of salt.

I always pictured that unless it was a simple cold, Lance would be really bad at handling illnesses. They sap his energy and his charm, and he hates being incapacitated like that. So when he’s hit with all these things, along with the loneliness of being away from Earth, and feeling like a seventh wheel, his emotions just go down. I kind of drifted from the prompt, I’m sorry. But I really like the way it turned out!

Finally, I had to take a sharp turn when THIS POPPED UP so it took longer than normal but I really wanted to incorporate this beautiful thing that has graced the Voltron fandom.

The paladins could live without some earth commodities. They adjusted to the Altean food, they accepted wearing their armor while they washed their one pair of clothes, and they tolerated the strange music that Coran and Allura would play over the entire ship when they missed Altea. But for the humans, there was one thing they couldn’t tolerate.

“We’re going back to the space mall and getting toothpaste.” Shiro decided, leaving no room for argument.

Within an hour, the paladins compiled a list of necessities they would purchase. Toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razors, new clothes, different types of food, all the things on Earth they always took for granted. Coran insisted that they had the equivalent of some of those things on the ship, but everyone rallied to get Earth deodorant. Pidge threatened to take the wheel herself if Allura didn’t turn the ship around.

As the castleship grew closer to the space mall, the paladins began to get excited. The shopping list grew from necessities to the things they started to missed as well. But the Red Paladin noticed that something was off. Lance was being oddly quiet. He threw out only basic suggestions, like fingernail clippers and combs. Keith scoffed at his lack of participation.

“What, you don’t want a friend for Kaltenecker?”

Lance shrugged and muttered that getting a cow - even if it was free - was probably a bad idea because they had little means to feed it. Even though the Blue Paladin’s alarmingly realistic comment surprised everyone, they continued to make the list. But Keith was left with suspicion. Something was definitely wrong with Lance.

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3 Room Apartment With Large Kitchen And Open Floor Plan | Goteborg, Sweden


(Source:, Photos by Anders Bergstedt)


I builded another thing D:

A modern minimalist 20X25 unfurnished open plan lot, NO CC, NO store items, EA patterns only and NO Into the Future or Supernatural stuff used.

The bottom 6 images are my dodgy attempts at decorating and not included in the download *phew* ;)

Re-arrange the floorplan to your liking- Just don’t claim as your own!

Bamboo Lodge (SimsFileShare) DOWNLOAD 

(If the link does not automatically re-direct, try opening in a new tab)

Happy simming and please let me know if you have any problems with the link or download. Thanks XD


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 1.30.17

14kt gold-filled open heart midi ring by castawayjewelryco

this solid-looking yet delicate open heart ring can be a midi ring as shown or a regular ring depending on size. also available in silver! insert heart eye emojis.


Minimalist poster challenge album 8: An Airplane carried me to Bed

Hello there guess whos back (me). So yay! I promised yall some more minimalist posters and here’s some from Adam’s side project (that we all love) sky sailing. 

Same idea, images are not mine but editing is and yep I hope you like it, not sure what I’ll be doing next but it will be good ( I hope)


ps. as usual, Im open to requests, just drop the name of your fandom in my ask and I shall produce you some minimalist posters here (pls gimme shit to do I need procrastination distractions)