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Minimalist Stephen King book covers illustrated by Jim Tierney 😍 there’s more, but these nine were some of the first books I read when I started getting into horror years ago, and I just had to blog about their new look 💝


Hi everyone! So this is part one of the ABO Verse fic I promised to post. I finally got around to writing it and voila! Let me know what you think pretty please? It’s kinda short but every first chapter is right? xxx 

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Summary: The a/b/o verse where Hydra fucked with Bucky’s hormones and temporarily made him a Beta (because they take orders better) as the Winter Soldier, but now that he’s safe at Stark Tower, Tony hires Y/n to help re-orientate him back to his natural-born rank as Alpha.

Tags: Angst, fluff, smut (duh), and everything else I can’t remember right now lol

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(oh and I did this lazy crappy last minute minimalist cover, but I would love if you guys submitted your own covers :) Sexy, angsty, whatever you want idc but I’d love to see some!!! You guys are way better at graphics than I am lol)


Opia n. the ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel                                      simultaneously invasive and vulnerable

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A very minimalist acoustic cover of Frontier Village from Breath of the Wild.

Beautiful cover!

because you guys love jealous Jim:

You raised your eyes to the tall buildings surrounding you and looked at the different coloured lights. It was already dark outside and you just stepped out of the car that had brought you and Jim here.
He was on his way to a meeting and insisted on taking you with him. Usually he went by himself  but apparently it meant a lot to him to have there today.
All dressed up and with Jim by your side you entered a skyscraper.

A narrow red carpet led you inside and just as the door closed behind the two of you two men appeared out of nowhere. Without saying a word they escorted you to the elevator. As soon as those men started following you Jim grabbed your hand with a tight grip. His own was cold as usual.
Seconds later the elevator shot upstairs. Nobody said a word and you could feel the tension in the tiny space.
It was the first time that you properly collided with the scene Jim used to be in. The powerful and criminal people that signed his contracts and relied on him and requested services only he could offer.
You’d be lying if you’d say that you weren’t slightly uncomfortable. Sure, you trusted your boyfriend but you also knew what he was able to do and you knew all too well what could happen if something was to go wrong.

The doors slid open and you walked down a long floor. The walls were decorated with minimalistic paintings and were covered in luxurious wallpaper. It was still silent and the only noise you could here was the clicking of your heels.
Soon enough your little group reached a door that automatically opened. Immediately warm and thick air hit your face. The smell of cigar-smoke mixed with the cheep perfume of the rich filled the hall you now stepped into.
The light was dimmed and approximately thirty Asian men were inside. Some were sitting on couches surrounded by light-dressed women with big hair, some were standing holding drinks and smoking.
Slow jazz music was playing in the background.

All of the talking stopped and everyone looked at you and Jim which made him smile. Still holding on to your hand his eyes targeted a man that was sitting in a chair at the very end of the room. A tall woman in a very short dress with a lot of cleavage leaned against the chair.  

With secure footsteps Jim started walking towards that person. He really seemed to enjoy all of the looks the two of you were getting.
The man jumped up and even though his face didn’t come across as frightened you could spot sweat on his forehead that most likely didn’t come from the sticky air. He said something in a language that sounded like Korean and everyone else returned to their former state of talking and drinking.

Stretching out his hand to shake Jim’s the boss (so you assumed) of the others was now at least a step away from you. Sensing a penetrant aftershave you silently sniffed your nose.
Not even looking at the offered hand Jim sat down on a leathern couch and pulled you down too, now letting go of your hand.

After that the two men started talking to each other. The Asian had prepared a few files he was showing to Jim. Nervous chuckling and a lot of nodding on his side gave him away: he wasn’t comfortable.

Jim on the other hand seemed to feel very secure and powerful at the moment. You knew he loved to be in that position where he was the one to decide and all everyone else could do was to obey.
But from one second to another something changed. Something the man had said didn’t please Jim. His voice became serious and his stare lurking while he placed his left hand on your thigh.
The opponent quickly realised that what he had said wasn’t ideal and began to stammer while probably trying to make up for whatever had just left his mouth.

But Jim shook his head and you could feel his hand tighten. To possibly calm him you laid your hand on his but instead of relaxing Jim said something that made the man stand up quickly.

Again the only sound in the room was the jazz music.

Everyone’s eyes were on the three of you.

Wildly gesticulating and desperately speaking to your boyfriend the man still attempted  to fix the situation. Instead of responding verbally Jim just laughed and raised his right hand and waved.
Knowing that couldn’t mean anything good you began feeling seriously unsettled.
“Jim, what is it? What happened?”, you vigorously whispered but he didn’t answer your questions. Instead a laser point appeared on the Asian man’s  head.
“For gods sake…”, you called out clamping onto Jim’s hand.

Next the man dropped on his knees stammering the same words over and over again but the laser still fixed him.
Some men in the room had pulled out guns themselves but a word from Jim made them drop the weapons.  
Actual tears were now streaming down the man’s face and he began to shake. Jim’s hand still raised he was now in charge of those person’s lives. Whatever had happened before, it had made him more than angry.

“Jim, let’s go. It’s alright.” Your voice was calm now knowing that saying something in the wrong tone could make him wave another time which would result in people dying.
“It’s not alright, dear.”, he said looking you in the eyes and leaning his head to one side which was usually a sign for him being very serious.
“This idiot said that you are very beautiful and you must’ve been very expensive. He thinks you’re a whore. And if you think he’s getting away with that then you’re wrong.” Giving you a quick kiss on the forehead he faced the kneeling man who had started sobbing.

“He didn’t know. You can’t blame him for not knowing.”, you said.
“No, but I can teach him a lesson for not keeping his ridiculous mouth shut.”, Jim answered with a smile. Whispering something into a tiny wireless microphone that was fixed to his tie Jim waved another time.
A shot fell and the woman that was standing next to the frightened man dropped dead. You jumped up. Slowly Jim stood up as well.
“You call her a whore, I kill yours.”, he grinned down at the man before he took your hand.
“Now we can go.”
Jazz played as you left the hall.

Fame, Flashlight

BTS Yoongi / Model AU / Words: 6232
Anonymous requested:  If you’re taking requests I was wondering if you could do one between a model and photographer yoongi? Where he’s usually famous for slightly racy pictures but he starts falling for her and tries to cover her up more lol.
A/N: i hope u like it omg i apoligize if there are mistakes im v tired rn

You pulled your car into your temporary spot, significantly earlier than your actual call time. Your own paranoia had put you on edge and made you cut your workout ten minutes short to allow sufficient time for you to get home, shower, then make it to the studio. Your hair was still damp, and it clung to the back of your neck. You reached over to the passenger seat, where you had carelessly flung your towel when you had rushed from the door of your condo, swallowing the remainder of your supplements. You roughly shook it over your head in an attempt to dry it more, and you smoothed out the end result with your fingers. You didn’t quite care what it looked like when you walked in the doors. You knew that anything you did to your hair or face would be wiped clean by the stylists the second they got their hands on you. You were so used to being dressed and made up in ridiculous ways, and you took advantage of the times you could leave your face bare, hair down and lounge in comfy sweats with faded logos.

Out of boredom and sheer habit, you checked your phone, scrolling through Instagram and mindlessly liking everyone’s pictures. You only paused when you came across a familiar username. You stared at the picture of wispy clouds etched into the sky, bathed in the pale yellow and pink light of the rising sun. Telephone lines and skyscrapers littered the horizon, but didn’t take away from the beauty of the morning sunrise. The caption simply read “My view this morning”, and yet there were hundreds of thousands of likes. You let your thumb linger just above your screen before you double tapped it, and a quick heart appeared on the picture. You took that as your cue to get out of your car and head towards the glass double doors of the tall building, still ten minutes ahead of schedule.

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