minimalist calendar


from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

Happy birthday ZEN! (*’∀’人)♥


took a break from tumblr for abit and i’ve got 💯 msgs to do the may and june lockscreens ❤️so grateful for y'all though
here they are !! (timely just before may lmao) i hope you guys like these and i tried to fit in as many requests as i can (motivational, pastel, peach, mint….)
ok and so once agn, the calendars are from @emmastudies printables and picture credits go to the amazing studyblr people🖤

Hey guys!

We’ve just put up our 2017 Floral Printable Wall Calendars! We opted for a very pretty and romantic floral design with this bundle, however we also have a lovely minimalist calendar bundle as well. We initially weren’t going to sell our printables, but we desperately need the money in order to pay for our school and medical expenses (please see this post) and it would really help us out so much. You can purchase the calendars in our shop and receive 10% off by using our coupon code: THANKS10.

You guys would really be helping us out and we would be forever grateful. Also, our messages are open to requests so please inbox us if you would like to see a custom design in our shop!

18” x 24" 2017 minimalist wall calendar. Each column represents a day of the week Sunday > Saturday, just like you would read a normal calendar, but all unnecessary elements have been stripped out. Every month is divided by a small tick mark. The poster was printed on Classic Crest Smooth Epic Black 100C and foil stamped with an iridescent foil, which changes color in the light.