Was thinking of doing art for book covers someday, and, if that was the case,that I should practice some interesting styles, like minimalism! o3o
So, here’s a few practice things I did ^^
Lucy and I have decided on using the bottom one for the cover probably :D
But, it’s still gonna be sometime before we actually put the works together into a book, so, in that time I might draw something new XP
Hope you guys enjoy the different things I’m trying tho! :D


Good wood - never quite sure if I blackened wood takes the edge off the splendour of some houses, but in this case I definitely don’t think so. Introducing ‘The redwood House’ (made of blackened redwood no less) in San Diego, by American architect Jeff Svitak.

august 6, 2018 - i am who

yesterday was stray kids’ first comeback, and today they released their new album! every single song on it sounds amazing, and i’m so happy and proud of them!! :’) in other news, i’m taking the GRE this saturday and i am absolutely terrified. wish me luck!

featuring the last page of my journal! i was really inspired by a lot of minimalist spreads that i’ve been seeing lately, especially those from @procrastinstudy, @happybujopng, @ohghiblies, and @kairojo. here’s the photo used in this spread!

currently listening to: “my pace” - stray kids