E A R T H   D R A G O N   B L E N D

Smoky Lapsang Souchong tea and Oolong is blended with jasmine and hibiscus to create a robust yet refreshing tea.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Smoky, earthy, and floral.


In Chinese mythology, Dilong is an earthbound dragon. Unlike many other dragons, Dilong is unable to fly. He is considered the controller of rivers and seas. This tea blend is inspired by this wingless dragon. Dilong shares his name with another earthbound creature, the earthworm. In accord with its name, this blend is smoky, but bright.
Peek inside our tiny house! - Make It Right
We’ve had a busy three weeks! Over the last 21 days, our New Orleans team designed and built our first tiny home. Built in partnership with our friends at Tiny House Nation, the one bedroom / one bathroom house is 430 square feet. That might sound small, but it includes all the features of a …

I love this Tiny House! This would be my ideal kind of house…after being in the tiny houses on wheels at the jamboree last month, this doesn’t even look that small to me. ;)