Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is very much a casual game, but we were also keen to add a little soul and sensitivity to the mix in a way that’s not normally seen within the genre. This meant establishing a lighthearted tone without resorting to being overly bright or cartoonish. It was important that all aspects of the game’s environment and characters felt grounded, as though they could be just a small part of a much larger world with it’s own history and culture.

The visuals were also informed by a desire to optimise for mobile and play to the strengths of the platform. This involved stripping away unnecessary details and fussy textures, freeing us up to focus instead on the underlying form and composition. We ultimately arrived at a bold, geometric style that combined elements of 2D and 3D with a minimalist / surrealist twist.

The game’s dynamic lighting and weather also allowed us to explore a range of contrasting colour palettes to add some variety and intrigue to the game, as well as enhancing the overall level of ambience and immersion.

- Harry Nesbitt

New in the Galleries: “Notations: Minimalism in Motion”

Experience the versatility of Minimalism in works from New York artists who used industrial materials and processes to Los Angeles artists whose work was informed by the shiny aesthetic of Los Angeles’s car and surf cultures.

“Untitled (3 Color 3 Layer Lens),” 1971, by Fred Eversley (On loan from the Collection of Beau R. Ott)