Tweezers | Clemens Auer

Clemens Auer‘s manifesto states that he searches for the simple yet astonishing, and that is precisely what he achieves with his award-winning tweezers. The Austrian product designer drew inspiration from one of the human body’s archetypal gestures: thumb and index finger forming a pinching motion. As he states: It is a poetic and intuitive translation of an image that feels just natural into a simple product.

Made of a single steel strip, the tweezers allow different ways of holding, using, pinching, in different ways of ergonomics. The form and size are even comfortable for men and women to hold securely.


Stories | Passport Design Bureau

Stories is a new, independent café in Oakwood, near Leeds which boasts artisan coffee, cold-pressed juice and a locally sourced menu all served in a beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired space. The ethos behind Stories is borne out of their belief that everyone has a story to tell and theirs is centred around the close connections they have with their meticulously curated suppliers.

“Stories came to us requiring a suitable brand identity through which it could express the commitment to its specialist suppliers while also reflecting the Nordic influences on its products and interior styling. We started by designing a contemporary logotype with customised characters that double as simplified representations of people; the staff, customers and suppliers who create the stories. The dots in these characters also create a link to the identifiable style of Scandinavian typography. The identity also includes feature typography that uses delicate lines to join selected dots – which indicate, for example, the journey of ingredients from original source to café.”