Wood House in Okazaki | Muji

The pre-fabricated home is constructed as picture-perfect showroom that allows potential buyers to envision their daily lives within the muji-furnished space. the box-shaped residence is articulated around a floor-to-ceiling atrium. this core void space with the stairwell promotes airflow from the communal spaces on the ground floor to the bedrooms upstairs. meanwhile to promote a strong connection to the outdoors, porches are available on both levels, while sliding doors wrap around the west side of the building.

West London House is a minimal home located in London, England, designed by Studio Maclean. Studio MacLean is an award-winning interior design firm, specializing in contemporary commercial and residential interiors, furniture design and bespoke kitchens. Inspired by different eras and modern art movements, their insightful space planning and informed design process create striking interiors for every client. West London House features floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing abundant natural light to enter the space. A series of framed glass doors that have the appearance of warehouse windows serve as various partitions throughout the home.