you’re working in a field you genuinely enjoy. you have supportive, loving friends. you follow your passions, you’re fluent in your target languages. the 12 new books you ordered will arrive soon. your flat is cozy, decorated with plants and fairy lights. you’re happy. this might seem like some fantasty, but i know this will happen. i believe in you, and you should as well.

The Signs As Aesthetics

Aries: Punk Aesthetic

Taurus: Black and White Aesthetic

Gemini: Vaporwave Aesthetic

Cancer: Soft Grunge Aesthetic

Leo: Trippy Aesthetic

Virgo: Hipster Aesthetic

Libra: Crystal Aesthetic

Scorpio: Soft Macabre Aesthetic

Sagittarius: Indie Vintage Aesthetic

Capricorn: Urban Aesthetic

Aquarius: Minimalist Aesthetic

Pisces: Hippie Aesthetic

If you ever wonder do I put any meaning to my art
Honestly, not always
But this one is about how do I want to just go
Anywhere where I can be a new person
Just like something pulls me down right now
I am not sad, just so tired of this ordinary life😂


Good wood - bought a bit of land but it’s too narrow to build a house on? Well you need to call these guys… Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed an exceptionally narrow (2.5m wide only!!!) timber house in Kobe, featuring an atrium that allows daylight to reach each of its levels.