There is an overwhelming amount of knowledge that is available to us in the world. From books, to the Internet, to experienced individuals, and beyond; we have more information at our fingertips then we could ever imagine. Yet let us be cautious and deliberate with what we take in and learn from this information. Truly, we could spend our lives ingesting information, yet were it not for a purpose, would truly go to waste. Therefore, let us learn what will truly push us forward. As we do so, inspiring things will begin to happen.


I found out earlier today that the wacom I got for my birthday came with software that was basically photoshop so I went ahead and made my first vector art studyblr icons!

1. potted plant (or maybe a pineapple?)
2. grad cap and degree
3. my attempt at a lotus
4. a cactus with a beret and moustache (his arm made me think he was waving so that happened)

(Also I’m actually at 4.4K followers but I’ve only gotten around to making milestone posts now I’m so sorry I appreciate all of you I’m just no good at these but I am trying now)

feel free to use them, credit would be nice c:

Oh Blessed Bench Porch, You Are Holier than I

I have never seen a porch I have been more into than this one (personally). Someone sent me this on tumblr and I have 0 idea where it is or where it came from and frankly that is all the better.

Does this porch really exist? What is reality? *post modernism alert*

So here’s the rub. I do not know where the railing begins and the benches end.

Let me say that again.


What wizard of outdoor seating came up with such an idea!

Like, game it out. You’re on the porch at a party so you sit down on the bench, where do you put your drink, oh no, there’s no tables, ahhh!

But wait, you can put it next to you on the bench and you know what, when you stand up, you won’t fall over that easily because the bench IS THE RAILING.

Its incredible. This porch is all about MINIMALISM, which is a joke from this gem of comedy.

Seriously though, look how minimal it is. There are two chairs which normally would be signs for a porch of this size that you don’t have nearly enough seating, but the whole porch is a friggin chair man.

Amazing porch, really has upped the game. 10/10 and drink whatever the heck you want on this, except maybe high stemmed wine glasses, you’d probably knock those over pretty easily and that could be a whole thing.

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