Tiffany Phan x 2dots: Street Photography Book

Had the honor of curating and designing photographer Tiffany Phan’s street photography book. Tiffany Phan, 25, is a Sweden born self taught street photographer. Tiffany Phan’s  photography is clam, minimal and unforced. Her work is predominantly black and white photos focusing on symmetry, shadows and strangers. 

Tiffany Phan’s street photography book documents her travels from UK, Taiwan, Denmark, Japan, France, South Korea, Poland, China and Sweden. The book provides an insightful and refreshing look at the street culture, architecture and everyday life of people.

108 Pages
Softcover: 9.1 x 6.6 in
Hardcover: 11.7 x 8.3 in

Curated and Designed by 2dots Space


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My Journey to Minimalism

I used to have a bit of a shopping problem, years ago. Nothing too bad, but I did collect bath ducks that cost €6.99 a piece, went shopping multiple times a week, and bought the most useless crap imaginable. I have since gotten over that dark period in my life (I had not yet collected the glow in the dark bath duck), and now it seems to be going in the completely opposite direction: minimalism.

I don’t know exactly how it started, but the past few months I’ve been researching minimalism. I’ve always been fascinated by it, but never had the self control and discipline to go through with it. Until now.

I’m a naturally organized person (thanks mom!), but I still had a lot of stuff. The only reason why I didn’t look like a complete hoarder to the outside world is because I managed to organize it all so well.

My dad thought I had lost my mind when I suddenly started throwing things out… I’ve gotten rid of clothing, books I disliked, DVDs, notebooks, CDs, magazines, decoration pieces, childhood toys I don’t remember, posters, old chargers, a broken camera lens I couldn’t let go of, beauty/hygiene products I didn’t like, old photos that were blurry or I had doubles of. I don’t regret a single thing. 

Things I couldn’t live without. #WildMovie (Instagram)

Some upsides to minimalism I have discovered:

  • It doesn’t take me as long to get ready in the morning. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of clothes that don’t fit well or that are simply not my style anymore, and now nearly everything (still working on it) in my closet is my favourite
  • It saves a ton of space! My parents have a lot of extra furniture that they don’t need. Keeping this stuff around only allows for more clutter to pile up on top of these pieces… There are so many tables and chairs full of crap in this house, it’s driving me insane.
  • More importantly, it saves a ton of money. If you can keep yourself from buying more stuff to fill up the empty space after decluttering, that is. All the money you have left now from not buying things you don’t need, you can use to buy better quality things so they’ll last longer.
  • You have to sacrifice a bit of your time for the decluttering process, but after that it will save you so much time dusting, cleaning, and organizing.
  • I feel so much calmer. I have a clear mind. I don’t have to constantly worry about all this stuff I still need to organize, which means I have time to focus on more important things, like experiences and loved ones.

I hope you finished reading this post feeling inspired to look around your living space and see what to let go of. If you need some help or motivation, here are some resources I found helpful: