House Gropius | Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten

Bruno Fioretti Marquez has completed a restoration of House Gropius. The house was designed by iconic Bauhaus Architect Walter Gropius and was revolutionary for its time. 

It has defining geometric forms, large windows, and minimal interior inspired modern living in a clean, functional space.

In 1945 World War 2 raids destroyed Walter Gropius’s modern masterpiece. After the war there was only the basement left. This provided that foundation for BFM Architekten to reinvigorate the design. 

The new plan draws inspiration from the original and providing 21st century refreshment to the details. It was finished to look as if it were a shadow of the former house serving as a memorial to the original Gropius House.


St Pauls Apotek | Frama CPH

Frama is located in central Copenhagen in the historic and protected neighborhood of Nyboder. Former home of the St. Pauls Pharmacy established in the 1800s, the building still has it’s original woodwork and architectural elements. St Pauls Blue is a site specific shade developed by Frama alongside paint manufacturer Jotun. Serving as a link between the minimalist room and the Apotek, the St. Pauls Blue room speaks to the dna within Frama and creates a balance between the rooms. The shade is strong in character, providing different moods within the ever changing Scandinavian light.

Each room has a stunning blend of monochromatic tone accented with timbers and neatly styled with Framas’ own pieces. It is a simple and successful recipe  to highlight all of their skill sets and promote their range aswell as philosophy of design in all disciplines. Drawing clear inspiration from their Scandinavian surrounding using honest materials and a clean aesthetic.


Images of Frama Studio / FRAMA

These images of Frama Studio capture that quintessential secret blend of raw, textured and warmth while still being clean simple and cohesive.  “Scandinavian” can so often be misinterpreted as minimal to the extent of becoming sparse and cold.  Frama studio shows how it is possible to have a functional space that still honors the beauty and materiality of the things that exist within it.