NATU.RAE | Gustav Willeit

The sublime according to Immanuel Kant is the sense of awe that man feels when faced with the greatness of nature – when it shows its more peaceful side, but even more so when unleashing its dreadful forces, making each and every one of us feel our smallness, our extreme fragility, our finitude. Yet at the same time, right when becoming aware of that, we intuit the infinite and realize that our soul is capable of far more than our senses can grasp.


Synnes | Falke Svatun

A minimal chair created by Oslo-based designer Falke Svatun. With references to both spindle back and laminate shell chairs, the Synnes chair is a modern take on a traditional Scandinavian dining chair. The seat and back are made from high quality form-pressed plywood/laminates. Pinned to the seat with dowels, the six millimeter backrest forms a structural shell which offers comfort as well as sturdiness.