Thinking of bisexuality as exclusively being a transitory state between being gay and straight = bisexual erasure

Refusing to consider that a person could identify as bisexual = bisexual erasure

Saying bisexuality doesn’t exist, bisexual people ’just can’t make up their minds’ or are doing it for attention = bisexual erasure

Considering all of the available information and concluding that you don’t think someone is bisexual =/= bisexual erasure

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Isn’t it funny how when you make a music video about a band’s history, experiences and friendship, but you go out of your way to erase and minimalise all of the interactions between two of the members, suddenly the whole thing feels inauthentic, I mean who would have thunk it?

Filipina / Chinese / Welsh

For as long as I can remember, I have been told to not admit to being Asian. I was given skin bleaching products as a child when my skin was browner in the summer from playing outside. I was told to never speak Tagalog or Visayan in fear that people will brand me a foreigner. For as long as I can remember, I have had my Asian identity erased and minimalised. I am an Asian American, and I am angry. Just because I do not fit the mold of what you envision to be an Asian woman does not mean that it is not my identity. My identity is valid and beautiful, just like every identity belonging to an Asian woman on this website. 

I find it so weird all these stories from America about shootings, guns aren’t a mainstream issue in England at all. The only regular shootings that go on here are at pheasants. Your excuse for your right to hold arms is for “protection”.. So when someone rolls up on your house with a gun, that’s for protection right? And if you’re a person who is anti-arms living in that house then you’re pretty much fucked unless they got a bad shot/you’re Stone cold Steve Austin. A small percentage of people in England are pro guns and that’s the fucking psychopaths/power trippers. Take away the guns, minimalise the problem. America is fucked up lol
Interview: Danielle Brown
We had the pleasure speaking with London based photographer, Danielle Brown, this past week. She's somebody that we've been following extensively for the past year or so now. Her work consists of subjects that she comes across from daily walks - passively absorbing the natural processes of phenomena that the mind habitually has an appetition for. Continue reading below for the interview: