how to be a minimalist student

a lot of minimalism blogs/youtube channels are directed at older people with houses and jobs, rather than students living with their parents going to and from school; but that doesn’t mean minimalism can’t be for students/teenagers too!

I thought I would write some tips and tricks for being a student minimalist and why it’s worth a shot:

how to:

1. cook with friends rather than buying takeaways or go for walks instead of sitting inside watching films. make the most of the time you spend with friends (and spend less money while you’re at it)

2. stop scrolling and turn off notifications. I’ve switch off all notifications on my lock screen (except for essentials like text) and have muted all non-essential chats so I only have to know about them if I have chosen to go on my phone for that purpose. this is a really easy way to get rid of distractions

3. practicality > aesthetic. I agree that colourful beautiful notes are lovely but they aren’t necessarily worth your time. use your time effectively and don’t rewrite pages of notes just because you had to cross something out and now it’s ‘ruined’. 

3. trade your busy life for a full one by doing one thing at once. learn to focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention. this isn’t just about studying, but also about social events. if you’re meeting a friend, spend the time with your friend, not on your phone. devote yourself to each thing you’re doing and plan your time

4. remember: just because its on sale doesn’t mean you need to buy it. just because you have money doesn’t mean you need to spend it. 

5. say no. its easier to take back a no than it is to take back a yes. don’t feel obliged to sign up for everything and do everything for everyone. put yourself first and don’t feel guilty

6. try the hanger trick. hang all your clothes on hangers facing the same direction. twist the hanger around after you wear something. after a month, donate everything that hasn’t been twisted round to charity 

7. cleanse your social media: unfriend people you don’t know anymore. unfriend people who are negative. delete the apps you don’t use. unsubscribe from channels/newsletters that no longer interest you. declutter your online life

8. cleanse your real life relationships: stop spending time with people who put you down. end your unhealthy relationships. be honest with people you care about. put yourself first

9. record your favourite show or watch netflix. avoiding adverts frees you from the endless cycle of always wanting to have the next big thing

why it’s worth a try:

1. teaching yourself to switch off from social media and learning to spend more quality time with people face-to-face is liberating

2. everything is easier when you have a clear(er) head. having less means you have less to worry about

3. you’ll save money surprisingly easily. the money you spent on takeaways or shoes you thought you needed because everyone else had them can be put towards bigger things that will make you happier e.g. travelling or can be saved for the future

4. you can focus on your mental and physical health more when you aren’t distracted by your phone buzzing all the time and aren’t basing your happiness on keeping up with the latest trends

N.B. don’t expect to ‘get’ minimalism overnight. I definitely still haven’t cracked it. start small and slowly implement minimalism into different areas of your life. figure out what works and what doesn’t. minimalism is personal so there is no ‘right’ way of doing things.

just because minimalism can be about having less, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your beloved book collection. if it makes you happy, keep it; if it doesn’t, let it go.

The Love That Evades Is the Most Satisfying to Ensnare

Request: “Hey there!~ i was curious if I could request a Newt x Reader fic based off the song ‘Give Me Love’ by Ed Sheeran?? Maybe it’s like a one sided relationship, he fancies Leta (I know you just did a fic that includes Leta Dx) or Tina, and there’s Angst but fluff? Maybe it can end on a comforting note?~ (I love ur writing so much btw 💕)”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 4130

Warnings: ANGST FUCKING HELL I LOVE ANGST but also a lot of fluff at the end don’t worry

A/n: wow this is longest fic I’ve ever written lmao pls give it some love if u end up liking it :^)

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Give me love like her,
'Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone

Looking at him hurt. It hurt to see him smiling, laughing at a joke she had told. He was happy, but it wasn’t with you. It could have been you, maybe in another universe it could’ve been. You would’ve spoken up about your feelings for your freckled friend, and he would’ve blushed and kissed you, then you would have become the most perfect couple, complementing each other in every tangible aspect, bettering each other while sharing a love that couldn’t be broken by the sharpest sword. And yet, here she had come. The edge of a blade, stabbed between your 3rd and 4th ribs, penetrating all the hope you had left.

The worst part about the pain was that it felt like a betrayal. Of course, Newt had never known about your undying love for him, and he probably would never know now. But somehow, every time you looked at them touching, kissing… you couldn’t get the image of the double-edged sword out of your mind. Two hands at the base, one belonging to each of them, pressing it into your heart until the hilt reached your chest. A blind boy, matched with a girl who always had a bird’s eye view on the situation. She knew you loved him.

What made it worse is that she was never harsh about it either. She knew how much you must’ve been hurting, even sending you sorry glances when she realized you were watching the two coddle. The final striking blow being that she was perfect for Newt, so much more than you could’ve ever been. Oh, how you wished so badly to be Leta. The smart, beautiful Leta, who had everyone wrapped around her little finger, whether she knew it or not. Many had painted her to be cruel, or even evil, but those were just rumours spread behind her back due to her reputation being quashed when she started her relationship with the “weird Hufflepuff boy”. Maybe she did have flaws, maybe. It was a maybe that you clung to, guiltily wishing that one day her flaws would overwhelm her many talents and gorgeous features, and Newt would come back to you.

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Same Patterns {Part 1}

Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

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So I decided to do a small drabble series to get myself started for the new year.

Words: 482

Warnings: cheating. Heartbreak from the get go.

“Y/N, please.” You heard the pleading voice of Steve as he stood before you. You looked down, refusing to meet his eyes. If you did, you knew your resolve would crumble. “Come home. We miss you. Bruce and Tony, Clint and Nat – I’m sorry.” He mumbled as he felt a glare coming his way, “I miss you, and so does Bucky. The poor guy’s been a zombie for the past month. Come back to us. To home.”

“I am home Steve. Look around you – I’m happy.”

“You were happy then too.” He reminded you. You felt a tear slip past your defence and splash on the floor.

“I know.” You whispered. The truth was that you weren’t happy. You loved Bucky, even now, and it hurt like Hell.

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Class is such an amazing show i don’t get why no one watches it. The main group of protagonists is probably one of the most diverse on TV. It’s a Doctor Who spin-off.It’s got an enticing storyline, and it doesn’t take the piss out of, or minimalise, teenage issues. Tumblr needs to get on this show before it gets cancelled because at the rate this is going right now, it’s not going to get renewed for a second series and it would be such a shame for such an amazing show to come to an end so soon.

I’m honestly so perplexed at the backlash against netflix’s Dear White People. I watched the trailer and it looks fantastic. Funny, biting, relevant.
As a white person I didnt feel offended or like they were encouraging ‘white genocide ’ or any other nonsense the youtube commentors were howling about.
To me it addresses the system, society and the behaviors that we’ve come to normalise and tolerate, which are offensive and minimalising.
I did not once hear them say that I’m inherently evil because I’m white. In fact the lead character looks like she is going to have to balance her justified grievances with her own prejudices.
I for one am looking forward to it - comedy can often be one of the best ways to discuss issues in the world.

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A blogger named mubzonline made an outrageously anti semetic post(complete with supporting the khazar theory,holocaust minimalisation and blaming jews for the slave trade) and yet tumblr was so silent about it you would hear fucking crickets chirp.

Oh, I am well acquainted with that asshole. He’s not only antisemitic, he’s homophobic and transphobic. Typical Tumblr, claiming to care about marginalized groups, but being afraid to call out bigoted members of marginalized groups.

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saying there's only 2 genders isn't being transphobic, i'm transgender myself lol saying there's more than 1 and you can just hop between genders minimalises trans experiences and makes it seem like gender dysphoria isn't real when it is.

I didn’t say that anon was being transphobic?? And I’m trying my best to be supportive and informative but I’m not an expert so I hope you can understand. But identifying with being male and female is 100% real and I stand behind that knowing someone who identifies as both/is gender fluid.

Preference #6 - Marking His Territory (Which Is You)


Dean thinks you’re the most beautiful person in the world, and, quite frankly, the sexiest person in the world too, so he’s extremely wary of other men checking you out when you’re in public. He’s determined to show the rest of the population that’s into girls that you’re his and his alone. Quite often, you’ll be sitting at a bar and the bartender will start talking to you with a hint of a smirk and a gleam in his eye. When this happens, Dean immediately jumps into action. Whether it’s calling you “babe”, “baby” or “beautiful”, putting his arm round your waist or, at the worst, telling the bartender to “go screw yourself, and lay off my girlfriend”, Dean is quick to ensure everyone knows what’s what. Often, this will lead you to think Dean thinks you’re unfaithful. When you let him know of this, he reassures you he thinks nothing of the sort, he’s just a jealous man who’s clinging onto you for dear life because he’s unworthy of your love. Words don’t come as easy to him as that, though, so he usually stumbles over them when trying to give you this particular speech. Apparently, actions speak louder than words, though, so he usually ends up kissing you to prove his point better than he can with a few sentences. With his hand up your top slightly and his fingertips brushing your back, his lips soft and gentle yet passionate on your lips, and his chest flush against yours, it all but does the trick. It also shows the man flirting with you who’s yours sufficiently, while the two of you are at it.


Sam prefers to make his mark on you physically. It gives him way too much satisfaction to see Dean ask you how you got the “bruises” on your neck and sometimes on your chest when you wear a low cut t shirt, because they won’t be there because of an injury - they’re most likely the legacy of Sam sucking, kissing and biting your skin the previous night. He sits there grinning and biting his lip where Dean can’t see him, with a naughty glint in his eyes. You’ll always make up an excuse on the spot, in an attempt to minimalise Dean’s concern, but at the same time not reveal what the real reason is. Dean knows you two are in a relationship, but because Sam is his brother, he naturally doesn’t wish to hear about his sexual acts or what they leave behind. That isn’t the main reason, though. Keeping things like this a secret is something you and Sam love to share. It entails a thrill you can’t properly describe to do things like this, whether it be simply creating a cover up for hickeys or having sex in a place where Dean, or anyone else for that matter, could catch you in the act at any moment. Occasionally, Dean’ll catch on when he thinks about why you said you got those scratch marks on your back or why you can’t walk properly, and the pieces of the puzzle don’t quite fit together as they should. He won’t tell you or Sam, although he’ll smirk about it many a time - he thinks he’s on top of this. Meanwhile, you’re probably on top of Sam somewhere you shouldn’t be.


At this point, Castiel is extraordinarily fond of the stock outfit he is seen wearing - the trench coat, shirt etc. Not so fond of it that he can’t give it up so you can wear garments from it, though. Once he’d seen you wearing his shirt around the kitchen the morning after your first time, he became extremely attached to the idea of you wearing his clothes. He liked your smell mingling with his when you took them off and gave them back to him; he liked the way his shirt looked on you, baggy enough so you had to roll the sleeves right up; he liked the way you sometimes used his trench coat as a bathrobe when you had dried yourself off after a shower. In fact, he liked this whole affair so much he managed to cajole you into wearing his own clothes out of the place you lived in eventually. The day after you finally agreed, you wore his shirt out with him. A man in a grubby diner had asked you where you got your shirt from, and before you could answer, gone on to tell you that he liked how it looked on you, but he’d prefer the look of you if it was off. All the while, he smiled, giving you too vivid a view of his crooked, yellow teeth. You gasped and were about to think of a well deserved nasty retort for the man, when Cas told him not-so-politely that it was his shirt and he was the only one who would be seeing you without it on. After that, Cas has loved giving you his own clothes to wear out of doors and telling people at every possible opportunity that they were yours, hoping they will get the hint.

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i like how they minimalise the amount of strain jihyo puts on her leg in the mv teaser. i hope this is somehow the case for the entire mv too

they were so considerate giving her a tiny car and everything, plus she didn’t even have to get up :’) even if we don’t get to see her during the dance scenes, I hope so too.

idk but

Calling unwanted pregnancy an ‘inconvenience’ is kind of like saying getting hit by a car on the way to work is an ‘inconvenience’. Both are indeed inconvenient but calling them that minimalises them. It’s just a way anti-choicers demonise people who get abortions. People get abortions for a variety of very complex and serious reasons. Let’s not put unwanted pregnancy on the same level as someone losing their keys. All your doing is trivializing what pregnant people go through.

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julie I was watching the 3b eps with a friend to minimalise the freak outs and Derek on Halloween I was like, "I bet Derek loves Halloween. I bet the whole clan got together as 'werewolves' every year and it was the one night that Derek didn't have to hide the wolf. And maybe one night he got separated from his family, but he's like 14, so he can handle it." -this will be continued in another ask

So maybe he runs into this annoying kid dressed as a vampire and the kid hisses at him. It’s Halloween, so Derek just growl/roars at him back. The mother laughs, the kid is like, “holy smokes, mom, a real werewolf!” and sure, she nods her head and winks at Derek and she’s like, “that’s right, Stiles. A real werewolf.” and they go home and Derek goes home and Derek LOVES HALLOWEEN OKAY.

This is canon fact. This happened.



Thinking of bisexuality as exclusively being a transitory state between being gay and straight = bisexual erasure

Refusing to consider that a person could identify as bisexual = bisexual erasure

Saying bisexuality doesn’t exist, bisexual people ’just can’t make up their minds’ or are doing it for attention = bisexual erasure

Considering all of the available information and concluding that you don’t think someone is bisexual =/= bisexual erasure

Isn’t it funny how when you make a music video about a band’s history, experiences and friendship, but you go out of your way to erase and minimalise all of the interactions between two of the members, suddenly the whole thing feels inauthentic, I mean who would have thunk it?

Filipina / Chinese / Welsh

For as long as I can remember, I have been told to not admit to being Asian. I was given skin bleaching products as a child when my skin was browner in the summer from playing outside. I was told to never speak Tagalog or Visayan in fear that people will brand me a foreigner. For as long as I can remember, I have had my Asian identity erased and minimalised. I am an Asian American, and I am angry. Just because I do not fit the mold of what you envision to be an Asian woman does not mean that it is not my identity. My identity is valid and beautiful, just like every identity belonging to an Asian woman on this website.