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Curious about your response to minimum wage being raised to 15$ hurting small business owners. I lean towards the idea that people don't deserve to profit off of others poverty, period. But I always appreciate your insight on this blog!

Most minimum wage plans I’ve seen are phased in over a period of 4-5 years, and others have exemptions/modified rules around wage increases for small businesses. So I think those kinds of concessions alone should give small businesses time to adapt to a higher wage with minimal job losses.

Ontario is doing that in its $15/hour plans:

Ontario promises to help small business, farmers cope with $15 minimum wage

But really for me, it depends on how big a small business is, because in Canada a small business is just a business that has less than 100 employees. There are many small businesses who are making millions of dollars in profits and can afford to pay their employees a wage at least above the poverty line.

Also one big argument I have with people insisting that small business owners will go under with a higher minimum wage, is the fact that an increase of wages = an increase of purchasing power. That’s going to mean that all the customers in an area under a $15/hour minimum wage laws, will have more money to spend, which should help small businesses.

Also, and I’m going to be blunt, but if your business cannot afford to pay someone a wage that brings them out of poverty, you probably shouldn’t be running a business or at the very least you should slow down the expansion of your business and focus on your current employees before hiring anymore/building the company bigger. People in businesses should really take ethics into consideration when it comes to wages. It is ethically wrong to pay someone poverty wages, period.

please help a 15 y/o trans teenager raise money to pay rent for an apartment they’re moving into next year (among other things)

before we get started, my paypal is this is currently the only platform i have to gain and control any funds i might have, so i apologize in advance if paypal is inconvenient for you. 


  • as mentioned, i’m a 15 year-old trans (nb) teenager with untreated depression and anxiety (i’ve been diagnosed twice by two separate psychiatrists but have never received or been prescribed medication), as well as aspergers syndrome. I plan on getting emancipated and made a legal adult next year by the time i’m 16 years old. however, i will either have to drop out of high school to somehow pursue any rare full-time job that will take me, balance going to multiple part-time jobs, or continuing going to high school but be virtually unable to earn enough to pay rent and buy what i and my pets need to survive.

  • recently, i’ve started making plans to move into a $650-a-month apartment that’s roughly an hour away from where i live. this amount includes the monthly rent for the three pets i’m bringing with me (who i am very capable of taking care of, so don’t worry) but does not include deposit and other unforeseen utilities that i might have to pay for, depending on how the landlord sees my situation.

  • i currently live with two neglectful parents, my mother (who has a history of physically abusing me, including times where i have retaliated against her) being unemployed with untreated schizophrenia and my physically disabled aging father who works at minimal wage at a job two hours away. there are times where we don’t have enough money to pay for me to eat, and i’m very unhealthy and malnutritioned as a result. they’ve also proven themselves to be homophobic and transphobic, and i know that they will be very unsupportive and abusive if they find out that i’m everything they hate.

  • the state of our home is less than perfect. it is filthy, cluttered, and hasn’t been cleaned in about 8 years, and there are times when we have had hordes of rat, insect, and lizard infestations due to broken windows, disgusting carpets, and messes from over 3 or 5 years ago. this is another reason why i want to move out; i want my own, clean space that won’t be vandalized or contaminated by their inability to keep things clean and hygienic. 

donating money to me will mean that i can pay my $650+ monthly rent, pay the extra deposit and fees, as well as food for both myself and my 3 pets. this also means i will be able to buy a chest binder for myself, clean clothes, new furniture, dishes and utensils, and support my best friend who will be moving in with me when she is of age.

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Omg, it is so fascinating to see the differences between countries wages and costs of living. When you have written you earn 55k per year, i was like, wtf o.o, that much money?! And then 'i can barely sustain myself' o.o. Chicago rents and/or groceries must be so sky high. Coz the country i am from, if you earn like 9k euros per year (after taxes, and everything) you are earning more than average (minimal wage is 4k after taxes etc). The housing in our most expensive city is 650-1000 euros

per month (the lowest for 2bedroom the highest for 4bedroom flat). And i dont want to know how much would it be, if we had the wages you have over there.

Yep, Chicago is pretty expensive – I wouldn’t expect to earn $55K at my job in a cheaper city. FWIW, that $55K per year boils down to $3K per month after taxes and insurance, so it comes to $36K per year real money. 

For comparison, I pay $1.6K in rent on a one-bedroom, but I do live downtown, so I could live a little cheaper elsewhere, say $1.2K, maybe $900 if I didn’t mind moving back into a building full of wasps that was a ninety-minute commute from work. I also pay roughly $5K per year in student loans, which would be $10K per year but I’m on a long-term payment plan based on my income. 

I mean, I get by. I can cover my bills and any medical emergencies, and I’m paying down some debt from past medical emergencies I couldn’t cover. I have a small savings account and I can travel every few months. But if I were fired from my job tomorrow I would not be able to make rent for October. 

People who throw shit at Mon el, calling him slave owner. Look at your cell phone. Look at what you wear. Look into your fridge. Look at what you watch in the cinema. Do you use things made by Apple? Eat things produced by Nestle? Buy things that belong to Disney? Wear things made by H&M or Victoria’s Secret? By your shit in Walmart?

Yes? Congrats! YOU SUPPORT REAL MODERN SLAVERY. You support people who use children to produce shit you can buy in your shops. You support companies that destroy rain forests and kill endangered species. You support companies that make people work all day long for minimal wages. You support destroying natural environment of less developed countries. You support companies that abuse thousands of people.

But shitting on a fictional character who realized he was a shit and tried to change things, is so much easier than forgetting about your favorite cereal, right? :) But hey, it all happens in some shitholes, so who cares. Far, far away from your asses. More important is thrashing a fictional alien who came from a fictional plant with fictional slaves.  Please guys, save the world and morality!!!!

p.s. For fanatic supercoorp shippers who read this post by accident – the last part is sarcastic. I got impression you don’t get how it works. Cheers ;*

a few of you may have noticed my minimal posting since the last half of last year, if you didn’t, it’s okay ha! Glory goes to God with or without posting. And some of you may have noticed my random, sporadic moments of actually posting since the half of last year, if you didn’t, it’s okay too haaha.

i just want to brag real quick and real loud about my main, named Jesus.

but before that,

a little background

i haven’t been on as much on here as much as I would have liked to. That’s due to the fact I was studying fervently and if it wasn’t that I was maintaining this minimal wage job I have. The combination of two led me to literally having no social life. My social life was characterized of little conversations with my co-workers (which was my main source of social sanity if little convos with co-workers counts as having a social life…), super-delayed texts on my part between good friends cause sadly something always gotta give, limited to barely face-to-face interactions with like 2 of my close friends, limited time with family… okay okay, I think I made the point clear of having no social life somewhat clear. lol.

studying for my pre-pharmacy requirements classes in my undergraduate (I am in college 4th year now, what?!? Some of you have been with me since I started this blog when I was 17 and in my last year of Highschool) and then picking up studying for the PCAT 😳 (pharmacy school entrance exam, which is equivalent to the MCAT which is an entrance exam for medical school) plus my part-time job was a daunting task filled with no social life.

so I began praying fervently and trusting God that He is gonna help me study for the PCAT, cause I know with the evidence of His peace that He has called me to become it. I prayed expectantly that I will become what He says I will become, I prayed that He be the one doing it for Me cause lol I can’t, I can barely feed myself and work and go to school nonetheless study to the best capability for one of the biggest test of my life, life changing tests - PCAT.
I also spoke the fact I’m gonna be in Pharm School and that there’s no plan B for me in existence because there’s life and death in the tongue Proverbs 8:21.

i knew my God was great, and I knew in Him I will do great and receive great things - even in my PCAT. Even though there was that nagging feeling I didn’t know how I can do great things like doing great on the PCAT… and how I felt inadequate (oh devil, you’re such a lie)

today, Jan 5th 2017, I had my PCAT exam today. At 8am. My favorite time to have a test. Said no one ever.

of course the test went like how test goes. Ooo I know that!
Bro, what is that…?
Did I learn….what’s it asking?
Forget this, imma guess!!
on top of it all the PCAT is timed, a total of 3.4 hours in total without its one 15 minute break in the halflpoint of the 3.4hrs, with 5 sections including writing, biology, chemistry, reading, and math.

at the end of the test, I was expecting to do well but the real me was like “have low expectations” so lol I settled for somewhere in between because hey Jesus was doing it for me, and even when I guessed.

i got the preliminary results of how I did and I was on cloud 9.

like my Jesus did all that.

like He came through as He said He would. His faithfulness in saying those who trust in Him will never lack was a reality!! all my hope was in Jesus that he’ll see me through on this PCAT since last half of last year. And my goodness, He didn’t fail me nor disappoint.

with my scores most pharmacy school will accept me.

and my favorite did that!!! Jesus did that!!!

now I’m filled with joy cause He carried my burden of this test and gave me a lighter weight, His peace.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” Romans 15:13

fam. Jesus fam. what i already knew was and is further cemented - Jesus is really for you. Ask and ye shall receive. Give Him your burdens and your worry and He’ll take care of it. Put His words of truth to the test and He’ll come though because He doesn’t disappoint. Trust Him with your life and all you have and He will make your life prosper. Do your part (studying/whatever) and He’ll do the rest.

and one of the most awesome things I got out of this is knowing so certainly on a whole different level that God loves his own, and if we are His children what good thing will He not give us?

fam. Continue trusting in Jesus, keep the good fight. He will reward you, He will carry you through. He will not disappoint in even the littlest thing you give Him. I trusted Him with my future (my career) and He gave me a good score that will enable me a good future.
Trust in Him with everything else

and then

taste and see how Good the Lord is

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May i request a jealous Antonio pls? (since it would be a pretty rare occuring that would make Lovino surprised considering Antonio is very chill normally)

Summary: Jealous Antonio is my fucKING KINK


They were at a bar and it wasn’t one of those sleazy kinds, it was the kind that showcased fifty different sporting events and offered good beer and greasy fries. Antonio was down at a table with two of his work friends and boyfriend, Francis brought his own husband who was more interested with talking to Lovino about make up. Antonio tried not to listen in, because then he just got confused.

The two both had a beer, Lovino nursing his next to his mouth as he nodded along to what Arthur was saying. Antonio didn’t want to bring his beautiful and loving boyfriend, because then he just got distracted. He could just spend hours watching Lovino talk, watch his lips twirl into a sneer when he found something funny or see his eyes light up with happiness.

Of course he still talked to his own friends, he invited them out, but Lovino was much nicer to look at, than Gilbert’s beady red eyes or Francis’s pale man-bun.

It wasn’t until the waiter came to the table, he was tall and thin, muscles forming like twirls of cursive. He asked about orders, getting the whole table’s attention. As he went around for what everyone wanted he stopped at Lovino, “and what would a lovely boy like you, want tonight?”

Lovino arched a brow, obviously a bit stunned by the blunt flirting, “just mac and cheese.”

“Why are you getting mac and cheese at a dive bar?” Antonio playfully teased getting a punch to the shoulder and a loving roll of the eye. The waiter just smiled super happily, like he was working at Disneyland or some shit. It made Antonio want to punch him in the face.

“So, Antonio, how has your tattoo business been going,” Arthur quickly dived in as the waiter went down to Gilbert and Francis.

He hummed trying to smooth out his anger, “good, I gave Lovino a tattoo, did he show you it!”


Of course Lovino blushed from the attention and pulled up his sweater. On his wrists were two beautiful water color pink flowers. “I wanted my own, sort of my own Antonio tattoo.”

“These are so cool!” Arthur viewed them, “I’m thinking of getting a tattoo, how bad did yours hurt?”

He motioned to Lovino’s body, knowing he had about five tattoos. His hip tattoo of the date of meeting Antonio, the two plant tattoos, and the deers on his thigh, dressed up all classy in pearls and the other in a top hat. “I mean the one that hurt that most was my hip, but it was small. Did yours hurt on the neck?”

Antonio touched his neck, shrugging, “I have a lot of tattoos, pain is not really something I remember.”

“Stop it you nerd,” Lovino bumped his shoulder, they shyly smiling at each other.

“Do you need a refill!?” The waiter came out of fucking nowhere, Lovino pulling away and nodding, handing the man his beer glass, “do you come here often?” He suddenly asked as he pressed the glass to the tap.

Lovino shook his head, “I don’t drink often, why are you working here, do you like beer?” Of course he would ask some deep question, it was Lovino being Lovino. Antonio loved him for asking strangers deep questions, but not some string bean waiter with literally no filter.

The waiter began going off on a story about how his grandfather made beer, Antonio’s fist curling as the man took a seat across from Lovino. “I see you have tattoos, do they mean anything?”

And there goes Lovino going off on the meaning of the flowers being about the trees at his grandfather’s house.

Then out of the blue the man smiled so innocently, “can I have your number, you’re super cute.”

“No.” Antonio snarled putting his foot down now, Lovino furrowed his eyebrows, “how about you get your little minim wage payed ass into the kitchen where you belong, he is taken, by me.” the last symbol he snarled, the veins popping in his arms and face red with embarrassment and anger.

The waiter gasped, standing up so suddenly spilling the beer down Lovino’s lap and new sweater, he did a angered girl noise and stood up, “thanks, man,” he said sarcastically, stepping away the table shaking the water from his hands.

Antonio stood up and glared at the man before darting after Lovino and quickly walking next to him, a sad puppy dog look on his face.

His boyfriend took one look at him and narrowed his eyes, “I can fight my own battles, Antonio, he was just being nice.”

“He was hitting on you!” Antonio whined stopping Lovino with a hand, “I love you, I don’t want other people hitting on you.”

“Well then, fucking marry me Antonio if you want to be possessive.”

“Fine! Will you marry me, Lovino!” In the middle of some sleazy bar, he got down on his knee and showed nothing, “I got the ring already, it’s at the house, but I love you more than anyone and you are my everything.”

With a hand to his mouth, Lovino eyes burst into tears as he barreled into Antonio’s arms, kissing the daylights out of him. It took a couple minutes, until Antonio was back to making out, feeling his wet thighs and a smell of beer on his breath and skin.

“I’ll give you the best wedding, your grandfather is gonna love me, because I don’t want anyone to flirt with you, but me.”

The Problem With Today's Older Parents
  • For many of us in our late teens through mid 20's, we have an older generation of parents whom seem to forget what it's like to be young and starting out. They forget the fact that our generation is the generation that's been declared screwed over from the start. For example, back when our parents were our age, the world in general was cheaper when it came to prices and taxes, a bit more flexible when it came to jobs and education standards, and a minimum wage job could get you somewhere. Not everywhere but, you were able to save up to get your own car without a loan; which is something you can't do today unless you want something that'll break down within the hour you first bought and drove it. Then there's the fact that when they were in school, they were actually taught. Not droned. They learned how to work on, fix, and create things, do paperwork, cook, sew, knit, and etc. Skills that prepared you for the adult world, unlike us. We just learned how to press buttons for an answer and maybe half-assed taught maybe two of the above skills I mentioned our parents learned in school. They don't realize that we have been taught nothing at all other than most teachers saying we're shit people, probably not going anywhere in life, and good luck. School doesn't prepare us for life anymore. It prepares us for, hopefully, minimal standards for a job at most. And even then, that doesn't seem to get us anywhere either. Our parents, at most, just needed to pass and graduate high school to get a good, supporting job when they were our age, along with free benefits such as health insurance and etc. Now, in today's society, we can pass through high school and college and still not be eligible to work somewhere that would give us financial stability and benefits (which we now have to pay for as well through our paychecks).
  • Might I add as well that I've also noticed and experienced that older generation parents think we're lazy, don't do anything productive, and don't understand how we can be tired from our jobs? Let me rant on this as well. Parents, 30-40 hours a week jobs DO NOT FUCKING PAY FOR SHIT ANYMORE. Especially when they're minimal wage or close to it! We are literally WORKING OUR ASSES OFF just trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for some pay. Then, again, there's that wonderful fact that we are either NOT hired or ELIGIBLE for a job that could financially stabilize us because we are under qualified, over qualified, or people are cheap and don't want to hire nor train anyone anymore like they're SUPPOSED TO! We literally have to get 3-4 shit jobs and run our bodies into the ground before we will be able to achieve financial stability and be able to support ourselves, alone. And once again, that's only if we can get hired at this point. Employers expect us to have 30-50 years of work experience under our belts and have been hired by, what it seems to be,100 places already at the ages of 16-25 years old. Obviously, that's not how it works in the real world. The standards for a job are ridiculous now! We are jumping through hoops and breaking our backs constantly just to get a minimum wage job, and especially for a financially and beneficially stable job! You worked 2 jobs and were able to afford a car and an apartment at the age of 18-20 years old? Good for fucking you. That's not how it works anymore.
  • Parents, let's also remember that if any of us want to even attempt to get anywhere anymore, we have to go to college. College that requires us to cough up 1k-200k EVERY SEMESTER, or take out student loans that'll put us in DEBT for the REST OF OUR LIVES while we work low income jobs with little or no benefits that we're struggling to survive off of IN THE FIRST PLACE?! Yeah, mom and/or dad, it's easy as fuck for us. We're totally lazy low-life fucks just trying to make your life hell.
  • No. That's not what we're trying to do to you. We're sorry we can't afford our own place, afford our own car/health insurances, or to buy our own cars. Life, or in our circumstances, attempts to start a life are harder than ever for us at this point. This world is now stacked against us. We no longer have those happy-go-lucky opportunities waiting for us anymore. It's why we either give up, run our bodies into the ground working, not working, or doing malicious things (drug dealing, stealing, etc) to gain money and make a living off of. Hard work and education no longer seems to pay off/reward/benefit us anymore; or does very little.
  • Stop belittling us. Stop nagging at us. Stop putting us down for things we can't control!
  • We need support! We need a guide! We need love and positivity! Not you screaming at us for being "useless", "worthless", "lazy", and etc!
  • We need understanding parents. Not drill sergeants pushing us to our deaths. If we wanted that, we'd go and get ourselves killed in a war.
  • Respect and love us for our endless and failing attempts. Give us a break. We're under more pressure and stress than you're acknowledging.
  • Sorry, not sorry.
Daycare - CEO!Luke:

singledaddy!ceo!luke AU:

Originally posted by rydeforyou

requested: lol no, this came to me in a daydream hehe

Plotline: Single dad CEO!luke running into problems with his ex-wife.

A/N: this was supposed to be short haha, it’s kinda long. I just got this idea while studying and couldn’t stop thinking about it until I wrote it :3

feedback is very much welcomed lovelies :)


Jumping out of the black tinted BMW in a scurry, Luke dashed into the daycare center, only sparing his driver a little nod of his head. His legs led him through the all too familiar corridors, eyes frantically glancing at every classroom, his beating heart only calming down as he spotted an anxious figure at the end of the hall.

“Hey” he breathed out, his lungs still recovering from his previous run. “You called, what’s wrong?” Luke had received an urgent call during a meeting, his body bolting out of the building the minute he read the caller ID, before he could even comprehend what was going on.

“Yeah I did. Luke, it’s about your ex-wife.” you carefully informed him, your eyes gauging his reaction to the spoken words. Luke’s whole demeanor changed at the mention of the word ‘ex’, the usually composed and poised CEO coming baffled.

 You had known, of course; everyone knew. It was no secret to the rest of the globe how two of the most successful CEO’s in the business world turned their divorce into an all out war. It was a sickening scene really; how she had fought to get as much profit as she could from the separation, pursuing alimony and attempting to get a precentage of the financial shares of his own company, hiring a team of lawyers in the process as if it were her only purpose in life. She had fought for the financial outcome of the divorce much harder than the custody of Jace, their one year old son. 

Luke was well aware as soon as she had filed for divorce that she was coldly aiming at tearing his company down; the company he had worked hard for, the company he had started from scratch as he first began as a simple employee who was barely making the minimal wage.

 Unlike his previous spouse, Hemmings.Inc wasn’t handed to him on a golden plate from his father. He had gotten where he was through hard work and restless labor, making his name known to every businessman out there. It was given that the divorce and the following lawsuits filed by his ex could severely damage everything he had worked hard to uphold; and it nearly did. But his enterprise had made it through, and he was able to bring everything back where it was, maybe even more successful than before.

 You had known about everything; how he had struggled to bring his business back to life all while juggling the new single-parent life he found himself thrown into; how he had suffered through the first few months, breaking down every now and then as the weight he was bearing became agonizingly heavy for him to hold up by himself. The single parent life wasn’t something he chose, nor was it something he wished for his child. Although it was notable that if anything, the divorce had at least been beneficial for Jace, as he no longer had to live in the poisonous atmosphere caused by the conflicts his parents faced.

 You had known all of that; but unlike the rest, it wasn’t through gossip sites or boldly printed headlines; it was through a candle-lit dinner with Luke, the composure in which he spoke making you wonder if he had anticipated the question. 

Meeting you had been the epitome of hapiness and alleviation, not only because the Daycare you maintained had been delightfully indulgent when it came to his tight –and not always suitable- schedule, but mainly because of the relief you had brought into his life.

 Luke couldn’t possibly deny how much of a mess he had been, completely clueless on what to do or how to even start. He had been more than ecstatic to have gained full custody over Jace, however the sleepless nights he had been through as the little toddler cried out for his mother had brought him over the edge. He often found himself crying along with his son in the early morning hours, fully aware that a hard day of work was awaiting him yet unable to stop the heartbroken sobs that rocked his body, not even after the crying child had fallen asleep. And when you came along, he had already fallen deeply into a perpetual cycle that almost tore him apart.

 Maybe it was the support you had offered him as he broke down one early morning whilst dropping Jace, looking like an absolute mess, that lead him into trusting you.

 Indeed, you had been expecting some kind of turbulence once you had realised that the new enrolled toddler’s last name was Hemmings. What you hadn’t predicted, though, was a 6’4 businessman breaking down in a miniature child chair; his longs legs tugged uncomfortably as he furiously wiped his tear-stained face. 

 You had been the one to carefully listen to his heartbreaking struggles, providing him with the support he –oh so desperately- needed, helping him see the light at the end of the tunnel. The mutual attraction was not hard to miss; even your co-workers and his employees could tell. And although you had both agreed that no relationship could be pursued between the two of you until Jace was no longer in your care, you were both eager to know more about each other, the unspoken care you two held for the other growing deeper with every passing day. And as Jace was nearing three years old, he would soon be out of your Daycare, moving into Kindergarten.

 In the end of the day, Luke was finally able to get his mind back into work, feeling at ease that you of all people were taking care of his son.

 And now, a year and half after the most aggravating event in Luke’s life, she was back once again. The woman that had broken his heart and tore apart his family and business, disturbing the peaceful harmony he had managed to sustain. 

“What about her?” Luke asked, trying to get a grip and understand furthermore.

 “She came in almost an hour ago –I don’t even know how she got the address. She wants to take Jace with her, but I tried to explain that since there was no information regarding her in the registration papers, it’s against policy to let her take him.” 

There had been no mention of Jace’s mother in the papers Luke had filled; he had listed his parents and even hers, yet her space had been left blank. You had been considerate, fully aware of his difficult situation, so you didn’t try and push it any further.

 “I wouldn’t have called, I shouldn’t have called. But she wouldn’t stop screaming and the kids were getting scared… I-I wanted to call your secretary first but I didn’t have your office number-”

“Hey” Luke shushed you, raising his hands to rest them over your shoulders, his thumbs soothingly rubbing your shoulder blades. “You did the right thing by calling me.” He knew for a fact that it was near impossible for anyone else to convince his ex, him being entirely conscious of her character. For a second, he even started doubting if he could handle the situation at hand. 

“Come on, lead the way.” Luke instucted, his eyes reassuring you that he was already planning what to do.

 As requested, you lead him into the back office, warily opening the door for him to come in. There she stood, right in front of him, in all of her fanciness and smugness, shouting at the receptionnist who was trying to keep her cool. 

Luke’s mind lead him back into their first encounter, recalling the star-struck feeling he got as he laid his eyes on her. He had been charmed by her beauty and grace, instantly forming an ideal perception of her. It was his first time falling in love, his first time handing over his heart completely to someone else; his first time having his entire being shattered like broken glass. 

He had been blind, totally ignoring everyone else’s concern about getting married at a young age. He wasn’t worried about any of that, he was in love with her and they both could understand each other as they made money the same way; working in their respective companies. And not even the unplanned pregnancy could change his mind; a child with the woman he loved seemed so delightful at the time. 

That being until he realised how much of a fool he had been to not understand that the whole marriage was nothing but a business deal for his spouse, all in the purpose of merging the companies and increasing the profit. Their marriage had already been condemned to fail by the time he had finally opened his eyes to see that the love was one-sided, and that the angelic idea he had of his wife was no where near true. 

 “Ma’am, I am not allowed to let someone pick up a child without the consent of his legal guardian.” The receptionist explained once again, growing very tired as the shouting hadn’t stopped for an entire hour.

 “For the hundred’th time; I am not ‘someone’, I am his mother!” Jane, Jace’s mother, screamed the words venomously at the worker, her manicured and red tinted forefinger pointing at her. 

The receptionist’s relieved eyes met yours as you sent her away with a nod towards the door. It was very clear that the situation needed privacy, even you were thinking about leaving the two alone. As if reading your mind; Luke turned his head to face you, shooting you a reassuring smile before turning back to face Jane.

“Ah! Finally the legal guardian arrives! Now would you please tell them that I’m allowed to pick up my damned child if I wished? Honestly, what kind of place is this?” she huffed angrily, her eyes staring at her ex-husband.

 “Jane, you are allowed to pick up Jace; but on the visiting hours the court decided. The visiting hours you have completely disregarded for the past 10 months, may I remind you?” Luke’s hand uncousciously moved to loosen his tie, the unplanned encounter with his ex turning out to be far stressful than anticipated.

 “Look, I am in no way trying to take your son away from you; I could never. But you’re not giving me much to work with, and barging into his daycare to take him without a court order is definitely not helping!”

Luke leaned back on the desk behind him, his right hand sliding into the pocket of his dress pants as the other rubbed his eyes in frustration. Business he could do, parenting he could handle, but fighting with her wasn’t something he could take. It only brought up old memories that had poisoned his mind for a long while, memories that had only stopped tormenting him after meeting you. 

Before Jane could shoot her comeback, the door cracked open revealing a crying Jace. He had been shaken up the entire morning due to the screaming, instantly seeking the comfort of his father as soon as he had heard his voice. 

An incoherent babble of words escaped his pouty lips, the two and half year old still struggling with his words. At the mention of the word “ma ma”, a proud smile appeared on Jane’s face, feeling victorious in a way. 

The proud smile instantly dropped into a nasty scowl upon realizing that Jace was running into your arms intead of hers. You picked up the toddler, rocking him in your arms to sooth him. 

It wasn’t unusual for him to call you ‘mama’ or ‘m’my’; you were the one taking care of him whilst his daddy was at work. More so, you were the one Luke would call late at night when Jace wouldn’t stop crying or when his tempature was worryingly high; you were the one to dress him in that spare hoodie you always had when Luke hadn’t predicted the sudden change in the weather; you were the one taking him back to your place when his father would stay in his office until unholy hours. You weren’t complaining though, your actions were driven by the love you beared for the two boys.

“So that’s what this is about?” Jane let out a wicked, dry laugh, “You didn’t want to hand me my son because you somehow believe you could ever replace me? Honey, don’t get too caught up in your dreams!”

 You stood right in your place, arms still holding up Jace who was fisting your shirt, his burning forehead resting in the crook of your neck, feeling intimidated with every click of her designer heels as she stepped closer to you. 

Luke however, didn’t seem to lose his composure, his eyes not leaving her as he adressed you; “Why don’t you take Jace out to the playground for a while?”

“Come on muffin, let’s go play!” You cooed at Jace, stepping out of the tense atmosphere. Setting the child down so he could play, you took a step back as you watched him. As much as you tried to drown out the nervous feeling welling up in your stomach, you couldn’t. Your mind was caught up in the discussion happening back in the room, wondering where it would leave not only her and Luke, but also you and him.

 It was past your closing time, and all the workers and kids had already left, leaving only you and Jace in the playground. Your ears picked up the sound of foot steps coming closer to where you stood.

“Hey” Luke breathed out, sitting down on the bench to join you. 

“Is she gone..?” you trailed off, watching as Luke bobbed his head as a yes. Nodding your head along, you looked back to Jace, not knowing if you should ask more questions or just leave it be.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t create more trouble in the future.” Luke affirmed, making you direct your attention towards him again. His appearance was much different than it was when he first came in; his gelled hair was pushed back from running his anxious hands through it, his suit no longer neatly ironed as usual, his eyes looking tired as ever.

“About what she said before,” Luke began, his eyes glancing at his son instead of yours, “You’re in no way a replacement for her. You’re nothing like her; if anything, you’re more of a mother figure to Jace than she ever was.” 

The last words were spitten angrily, the collected personna he had managed to keep in front of his ex wearing down for he knew that he could strip himself in front of you, the composed façade no longer needed. As strong as Luke pried himself to be, you could tell that the encounter had brought back the doubts that had surrounded him during the first lonely months. That pained you. Why does he have to torment himself for things she caused?

 “You’re doing an amazing job” You mumbled, leaning your head on his shoulder, your arms wrapping around his waist in an attempt to shield him from his demons that had resurfaced. “Jace is by far the loveliest kid I have ever encountered; he’s really sweet and well-mannered.” 

You lifted your head from where it rested, bringing your hand to his cup his face and turning it gently so he faced you, speaking every word clearly for him to hear; “He has an amazing, hardworking, and ridiculously handsome father. He takes so much after him, and I couldn’t be any prouder,”

 A fond smile adorned Luke’s face at your words, his hands wrapping around you to bring you into a warm hug, his lips tenderly pecking your temple. You found yourself curling your arms around him, enjoying his warmth and the scent of his cologne. 

“Wait! Shouldn’t you be back to work?” your head shot up at the thought, Luke chuckling at your behavior. 

“I actually cleared the whole day. So what do you say the three of us go somewhere no one knows us?” 

His proposal was quickly met with your excited smile, your head vigorously nodding.

 “Come my little prince” you called out for Jace, who shot his head up from the sea of toys he was playing with, finally noticing the presence of his father. 

“Daddy” he squealed, jumping into his father’s open arms; giggling as Luke kissed him and playfully rubbed his scruffy jawline against his cheek. Jace was –predictabely- such a daddy’s boy, and the joy adorning his face was an incredible sight to witness.

 From afar, the three of you looked like the perfect family. And you truly were, albeit there was no blood tie connecting you.

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When did you become right wing?

I’m not?

I’ve kept practically all of my opinions the same since I started my Tumblr.  I’m for numerous social safety nets, I’m all for the decriminalization of different drugs and I believe those that suffer from addiction should be helped via medicine and not jail.

I’m in favor a minimal living wage.  I don’t think Trickle Down economics works and I feel that taxing the rich for marginally more is better than cutting them tax breaks.  I’m all for free, or at least extremely cheap, post secondary education and socalized health care.

I, honestly, think that nordic countries have the right idea for their general framework.  Though I hate places like Sweden flat out fetishizing feminism and ‘progressive’ virtue signaling.

Fact of the matter is, I voted for Trudeau.  Think about that.

I am forced to constantly condemn the left, the democrats, and have to constantly defend fucking Trump, because people CONSTANTLY blow what he does out of proportion and downright lie about him.  

I’m not so far fucking left that I think that is okay to do just because somebody is my political opposite.  Trump is president.  And despite not agreeing with him on many of his policies, I’d at least try to give him the same level of scrutiny and fairness Obama got from the left.

Only NOW, after 8 years of kissing Obama’s ass, is the media acting adversarial to the president.  To the point where they’re freaking out about everything he does and ignoring the good things he has done.

You have the left flat out rioting, condoning violence.  With the media cheering them on.

I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of the hypocrisy on the left.  And at this point, as I’ve said before, I seriously am hoping Trump actually does turn out to be a good president, does all the things he does and puts America on the road to recovery, SIMPLY OUT OF SPITE for all the whiny idiots who act like he’s the fucking next Hitler.

I’d rather Trump do good by America because America needs help, rather than see him turn America to shit just because it might prove my side was right.

Belief in evolution predicts GDP per capita

by Choobeee

I’ve got numbers from Pew Survey on Religion and Public life 2007, and wiki page on GDP in USA, ran simple regression in R, plotted using lattice package (xyplot). Rsquare is 0.67, so it explains that much of variation. Interestingly the intercept at 0% is minimal wage.

Reaper: *materializes out of shadows* Death comes for you…to deliver pizza

Soldier 76: really Reyes?

Reaper: i have to pay for guns somehow. your total is fifteen dollars.

76: fine, here.

Reaper: and a tip?

76: i am NOT giving you a tip.

Mercy: please just give him a tip Jack

76: but-

D.VA: dad, you do realize he makes less than minimal wage? he SURVIVES off of tips, wow most people only hand out a single dollar, if any.

76: fine. have a twenty.

Reaper: thanks. kill you later, you miserable son of a bitch.

76: you to you undead sociopath.


And Mr. Moffat’s Penchant for the Aesthetic

With the start to Season Nine of Doctor Who, so begins the final episodes with Clara Oswald as the Doctor’s Companion. As Oscar Wilde stated, rather metaphysically, “Memory is the diary that we all carry about us.” Then, like River Song and flipping through her infamous blue journal, we propose a return to—




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Oswin Oswald may have been our first glimpse of Clara Oswald’s Merry Band of Splintered Wenches (trademarked, hereof), but “The Snowmen” introduces her as a potential companion. It also introduces her as a typical post-modern-idealization Victorian. -Ish.

“The Snowmen” opens with a small, lonely boy in 1842 solemnly packing a snowman’s forehead to the pre-recorded laughter of children. Like many Englishmen living under “The White Man’s Burden,” the boy is soon set on far-reaching genocide after his snowman companion vaguely infringes on the creative license of rankin bass productions.

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Though this turn of events is, perhaps, understandable, as we too would murder millions if the voice of Sir Ian McKellen asked it of us.

Enter Clara Oswin Oswald (hereon referred to as simply “Corset Clara” “Clara”), looking like the cast of Oliver! will soon crowd around as she belts the final notes of “As Long as He Needs Me.” A barmaid—full of spunk, lovely, a little overeager, charmingly upside-down. Seemingly unrelated to the birth of a giant snowglobe hell-bent on world domination as she walks on a picturesque snowfall that has somehow avoided the feces and grime involved in a budding industrial world.

And so Moffat presents the Whovian adaptation of Victorian London. The Dickensian elements all present—orphans, barmaids, Christmas—we reach the most well-known trope of the Victorian age, the governess. Where the 1990s had the renovated “nerd girl,” the 1890s had the young governess: teacher of children, owner of minimal wages and vague social status. Unmarried Englishwomen of the middle-class were (unsurprisingly—we recommend Googling “Misogyny” for further details) limited in their employment opportunities, to the dramatic finality that a governess position was the only job where a woman could both earn money and retain some sort of gentility. “Governess novels” as a genre overwhelm popular Victorian literature, with examples like Jane Eyre, Vanity Fair, and The Turn of the Screw

Clara’s secret identity as proper governess “Miss Montague” provides the groundwork for a very Romantic class-crossing that would have made Victorians cringe. But as Mr. Moffat might claim in his defense, “Dat aesthetic, though.” Modern viewers see Clara’s double life as appealing; a beautiful girl with “ideas above her station,” working class, relatable but respected, clever but grounded. But cry the Victorians: cheeky upstart! From barmaid to governess, the social leap would have been nearly impossible under the strict class-policing of the time. The likelihood that Clara would have been able to navigate both social spheres successfully, finding even the minimal education necessary to teach if she has been raised as lower class, matches the likelihood of a Victorian themed piece coming to completion without referencing—

We’ll put a stopper, with your indulgence, on the multiple mentions of Sherlock Holmes. Though we understand; one can never toot one’s own horn too many times over the course of fifty-eight minutes.You currently dominate two successful creative enterprises. You are Writer-Man Victorious, Mister Moffat. Hurrah and bully.

Clara is beloved by the family she works for–an overly generous reflection of the position of the governess in the average household. As the maid, Alice, tells Clara when she first enters the house, the governess should enter through the back if she’s unaccompanied by the children. In reality, this protocol would have been strictly upheld; somewhere between servant and family member, the governess was often isolated from both spheres of fellow employees and employers. While the loving, admiring household helps to endear viewers to Clara as a character, her situation would have been unlikely. More popularly, though, Clara’s relationship with the father of her students does have a traditional root in the governess genre of literature–the employer falling in love with the governess is in and of itself a trope (we present you with a side-eye, Edward Rochester).

The plot that now unfolds makes Henry James perk up in his grave and frown sternly in the general direction of public domain laws–in a clever reference to The Turn of The Screw, one of Clara’s two wards feels haunted by her last governess who died. Clara’s behavior during this adventure may be wonderfully sharp and the build-up to a wonderful companionship, but Clara’s blunt flirtation and general cheek would have tap-danced over the line of impropriety in her era. Clara is surprisingly, delightfully crass, especially during a time when sex education made our modern approach look comprehensive, and when women were told they had no sexual drives whatsoever. It should be noted, however, that the ability to flirt, while disdained in a proper governess, was the primary criteria for a good barmaid–so perhaps her Romantic dichotomy is not entirely unbalanced. Perhaps it’s the Doctor’s “out-of-place-hails-from-space” that lets Clara unabashedly make remarks on his bottom. Or perhaps it’s just one more proof that the Impossible Girl is an Impossible Governess–

but whatever is the fun in things that are completely possible?

  • me as a pragmatic centrist: Raising the minimum wage would only cause prices to go up, causing a virtual inflation that essentially leaves the market unchanged.
  • me now, as an evil communist: raise the minim wage to $100000

A certain person wondered why
a big strong girl like me
wouldn’t keep a job
which paid a normal salary.
I took my time to lead her
and to read her every page.
Even minimal people
can’t survive on minimal wage.

A certain person wondered why
I wait all week for you.
I didn’t have the words
to describe just what you do.
I said you had the motion
of the ocean in your walk,
and when you solve my riddles
you don’t even have to talk.

—  Maya Angelou, I Shall Not Be Moved

I didn’t think I could love Kristen Bell more. 

“Are you a Republican?” “I do love a good tea party.” “Cheeky!”

Okay I hate doing this but I see no other alternative really.

Last night someone smashed my dads car window in order to steal a bag that was left on the back seat. The bag had roughly £800 worth of university library books in it that my dad was going to return today. As it is now missing the university want the money to replace it and admin costs, all comin to around £850. There is also the fact the the insurance company will not pay for the damage meaning he will have to pay an additional £100 for the glass replacement.
The thing is there is no way my father can even begin to pay for this. His income is okay but after rent and bills go through there is often around £160 left to buy food and petrol for the rest of the month. I’ve been trying to get a job to help bring in more money in but no where will take me and minim wage is pretty low for a 16 year old. So this is why I’m starting this, just to cover all the expenses so he won’t have to worry so much. He’s already had deal with serious mental health issues and a possible custody battle with his ex-wife over my younger sister and I really don’t think he can handle much more. even a small donation would help so so much.
The cause link is:
Thank you for reading this, if you can help thank you so much but if not please share it. thank you again