minimal trek

Actual thoughts on new Star Trek Trailer
  • Funny Bones and Spock scene made me chuckle
  • No objectified women in their underwear, thank god
  • Music choice is so stupid, too modern for a Star Trek movie. Why couldn’t they use classical scores or something?
  • Idris Elba in alien makeup, kind of weird to look at but I hopehe’s a good villian.
  • Uhura looking like she’s trapped in something, hope she doesn’t die
  • Kirk still sounds like his frat-boy persona, please let him grow out of that in this movie
  • More aliens in general and they look like they’re part of the focus, cool.
  • The whole trailer looks like this movie’s going to be about them surviving on a planet after they crash the Enterprise, which is miles better than a stupid REVENGE AGAINST THE FEDERATION plot like the last two movies. 
  • No Spock/Uhura in the trailer…? Curious as to why that is.
  • Also where’s Chekov, because I didn’t see him.

Overall, I give the trailer a 6/10, minimal hype.