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Take Poppy with you everywhere you go on your cellular telephone! Watch Poppy on the internet website! Never forget how much Poppy loves you. 


In which Kara is a certified genius that has to tone down her mind in front of others and practice it by coming up with questions to aggravate Alex, which she finds hilarious.

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Take Poppy with you everywhere you go on your cellular telephone! Watch Poppy on the internet website! Never forget how much Poppy loves you. Pt. 2

I love the necklace that came with the vampire pack but it’s too much for just about any outfit that isn’t vampire related so I made it a bit more normal

-New mesh

-Base game compatible 

-For feminine frames

-Two versions, one with the flower and one without

-Both versions come in 9 ea colors 

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Stephew Waitress Au

@six-and-a-half-dollar-man Heard you like Waitress the musical and couldn’t resist drawing some early college days Stephew as Ogie and Dawn

Small Start

A/N: Boku no Hero Academiya (Kirishima/Bakugou) -  28. “Did you know you look adorable when you’re being tickled?” - I’ve always thought mini-tickles were cute (lolol look at the Hinata-thing I reblogged). Result = Random bnha fic and I have no regrets.

Summary: When Bakugou arrives at school, sized like a tiny little pixie, things are turning out a lot funnier than he had expected. Well, not funny-funny, but in the end it’s him who laughs the most. 

Word Count: 1588

Bakugou panted as he hung from the wall, his tiny legs dangling beneath him. Clenching his teeth, he pulled himself up towards the window. He was gonna commit some murders. Murders! Those damn elementary school kids. How dare they attack him with their useless quirks? 

Bakugou was merely the size of a hand right now. Just because some random kid ran over to him:

“TAG!” and before he knew it after that single touch his world was huge and he was, well, this small. He! Bakugou Katsuki, minimized by some kid!

He refused to let anyone see him like this, but he also definitely could not skip class and have everyone advance with their theoretical skills while he would stay behind. Na-ah. Not gonna happen, and definitely not because of that stupid minimize-quirk kid. How long was he going to stay like this anyway? This was no joke!

After having blasted himself towards the school, he had hurried to climb the wall in order to avoid having to walk like this through the school and with dangers of getting squished, or worse, seen by others.

“Ah s-shit!” he cursed when he reached the window which was sadly closed. So far his plan to sneak in like a bug and… He raised his tiny eyebrows when he noticed Deku was already in class. Of course that loser came early like this. He was sitting at his desk, reading in that stupid notebook. Bakugou sighed. He didn’t want anyone to see him, but if someone was going to see him it’d better be loser-Deku since he wouldn’t have to feel any shame towards him anyway.

“Deku! Fucking Deku open up!” He banged the window, made tiny explosions and a whole scene until Deku finally noticed him. His bright sparkly eyes widened, as well did his mouth.

“Eh? Kacchan!?” He rushed towards the window, opened it up and watched how a pixie-sized Bakugou stepped inside.

“Not. A. Word. About this,” Bakugou warned, but apparently his size caused Deku to not take him seriously at all, and before he knew it he swept him off his feet. Literally.

“Hey! Wha- the fuck, let me go! Let go, I’ll kill you!” Bakugou protested when Deku lifted him by his collar to study him closer.

“You’re tiny,” Deku stated the obvious, and a devious huge finger suddenly poked his tummy. Bakugou blew out a whole lot of air and started a renewed string of curses:

“NAh! Damn hell stupid idiot I know I’m tiny! F-fucking let go of me! Don’t touch me!” He kicked his legs, the panic rising. Shit, if the others in class would arrive… If anyone would see him like this…

“Good moooorning!” Bakugou froze in Deku’s grip. Shit. Shit shit shit, noooo not.. not him! Anyone but him!

“Ah, good morning Kirishima,” Deku said casually, turning around with Bakugou still dangling between his forefinger and thumb.

“Hey, what’s that?” Kirishima already had his eyes on the hysterical mini-Bakugou in Deku’s hand, and Bakugou panicked and struggled even more.

“GAhh! Let go! Noooo!” he yelled when Deku simply held him up for Kirishima to see.

“It’s a pocket-sized Bakugou,” he said with a careless shrug. That fucking…!

“Oh! Ohoho! If it isn’t a tiny little blasty Mcsplode!” Kirishima said, and Bakugou tried to run for his life but the lively red head already took him from Deku and he ended up sprawled in his hand.

“Now how did you end up like this mister? Don’t tell me the mini-kid got you there?” Ack. He knew!? An elementary kid wasn’t supposed to have a reputation while all Bakugou was known for was ‘the kid who was captured by’–

“HA!” A ticklish shock pulled him back out of his thoughts, and he looked up in shock. Kirishima poked Bakugou’s tummy just like Deku had done, but then he wiggled his finger a little and Bakugou tensed up, his own tiny hands gripping Kirishima’s finger in an attempt to get him off. 

“No! Nohoho – wahait! Stop that don’t touch me!” Bakugou huffed, but a laugh suddenly came out of him and he squeezed his eyes shut. 

“Watch it, Kacchan’s ticklish Kirishima,” Deku warned carefully. Well he shouldn’t have! Fuck him! Bakugou turned his head and glared at Deku, raising a fist as big as a bread crumb and shouting:

“SHUT YOUR STUPI - ahahaah no! Nohoho shihihit!” he laughed when Kirishima tested Deku’s words by wiggling his finger against Bakugou’s tummy again. Blushing, Bakugou convulsed entirely and hiccupped, squeaky giggles mixing with his angry laughter as he was being tickled mercilessly by this evil giant. Uh oh, he was in big trouble.

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