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Take Poppy with you everywhere you go on your cellular telephone! Watch Poppy on the internet website! Never forget how much Poppy loves you. 

I love the necklace that came with the vampire pack but it’s too much for just about any outfit that isn’t vampire related so I made it a bit more normal

-New mesh

-Base game compatible 

-For feminine frames

-Two versions, one with the flower and one without

-Both versions come in 9 ea colors 

/(O.O)/ Download \(O.O)\


Country Living In The Centre Of The City | Goteburg, Sweden



What I don’t understand about a lot of high/middle scholar protagonists, is that when they’re thrown into an entirely new life with these new superpowers as “the chosen one”, they’re still like “I can’t just become the chosen one! I have to go to school!!” and horribly struggle to go to school and save the world.

I would have jumped at the chance to just disappear and just train with superpowers when I was in high/middle school. I had zero hind-sight for what profession I wanted, and I didn’t give a shit about 99% of the people I hung out with. And think about it, spending half of your time saving lives and fighting evil eats away at study time, what’s the point of staying in school when you’re gonna retain maybe 10% of the information they give you because you haven’t slept for 3 days from fighting demons and trying to make class.

While education is super important, so is punching bad guys in the face.