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semi important !

hey everyone !! it meme, finally online after a super busy weeknd and i come back with some announcements !! so my muse for yeseul has been kind of low because for some reason she isn’t working out the way i had planned so i’m kind of revamping her a tiny bit, not a lot will change it will just be some minor stuff so i can get a better grasp of her - and if all that fails there is a slight chance i will be swapping her out with a new character but i’m already super attached to her so i doubt it. this also means i will be dropping threads and writing a revamped intro for her, and quite possibly delete my current posts !


Minimalist Stephen King book covers illustrated by Jim Tierney 😍 there’s more, but these nine were some of the first books I read when I started getting into horror years ago, and I just had to blog about their new look 💝