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Description: Sokka accompanies an exceptionally pregnant Toph on a visit to Air Temple Island in an attempt find out what is taking this stubborn baby so long to be born. This is part of The Cutting Room Floor: A Push and Pull Companion Piece. 

Pairings: Kataang/ Sukka/ Tokka overtones

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Companion piece to:  Chapter One             

August 120 ASC

            It was the hottest year in recorded history for this region. The city that was once Yu Dao had been keeping register of the highs and lows for nearly sixty years and out of curiosity Sokka had indeed flipped through the almanac to confirm his suspicions.

            He was dead on. The heat wave that was plaguing the fledging Republic City was right at the top. He felt it too. Everyone did.

            But perhaps there was one, who was feeling it more than most.

            Sokka looked over at his old friend with pity in his eyes.

 Toph, a typically pale and petite figure was beet red and bulging today as they waited for the ferry to Air Temple Island. The breeze was minimal on the docks and he knew it was needed- desperately.

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