minimal advertising

the most recent homestuck hiatus, to be fair, has been shorter than most TV show hiatuses. between now and the last snapchat upd8 is a decent hiatus period

but with a TV show you have creators & actors making press appearances, and professional advertising, and almost constant updates on the production of new content as it happens, to the point where there’s always something to be excited about just around the corner. you’re not ever really allowed to forget about the show

and with homestuck it’s like. we don’t know how long it’ll be until there’s an update, we don’t get even semi-regular notices about how production is going, there’s minimal advertising, and it’s all because homestuck’s online presence has always sustained itself through extra commitment on behalf of its fandom. but after a while there isn’t a reason for people to put in that extra effort anymore – not if they don’t think there’ll be payoff for it. and honestly, big as it was, the longer you go without new content, the easier it becomes to forget.

:/ yup did not enjoy the recallers VIP pass at all, which is frustrating because I did enjoy the IYC summit