minimal 2012


ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!??!  Actual official merchandise of HUMAN Ivan Steranko, Anton Zeck and Chris-fucking-Bradford???  I have to own these. I found Anton today, but apparently Ivan won’t be released till later this year.  And hopefully they’ll do human Xever and Baxter, too, as well as their mutant forms!  And it looks like we’ve got an awesome looking Slash and Bebop and Rocksteady, too.  THANK YOU, MINIMATES!

Again, inspired by big-bootyakasha’s Raphril headcanon post - HERE -

“We all know how Raph didn’t trust really his brothers with Spike, but he completely trusts Spike with April of course and lets her feed him and play with him, oh my god.”

Seeing minimal 2012 TMNT episodes, I wasn’t completely aware of Raphael’s protectiveness of Spike, who ultimately mutated. But just thought the moment had to be drawn out. I just love how Raph’s actin’ all oblivious, slightly turned away from the scene but can’t help the affection of seeing the girl he likes with his beloved Spike. Someone who doesn’t even trust his own brother’s with, completely allows the beautiful redhead to interact with the small terrapin.

Hope y'all like it. Enjoy your weekend. :-D Also, I think I’ve come up with a new system of uploading on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We’ll see how it works out. Until then, have a good one, y'all.