Does anyone remember when:

- gassymexican was a creature
- seananners worked at machinima
- ohmWrecker wasn’t friends with bss
-Puncake was a funny joke
-pewdiepie and cry were best friends
-miniladd had long hair
-Ray was part of achievement hunter
-team crafted was a thing
-Jacksepticeye was just a fan of mark
-creature talk was every Saturday
-lui calibre uploaded

A Beauty and the Beast AU (BBS)

I was stuck between using H20vanoss or Vancat (or Tyvan) as the pairing at first but in the end I decided with Vancat because this ship needs more love.
It’s not a fanfiction but instead kind of a ‘who gets which roll’

Beast: Tyler

Beauty: Evan

Gaston: Marcel

Lefou: Scotty

Cogsworth: Craig

Mrs. Potts: Ohm

Chip: Delirious

Maurice: Brock

Lumiere: Daithi

Featherduster: Lui

Wardrobe: Brian

Hopefully I will somehow gain motivation write about this^^


I’ve been working on these for the past few days and they are finally completed! LEGO Miniland scale versions of the main Over the Garden Wall cast! I think I’ll post more detailed photos of them “out in the world” later. Some tweaks may be needed, but I’m super happy with how they came out.

How would you celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the National Archives?  Build a Lego National Archives?

We stumbled* across this miniature National Archives Building during a recent visit to Legoland. It’s impressively detailed, down to the eagles along the cornice and the statues of Heritage and Guardianship on the Constitution Avenue side.  (Don’t miss the real statues up close, circa 1940).
(*We didn’t stumble on them literally of course - everyone knows how much they hurt!)

We have to wonder, what other models of the National Archives building are out there?