Does anyone remember when:

- gassymexican was a creature
- seananners worked at machinima
- ohmWrecker wasn’t friends with bss
-Puncake was a funny joke
-pewdiepie and cry were best friends
-miniladd had long hair
-Ray was part of achievement hunter
-team crafted was a thing
-Jacksepticeye was just a fan of mark
-creature talk was every Saturday
-lui calibre uploaded


Patrick and I decided to go exploring together again, since we really have nothing better to do. Patrick went ahead to the Corruption island, because we haven’t actually explored that yet. Screenshots of that will be coming tomorrow ;D

We found a trapped bunny and then we killed our first Pinky :P we’re rich and we feel profound shame for not helping the bunny.

If “profound shame” made you think of S:S&S EP then we should be cosmic friends forever!


You know that feeling of happy nostalgia you get when you find a possession you never even knew you kept and it’s been hidden away for so many years? 

We didn’t get that feeling when we found these snow blocks from back when we faced the Frost Legion. Instead, we argued for 5 minutes over how this snow ended up floating, and more importantly who missed this spot while cleaning up :L