[On the debate on nudity] That’s a massive question. That’s an essay; I can’t give you a sound bite on that question. You know, I don’t believe in nudity for nudity’s sake, nothing gratuitous. But, you know, some of the most successful, talented actresses of our generation, be it Julianne Moore, or Charlize Theron, or Charlotte Gainsbourg, or Isabella Rossellini, if you know your cinema history, have taken their clothes off. There’s nothing wrong with nudity, per se, if it’s part of the storytelling and it’s eloquent and it says something about the raw humanity of the story. So again, you see, we’re getting caught up with labels: “Nudity: bad.” It’s not about “nudity: bad.” It’s about gratuitous oversexualization of children; it’s complicated. And I feel that we live in an age where everyone’s trying to reduce, and soundbite, and cut it down to140 characters, and that’s not what life is. So everyone should stop shouting so much and listen more to what each other is saying, you know?