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1. Do you have any piercings?

No but I have holes in my ears from when I was a kid and had them pierced. Unfortunately I am highly allergic to against my skin so I couldn’t wear earrings for long.
2. What’s your favorite card game?

Does Cards Against Humanity count? If not, cribbage is fun.
3. What’s your soda of choice?

P-E-P-S-I. If you don’t know this then you owe me a Pepsi.
4. What word do you say a lot?

At work: Hi. Personal life: fuck
5. If you could have any onesie which would you choose?

A squirrel onesie but I’d have to cut the feet out cuz they would feel trapped. And it better have a fluffy tail!
6. What’s your favorite super power?

7. Describe your favorite shoes.

green leather with rubbery rubber stuff for walking and shit
8. What movie do you watch over and over again?

Pitch Perfect (which reminds me I should watch it again soon)
9. Do you speak more than 1 language?

I barely can speak the 1
10. Do you like cooking? What’s your favorite to make?

I do like cooking. Favorite thing to make is soups from scratch.
11. Have pets?

If I go to the park, yes. All of the squirrels are mine!

My Questions:

1) Would rather have a moustache or a beard?

2) In a battle between a grizzly bear and a chop stick, explain how the chop stick would win.

3) If you spawned a baby human, what would you name it?

4) What is your favorite tv show of all time?

5) Favorite Muppet?

6) New York or Los Angeles?

7) Star Trek or Star Wars?

8) How many times have you peed today?

9) What is the sweetest/most thoughtful gift you have received?

10) What smells worse: feet or armpits?

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1. Top 3 Grace videos? Sexy 911 phone calls, Shawty get loose, and You looked for the duck

2. What do you like to do for fun? Mostly hangout with friends, play games, and do dumb stuff.

3. Favorite scene from Camp Takota? When Chet was digging like a crazy man.

4. If you were to meet the Holy Trinity what would you do/say? I’d probably freak out, nervously tell them I love their videos, Camp Takota, and that I wish them the best of luck with everything they do.

5. Who would you like to see Grace collab with? Lindsey Stirling because I just really like them a lot.

6. Favorite My Drunk Kitchen episode? Macaroni Salad.

7. Best Mace moment? When Mamrie wiped the tears from Grace’s face in Camp Takota.

8. Favorite food? Pizza.

9. Favorite Holy Trinity video? Hogwarts.

10. Have you ever eaten paint? Nope.

Enjoy this not-so-great edit, Grace’s cheesy grin, and a list of some (though hopefully all) of the youtube-y blogs I follow! There’s a whole lot.

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