Byron’s 3rd Birthday - minievent - 100DP, part 1 (2 / 2)

@kseifert @passengersaraht @stargazing-cinderella @spyrothetimelord Those two, Nico and Albert lol!


Nico: “Ah, Dee…!”

Nico came, shortly after I parted with Byron.

Nico: “Have you finished talking with Byron?”

Dee: “Yes.”

Nico: “Well then, will you come with me now?”

Dee: “What is it…?”

Nico: “Al wants to ask you something.”

(…? I wonder what is it…) Nico took me to see Albert, that was in the midst of work.

Albert: “I’m sorry to call you all of a sudden. I wanted to give you this.”

That said, Albert took out an envelope out of his pocket.

Dee: “This…?”

Albert: “It’s an invitation for King Byron’s birthday party, it will be held at this time. I would like you to join the party, by all means.” (picture 1)

(That’s right, King Byron’s birthday is coming soon…)

Dee: “It’s you who are asking, Albert…?”

Albert: “Yes. Since King Byron will also be pleased.”

Nico: “But Dee, if I’m not mistaken, that day you have official duties.”

Dee: “Ah…”

When I looked at the invitation I received, I saw that the dates indeed coincided. (On that day I have an inspection to the outskirts, so it will be night when I’ll arrive in Stein… but…)

Dee: “It will be fine. I think that if we head quickly to Stein, we will be in time. I want to attend the party.”

(I want to celebrate Byron’s birthday properly)

Nico: “Well, I thought you would say that Dee.”

Nico smiled and gave me his hand.

Nico: “Because I’ll also help, let’s celebrate King Byron’s birthday together.” (picture 2)

Dee: “Yes…!”

Albert: “Wait, don’t forget about me.” (picture 3)

Nico: “Now that we decided that, let’s think about the present. What would you like…”

Albert: “Hey… are you ignoring me on purpose?” (picture 4)

Nico: “Huh, what was that?”

Albert: “You brat…!” (picture 5)

A lively conversation between the two started, it reminded me of King Byron. (What present should I give him this year…)

–… Next day, in the evening, back in Wysteria. The three heirs to the throne, also invited to Byron’s birthday, were giving their opinions about the present, along with Nico.

Nico: “We talked about it since yesterday, but…”

Dee: “But after all, we can’t think of anything.”

(If I talk with them, maybe I’ll come up with something…?)

Louis: “For a present, think about giving something that Byron likes.” (picture 6)

Noah: “Speaking about what King Byron likes–…” (picture 7)

Everyone looked at me.

Nico: “That is you Dee.” (picture 8)

Dee: “What…”


So, Albert wants the princess to attend the party by all means “giggles”, he wants King Byron to be happy :D

and Nico “huh, what was that?” lol! Nico!! poor Albert!!! well, it’s better to be ignored by Nico, than to be the focus of his attention, don’t you think so Albert? remember that wallpaper ;) :D