Valentine’s Day. 

       Usually the tradition in Japan is for girls to present chocolate to the boys in their lives. Usually it meant that she would be trying to win Yu over with some kind of attempt at homemade chocolate — totally delicious homemade chocolate and not at all lethal, not at all packed with enough spices to make a grown man cry. This year, however, she’s not in Japan. She’s in Hive City and she wonders what that means for her. Do the rules change? She’s not particularly distressed about not having a boyfriend, but the thought of spending the Hallmark holiday with someone else does sound nice. 

       This year, she decides, she’ll go out and treat herself to something! Chocolate, a new outfit; something to make her feel special! Self love is much more important than worrying about loving someone else; a lesson she’s learned first hand. So she’s making her way through the crowded streets of Sector Five, the only place with decent boutiques and restaurants. The sidewalks are packed with adoring couples and it’s only mildly irritating. It can’t be helped. Any seventeen-year-old girl would be, at least, a little envious. 

       She becomes distracted quickly, by the sudden sighting of… a ladybug? It flutters down onto the sleeve of her jacket and she stops near a cafe window to take a better look. Lifting her arm, she squints at it curiously. Isn’t it a little cold for ladybugs to be — are those hearts on its back? The idol quickly realizes that this can only be the work of the scientists and that it’s, probably, not a good idea for her to be examining the bug so closely, to be poking it with her index finger. 

       ”Ah-!” A quick pinch is all it takes and she immediately brings her bitten index finger to her lips, pursing them around it as if that will help. She glares at the ladybug as it flits away, presumably onto its next victim. With a grumble, she shoves her hands into the pockets of her coat and wonders what the hell it means to get a bite from one. 

       Before panic sets in, her eyes widen as they meet those of piercing blue through the window of the cafe and, suddenly, nothing else seems to matter. She knows him. He’s Seto Kaiba. He works for a princess in the city, but he was the CEO of his own company before arriving here. They’ve met a few times and, sure, he’s handsome, but she’s never felt… this — whatever this is. Her heart is racing, thudding against her ribs with such force that it elicits a small gasp. Her mouth dries up and she sinks her teeth into her bottom lip, feeling momentarily frozen in time; if such a thing were possible. 

       The next thing she knows, she’s made her way into the cafe and is calling out to him with such a musical tone that she may as well just be singing his name. She’s beaming at him, blushing brightly. utilizing all of her self control to keep from throwing her arms around him. Such an act would be totally inappropriate between acquaintances, but all she wants is to feel him, to know what it’s like to be in his arms and the strangeness of it all goes completely unnoticed. 

       ”Seto-kun—! Happy Valentine’s Day! Don’t tell me you’re spending it all alone!” The idol giggles, cocking her head to the side as she gazes up at him. “If you are, I’ll have to change that!”


       Her destination is Sector Six’s park. Even though the weather is cold, she needs fresh air— not air clouded with pollution, most likely deadly. So she’s making her way through the train station, brushing by crowds, only paying attention to her assigned platform. In fact, a bite from a heart decorated ladybug even manages to go unnoticed. 

       Looking up from her ticket, she lets out a sigh of relief as she finds that she’s where she needs to be. Just in time, too! Glancing around, her eyes fall upon a young man who is, in turn, staring at her. He looks to be about her age and, she can’t figure out why but, she’s drawn to him. There’s a vague itch on the back of her neck and she doesn’t know whether she wants to punch this boy in the gut or kiss him right on the mouth — a tension she’s not familiar with.

       ”What are you looking at—?!” She flushes deeply and huffs, looking away with her nose scrunched, cheeks puffed.


       Red hair. 

       It’s like nothing she’s ever seen before — so much more vibrant than her own burgundy locks. It stands out to her like fire and she’s infatuated by it. She’s not even sure who it belongs to. Maybe she’s seen him out and about in the city before, but he’s never appeared to her quite like this. 

       Before she knows it, she’s shuffling up to him, paying their surroundings absolutely no mind whatsoever. She wants to touch it so badly, it’s so… he’s so —

       ”Your hair is so amazing! Is it natural?! You look so cool!” 


       It only takes her a moment to go from feeling perfectly normal to suddenly dazed and giddy. Perhaps it’s the result of one of those unnaturally cute ladybugs or, perhaps, it’s the fact that she’s rested her eyes upon a man who could only be described as incredibly iimpressive and totally cool looking. 

       Without hesitation, she bounces over to him — completely unafraid and fueled with excitement.

       ”Hi there! I’m Rise— and you seem super strong and cool! I just had to talk to you!” But she couldn’t quite point out why.