Welcome to NijiAka Week 2017! This event will last from April 3rd to April 9th, and each day will have three prompts you’re free to follow or ignore.

Of course, any kind of fan material (fanfics, videos, headcanons, graphics, fanart…) is welcome as long as it’s your own creation and has nijiaka as its main focus. Should you have any question, feel free to send a message :)

Day 1 (April 3rd): red | forgiveness | “Stop worrying about me”.

Minievent: How do you think nijiaka would spend their holidays?

Day 2 (April 4th): orange | inner jokes | “You win this time”

Minievent: Interpret official merch!

Day 3 (April 5th): yellow | bickering | “Would you come with me?”

Minievent: What are your favorite nijiaka moments in fanon?

Day 4 (April 6th): green | reverse | “I’m counting on you”

Minievent: How do you think other characters would perceive nijiaka?

Day 5 (April 7th): blue | conflicts | “It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it”

Minievent: Nijiaka after Teikou  

Day 6 (April 8th): indigo | height difference | “I’m not cute”

Minievent: #Aesthetics

Day 7 (April 9th): violet | AU/Canon divergence | “How is that a good idea?”

Minievent: Ask meme!

Please, don’t forget to tag #nijiakaweek2017 within your first five tags or mention @nijiakaweek2017 somewhere in your post! (submissions are also accepted)

((hey sorry for the lack of updates im sad and gay and tired and hellishly overwhelmed by this new askblog

on the bright side its summer now so once ive gotten some energy back ill be kicking back into the usual stuff. Doodles with asks. Possible RPs. Horrible bullshit minievent things that are usually on a Wednesday

As a result of having to leave my Halls Of Residence for summer I have to stay at home which Sucks A Whole Lotta Ass BUT it does mean my internet is good enough to stream again!! so I’ll probably do some art and movie streams, Cards Against Humanity games, that sorta shit.

As per usual thanks for being patient with me. Youre all fantastic.

Summer Work

Pairing: KagaKuro (with side AoKise)
Status: Complete
Words: 3,462
Read on and AO3

Summary: Kagami gets a summer job at a coffee shop.

Notes: Coffee shop AU hastily written for wingroad’s KagaKuro summer minievent, and the 30 Day Cheesy Trope challenge (Day One - Coffee Shop AU). I STRUGGLED SO MUCH.

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