Took my #MiniDots @nutcasehelmets helmet for our first ride today. It’s really, really cute. I love it so much that I made a #BikePrettySatchel to match. With @jobeesh in #GoldenGatePark ❤️⚪️❤️⚪️❤️🚲🍄🌿🌹🍀🌸🌳🌸🌱🌻💋👨
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sakurabiito-deactivated20141122 asked:

Sasuke, I drew you something-- ****gives him a picture of him burning in the depths of hell****

                 Satin eyes drifted over the girl, slowly—taking in all her features—before they landed on the drawing that was presented to him.

     Intense splatters of red paint tainted the paper, with multiple shades of the colour being swirling, and mixed—molding together the same kind of passionate hate portrayed in the artwork. There was also, among the painted, vortex of flames, ink splattered in the very center; the head of the inked body resembling his own, with the rest of the body started to melt away ( shown with the dried ink that was allowed to roll down the page. )

                  Glancing up, to lock in with the girl’s own gaze, Sasuke’s expression did not alter, nor change from the placid look, on his features.

                              If there was one way to explain how he looked; 

                                             One could say it was the calm before the storm. 

      And just like that, his fingers roughly gripped at the paper, before they started to move, ripping the paper, as he did so. The only noise that filled the empty void—that was their silence, towards each other—was the sound of the tearing, singing so loudly as Sasuke kept on playing the notes; ripping the paper until it was just confetti on the floor. 

           With a few petite steps, towards the other, Sasuke continued to keep eye-contact, before he stated—his voice vile, and dripping with venom, ❝If you think you can threaten, and insult an Uchiha without any consequence, than you’re dead wrong.❞