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Songs that remind you of robzo!

AAAAA I’m working on a mix for them actually

Riches and Wonders - The Mountain Goats (this is like my be-all end-all robzo song it’s perfect imo) (also fair warning it’s very lo-fi like i think it was recorded on a boombox sry)

Love on a Farmboy’s Wages - XTC (like i don’t think there’s a single ship on earth that doesn’t remind me of at least one xtc song lmao)

Two of Us - The Beatles (reminds me of pre-zep robzo like A Lot)

there are more but like i’ll save those for a real playlist lmao

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I hope you're feeling better! But either way, imagine white pants wearing Jonesy playing piano at a club after it closes and his boyfriends were kind of talking and still a bit buzzed from the party, but they all quiet down when he starts playing and just watch him admiringly. Then he looks up and sees them and blushes a bit because they all look so goofy and starry-eyed. But it makes him feel very happy and loved. And then they do, of course.

bedridden all day and not a rotten thing written!! AND i broke a string on my mandolin so i’ve been so bored. the stuff you posted today, as always, an oasis, my dear <3 I did maybe write some unedited and completely self-indulgent jonesy love based on your imagine tho: 

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I don't want to flood your inbox or anything, but I really like those prompts and they beg for all the pairings. But, um, for now I'll stick with "confess" and Jimsy (to make the oral turbulence go down easier, heh). -Minicupcake Anon



I loved you the moment I saw you, he wants to say. Up on that bandstand, the way you were biting your lip, the way you just felt the music. I loved you then.

He doesn’t say it, of course. John is asleep, tousled hair falling into his eyes. Jimmy brushes it back with the side of his hand, but of course John feels it and stirs and wakes up. 

“You alright?” he asks around a yawn. He wears flannel pajamas to bed, Christ, Jimmy is so far gone on him. 

“Yeah.” John blinks, searches Jimmy’s face for the hint of a lie. “Jones,” he says. He lays down beside John and pulls him close so that they are laying back-to-front. “You are the best damn thing to ever happen to me." 

"Shut up,” John says. His voice is low with sleepiness. 

Jimmy does. When he’s sure John is asleep, he leans in close and whispers, “I meant it." 

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How about a bonsy going out to a little club or something Jonesy found (or any kind of little bonsy date).

The club isn’t really either of them, and maybe that’s why it feels so good. There’s a strobe light going and a throb of drum and bass that Bonzo is just drunk enough not to critique, and Jonesy is there with him in what may actually be justifiably described as tight trousers, with a loose, shimmering satin shirt flowing around him in the dark, humid air. His hair is frizzed with sweat, his mouth open, panting. He’s drunk, too, in that way that barely changes him but lets him reach out and pull Bonzo closer to him. 

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Bonsy date drive but the car starts acting a bit funny so they pull over by a field and Bonz strips down to a tank top and goes under the hood and Jonesy feels all fluttery. Also Bonzo sweaty after a show in just a soaked tank top making off with his Jonesy who abashedly loves it.

[prayer hands emoji x5000]

anything that involves bonz being Cartoonishly Manly (fixing cars, herding cattle, etc) and jonesy being Too Prissy but also Hot and Bothered is. Well. That’s my exact shit right there tbqh

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Getting back to more important robsy things, just imagine Perce making the same couple of jokes about Jonesy's triple neck, and Jonesy going through the whole cycle of laughing the first time, and then groaning the next dozen times because they're not even very clever jokes, and then laughing again because they're so awful and he can count on them.


I feel like a not insignificant part of their relationship is based on Robert making bad jokes and Jonesy going through the same cycle of gentle amusement, exaggerated eye-rolling, and back around. 

I fell asleep trying to find a supplementary picture to respond to your thing last night, but my favorite part of that picture is that everybody is looking away and Jonesy is staring right into the camera doing the air-hover Drake in the Anaconda video thing over Robert’s ass. The photographer’s notes say something like “Jones was in a mood and Grant had to put him physically into the chair” but got damn the boy had a sense of humor about it, god bless. 

There’s a picture from the same series where they’re all laughing - I think that must’ve been right after. I wish I could find a bigger copy: 

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(Trying this again) I'm here for the femme Jones beardy Jim camel ride date. Jim helps his bf up on the camel, but the camel kind of takes a dislike to Jim and tries to eat him/his beard. Jones holds onto Jim w one hand sometimes both when the camel goes fast. Jim takes too many pics, Jones teases him.

:’) they’re both such elbowy nerds

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Tarantism, Robsy.


Tarantism - The urge to overcome melancholy by dancing. 

Another early morning lapses into another humid afternoon where Bonzo and Jimmy have failed to show up, have left Robert swaying against the curve of the piano, eyes closed, humming along over the planar shifts of Jonesy’s chords. Jonesy watches him blink his eyes open, lazily, long enough to scribble some words down. There is an oldness in his face that was never there before, though the lines around his eyes and mouth had always been cut deep, even ten years ago. His lashes flutter shut and he rocks from the hips, a soft motion, his arms cradled around himself. 

When Jonesy stands Robert is still lost in the movement. Jonesy takes his hands and holds them, and pulls him close. 

“What are you doing?” Robert asks into the spun gold fluff of Jonesy’s newly shorn hair. 

“Can’t let you dance alone,” Jonesy says. They sway together. 

“There’s no music.” Robert isn’t sure what is more comforting, Jonesy at the keyboard or the strong hand at his waist. Either one, he supposes, is there to keep him steady. 

“Yes there is.” Jonesy’s palm holds him more firmly and their chests press together, a lazy polyrhythm of heartbeats. Jonesy leans close and hums against Robert’s neck, a continuation of what he’d been playing, just long enough for Robert to catch onto some little seed of the melodic idea. “You just weren’t listening." 

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I'm just sad the coat picture isn't in color because I need to know if Jonesy's bathrobe coat is one of those great embroidered patchwork hippie bathrobe coats of the time. I love those. I sort of want one. The cut of Jimmy's coat is really great, he chose it well, and honestly it's the only one of the bunch that doesn't have clumps of wool or fun fur or whatever on it. Which is the great thing about Perce's because he looks like he made it from a kid's cow costume.

There’s that other photo shoot that includes Percy’s cow jacket, and Jonesy is wearing this sort of velvet open vest thing, and it’s from Jimmy’s beard era which proves that not only did Robert wear this coat more than once (probably in different years, even, he had it for at least a little while) but he thought it was appropriate to be photographed in for like. Promotional purposes. What an absolute gem. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonesy was rocking some sort of patchwork thing, I mean we’ve all seen the weird jester jacket fromt TSRtS, he’s not got. The most discriminating eye when it comes to fashion. I want one, too, honestly, the long patchwork bathrobe coat. 

Jimmy’s coat is great, I would absolutely wear it. Unfortunately there are pictures of him wearing it complemented by a bucket hat, and that’s something I will never be able to unsee. A bucket hat is a cardinal sin, imho. 

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For robsy I usually see them like flirting with each other from fairly early on, and then maybe while touring III shotgunning turns to making out in earnest, and then they start actually hooking up. They both like being chill together and Percy likes that Jonesy is smart and experienced but generally nice about it, and Jonesy likes that Percy is pretty smart and witty and rises to challenges and is kinda more extroverted. And the sex is good obvs.

Ooohhhhh y es….. they’re definitely the sweet chill out stoner half of the band, like i can see them both one night passing on a Ricardo-planned hedonistic bar crawl and ending up smoking everything Jonesy’s got on him, so they shotgun the last joint and one of them (probably Percy lbr) says something stoned and dumb like “your mouth is nice” and then they kiss, a little, giggling and tentative and feeling kind of stupid about doing it at all until they sort of can’t stop and it doesn’t feel stupid anymore it feels, like, incredible, 

and after the first time they sort of test each other, let it happen more often and go further, until Percy’s staying the night in Jonesy’s hotel room and they wake up all tangled together and talk all morning about books or music or where they’d like to travel on their time off, and they figure out they genuinely like, really like each other (although the great bangin certainly helps)

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Ok, for drawing or writing: jimsy at the beach, robsy talking and cuddling and making out and maybe getting a bit stoned at Headley Grange or someplace, Jonesy playing the piano and Jimmy hanging on him and kissing him and playfully trying to get him to mess up, robzo going for a drive and parking like old times and then they wind up falling asleep in the car, Decca Days jimsy's first Christmas together.


queuein up the concert now, hopefully i’ll get something halfway decent accomplished :> 

and the-longest-bridges suggested i try to write some fic circa the O2 show, so this will be Good and Important research 

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They joke about how it would be easier if they just lived together. Neither of them is really joking but I don't think they can quite get up the nerve to actually say it. They spend enough time together that it doesn't really matter, but still.

i think probably jonesy sort of started it. because in my sort of headcanon a Lot of their relationship centers around the fact that Jimmy can’t drive, so it’s not as though they can so easily leave work and go home and meet up later, when they’re at the same studio John will pretty much always give Jimmy a lift so they can have post-work datesmooching.

And once they were doing enough of a sort of regular thing with it, john started keeping a change of clothes in his car, and jimmy started keeping at least a spare shirt in his guitar case, so if they ended up staying over with each other rather than john driving home (or driving jimmy home, weirder,) they could at least go to work the next morning and not have it be Completely obvious that they were shagging

eventually spare random clothes gets upgraded to overnight bags and finally jimmy clears out a drawer in his dresser and very sort of, businesslike about it, like “you should just leave some things here it’ll save so much trouble” and john blushes but does the same for jim

they joke about moving in together A Lot, both in that way where they’re sort of trying to goad the other into being serious about it. actually most of the even cursory acknowledgment of their relationship sort of has that aftertaste, like, i don’t know if they ever really tell each other they love each other except in a sort of sarcastic way, even though they both mean it more than they can admit. 

in retrospect they both sort of hold their relationship up and observe it like they would any other, and know at least privately what it meant to them, but in the moment i think they were probably very afraid of being outed and very uncomfortable with the ramifications of their relationship would have w/r/t their professional lives, especially with jimmy angling at fortune and fame. so while they were happy with each other and loved each other and wanted to be together, they were both too aware of how potentially life-ruining it could be :<

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I think Jimmy's art school background should be put to use. Like, even after he dropped out, surely he still doodled at least, and who would make a better model than Jonesy? Maybe he even did a few nude figure studies. Maybe he stuck some dirty (and probably not real great) sketches in Jonesy's coat pocket before they left for work.

Y EAH………….

i mean have u seen that picture of that bone he drew for charity hes obv a Great Artist

but real talk theres that interview from when hes starting out as a session guy where hes like “this is just how i make a living so i can do art” or whatever, and not toooo long after that Teen Jonesy shows up on the session circuit and maybe becomes a bit of, a muse, ,,

during the major honeymoon period of their relationship jimmy probably draws him all the time, like in the margins of his charts at the studio there are just these little pencil doodles, more like gesture drawings really, of the way john holds his bass or how he stands when he conducts or whatever, 

of course he drew john some (half joking, fairly crude) dirty sketches just to make him blush. of Course he did omfg