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And finally, I’ve made a minichapter with grammar, vocabulary and phrases, so if you want to check that out you can click the link on my last post.

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Chapter 1 – Theme: on a trip Vocabulary English – Dutch public transport openbaar vervoer (het) train trein (de) airplane vliegtuig (het) bus bus (de) underground metro (de) boat boot (de) bicycle fiets (de) museum museum (het) zoo dierentuin (de) amusement park pre...

Hi everybody,

I’ve made a mini chapter with vocabulary, phrases, grammar and exercises. This month’s theme is “on a trip”. I try to make a new chapter every 1 or 2 months, but I can’t guarantee I finish it within this time, since I’m very busy.

If you don’t have Google drive or if you can’t open the link I can send it to you via mail. It could be that I’ve accidentally overlooked some mistakes. Please let me know if that’s the case.

If you have any questions you can ask them via Tumblr or via e-mail (

Thanks for all your support and I really hope this chapter is helpful to you! :D

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Myunggyu Love
  • Since Myungsoo and Sunggyu are two best friends who rely on each other, this is a nice little conversation when Sunggyu needs some advice from his dongsaeng.
  • Sunggyu has been trying to set the perfect date with Haera. To confess and show her that he could be a good romantic boyfriend for her but he has no idea how to approach that so he seek Myungsoo for help.
  • Sunggyu: Myungsoo! I need some help
  • Myungsoo: Help? What kind of help?
  • Sunggyu: Look I don't know how to say this but you're good with Haera right?
  • Myungsoo: Not really Jiae just drags me everywhere those two goes. Why?
  • Sunggyu: Jiae? Are you dating Jiae?
  • Myungsoo: Aish, do I look like I'm dating Jiae? If I was, you guys will probably burn your eyes out
  • Sunggyu: Yah, what is that supposed to mean?
  • Myungsoo laughed.
  • Myungsoo: What do you think?
  • Sunggyu: yah, you need to stop watching those videos it's not good for you
  • Myungsoo: Hyung, it's really good for your soul. You should watch it more
  • Sunggyu: Should I?
  • Myungsoo: Ahhh kurom (Of Course)
  • Sunggyu: Jinjja? Then can you recommend me some?
  • Myungsoo: Oh you should really try the russian one. I could get you hooked on that one.
  • Sunggyu: Uwaa daebak should I call your mum and confiscate it?
  • Sunggyu hit Myungsoo's head.
  • Sunggyu: Yah, did you really think that I was about to be obsessed with it as you are?
  • Myungsoo: Ah mbo yah?! Is it wrong to like watching yadong?
  • Sunggyu: It's wrong if you want to practice it out on Jiae. Yah, she's like my little sister and you think you could get away with it?
  • Myungsoo: Do you think I would tell you guys what I'm up to if I do it?
  • Sunggyu: No, but I'm pretty sure I could get Haera to tell me
  • Myungsoo: Aish! What are you here for anyway? Disturbing me when I'm working. Aren't you busy?
  • Sunggyu glared at Myungsoo.
  • Sunggyu: Yah is it wrong to visit my jal chinhan chingu (best friend)
  • Myungsoo sat on his desk and chuck his phone on the desk.
  • Myungsoo: Yes, it is. What are you going about it huh?
  • Sunggyu turned away and scowled.
  • Sunggyu: Good to know that I just wasted my time for coming here.
  • Sunggyu was about to open the door when Myungsoo threw a rolled paper at the elder.
  • Myungsoo: Yah, spit it out. What do you want?
  • Sunggyu: Help me with Haera. Jebal!!
  • Sunggyu went down on his knees and Myungsoo sighed.
  • Myungsoo: I make a great dating guru. What do you need?
  • Sunggyu: I want to bring her out for a special date. Help me please?
  • Myungsoo smirked and nodded.
  • Myungsoo: It has a price
  • Sunggyu: How much? Price it accordingly please
  • Myungsoo: Since you're my hyung, 21,550,000 Won?
  • Sunggyu got up and rolled his eyes.
  • Sunggyu: Yah, that's unreasonable! It's a date not a freaking wedding!
  • Myungsoo: Opps I added another zero at the back. It's 2,155,000 Won
  • Sunggyu: Aniyo, cheaper jom ( please )
  • Myungsoo: Last 1,500,000 Won
  • Sunggyu sighed and rubbed his head.
  • Sunggyu: Call
  • Myungsoo: Call? Jinjja?
  • Sunggyu nodded.
  • Sunggyu: How should I pay though? Check?
  • Myungsoo: Credit card. Have to pay it now though.
  • Sunggyu sighed and handed his credit card. Myungsoo took it and took out a credit card machine. He scanned it and punched the numbers. Myungsoo handed Sunggyu a stylus and he signed it.
  • Myungsoo smiled and handed him the card back.
  • Myungsoo: Let's have a sit and talk over coffee then.