Only a Forgotten Memory

“MINHYUN-AAAAAAAAAAAH~” The mattress that the raven haired boy laid on was moving frantically below him. Like an earthquake suddenly appeared, waking himself up from his sweet dream of Alice. Minhyun furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed both ends of his pillow, pulling them on each ear to try to muffle the sound of his friend yelling and jumping at him. “Minhyun-aaaaah~ Oppa~ Don’t be like this!” his friend said, mimicking a girl’s voice, which he clearly failed on doing. “Yah! It’s barely…” Minhyun stopped his sentence to open his eyes half way to check the time. “… 10AM!…?” The boy opened his eyes and sat up quickly, pushing his friend to the floor with his hands. The boy on the floor let out a small groan, rubbing his butt from the fall. “Were you having a dream?” His friend said, looking up to him as he wiggled his eyebrows playfully. Minhyun narrowed his eyes at him. “Yes, but it isn’t what you think. Not everyone is as perverted as you.” His friend scoffed with a small smirk on his face and stood up. “Well hurry up. Umma is not going to wait forever.” “Yeah, I’ll be right there.”

Minhyun sat with his friend’s family. They were all listening to his friend tell these stories, however, Minhyun just ate and thought about his dream that was rudely interrupted.
It was just like your regular romance fairy tales, but this one was slightly different. They were both there standing in a big and colorful forest. The flowers were abnormally large, including the insects the flew and crawled around. His eyes rested on Alice, who was sitting under a large tree with a book on her hands; just like the first time they met. The raven head walked over to her and sat down, pushing away the part of her dress that laid in his spot. “What are you reading there?” He asked, his voice echoing throughout the forest. Alice looked at him and smiled. Minhyun’s heart fluttered at the mere sight of her smile. He leaned in and –

“Minhyun-ah! Are you listening?” Minhyun’s flinched at the sudden hit of reality from his friend’s voice. “Uh, what?” His friend sighed and shook his head. “Aigo~ You still act as if you two have been dating for the first time.” His friend said in annoyance and picked on his food quickly. Minhyun looked at everyone apologetically and finished his breakfast.

His friend walked over to the kitchen and slammed his hand on Minhyun’s back. “Argh!” Minhyun arched his back in pain. “So, you want to go play some Starcraft? Diablo?” His friend leaned his face near Minhyun’s and Minhyun backed away. “I don’t know. I still have to clean up the house.” The friend groaned and face palmed himself. “You can do that later! Let’s have some fun first!” He grinned, resting his chin on Minhyun’s shoulder. Minhyun wiped his hands with the kitchen towel and sighed. Before Minhyun could open his mouth, his phone began to vibrate on the counter. He reached for it and checked who it was.