Jose Honorato Lozano - Entierro de un Parvulo; Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid, Spain; 19th century

Lozano was a Spanish Mestizo painter in the Academic tradition active in the mid 19th century Philippines. This scene depicts the burial of a child, baptized and initiated in the sacramental life of the Church, but who had died before the age of reason, and thus free from any moral culpability from mortal sin. In the mind of the Catholic Church, such babes went straight to heaven; and here the child is shown dressed in the regalia of a bishop, propped up, God knows by what nightmarish means, on a palanquin borne on the shoulders of men (presumably his relatives). The sainted child is preceded by a merry band of revelers, including one carrying a serpent, and one carrying what looks to be a tintinnabulum.