I’ve been meaning to do a photo like this since I started this blog. It doesn’t quite look like a miniature train, but it’s close.

It’s funny, people looking at this blog might think I have some kind of thing for trains. They’d be wrong, though, it’s purely coincidence.

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The average house spider can lay a couple hundred eggs at a time. You'd better make sure that your attacker hasn't turned a corner of the house into a nursery, or you could be in trouble.

Scott’s tiny little eye twitches at the thought of having to face hundreds of baby funnel web spiders. Mama was bad enough and the prospect of facing her evil offspring has him breaking out into a cold sweat.

“There’s nothing for it.” he announces solemnly. “We’re going to have to burn the villa down and move to Mateo Island. Protocol Omega is go-hey!” the miniaturised man squeaks when the hand of God descends from the heavens and raises him up to meet his maker.

Well. Actually, it’s EOS and she stuffs him into her pocket with a rather stern “No.”

V- 32+38 (Drabble game)

@baeksmanganerd: 32 38 Taehyung and 29 51 Baekhyun pretty please

32. First date
38. “What do you mean I’m not your bias?”


A delicate butterfly fluttered up into the air, its white wings flapping. You watched as it flew away, shrinking the further it flew away and finally it was out of sight. A small sigh escaped your lips and you twisted around, smiling at the man beside you.

He was a handsome guy of twenty years with a fair, oval face and light hair brushed out against his forehead. Large black frames rested on his nose, miniaturising his dark eyes whilst his thin pink lips were widened in a joyful smile.

As you turned to him, Taehyung- or V as he was preferred to be known as- blushed and he looked down at his lap.
“So you like butterflies?” He stated and you nodded, not being able to resist the urge to beam at him; V was adorable, he was sweet and kind and slightly weird but that’s what made him so great and hat attracted you in the first place when you met him face to face at a fansigning one fortunate day. Somehow V, this famous, well-known and beloved K-pop star, liked you too and out of the thousands of fans he had ever met he requested for your number and he requested to spend some time with you alone. Of course, overwhelmed and flattered, you happily agreed and you were grateful for it.

“Butterflies or Butterfly?” You enquired. V looked up, smiling wider if it was even possible and he chuckled. He leant down on the picnic blanket, the sunshine making his eyes gleam.
“Hopefully both.” He replied and you smiled as you lied down beside him. The cloudless blue sky looked so wonderful above with no city sound audible in the beautiful park filled with bright flowers, lush green grass and a river. It was free of people, it was free of noise and it was the perfect place to spend a first date. Even the cool air smelt fresh and sweet.

Out of the corner of your eye you noticed V watching you. His lips were turned up in a smile, his eyes holding a gleam. Slowly you turned to look at him, a smile also tugging at your lips.
“What is it?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. V sighed, looking up at the sky and his eyebrows raised under his tufts of hair.
“I don’t know,” he answered, not looking at you. “I just like spending me with you, Y/N. And I want to know more about you.”

You couldn’t help but smile, a huge feeling of warmth and happiness spreading through your body. You exhaled, your breath shaking with excitement.
“What do you want to know? My favourite BTS song or how long I’ve been a fan?” You asked, laughing. V smiled more.
“Am I your bias?” Your smile faltered as you turned to him. He looked at you hopefully, his eyes wide with desperation as he awaited your answer.
“’re one of them, Taehyung.” You replied lightly, blushing and biting your lip. V raised his eyebrows, his dark eyes widening even more and he sat up, scoffing with surprise.
“What?! What do you mean I’m not your bias?!” He exclaimed and you gasped, sitting up too.
“I didn’t say that exactly!” You cried, your cheeks burning with embarrassment. Was Taehyung angry at you? Was he jealous? You didn’t expect the next moment when V began to laugh, his face screwing up with each chortle.
“Oh, Y/N!” He grinned. “I guess this means I’ll just have to make myself your favourite then.” He leant forward and quickly pecked your cheeks, blushing immediately as soon as his lips touched your cheek.

Darwin on a chip

UT researchers develop ®evolutionary circuits

Researchers of the MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology and the CTIT Institute for ICT Research at the University of Twente in The Netherlands have demonstrated working electronic circuits that have been produced in a radically new way, using methods that resemble Darwinian evolution. The size of these circuits is comparable to the size of their conventional counterparts, but they are much closer to natural networks like the human brain. The findings promise a new generation of powerful, energy-efficient electronics, and have been published in the leading British journal Nature Nanotechnology.

One of the greatest successes of the 20th century has been the development of digital computers. During the last decades these computers have become more and more powerful by integrating ever smaller components on silicon chips. However, it is becoming increasingly hard and extremely expensive to continue this miniaturisation. Current transistors consist of only a handful of atoms. It is a major challenge to produce chips in which the millions of transistors have the same characteristics, and thus to make the chips operate properly. Another drawback is that their energy consumption is reaching unacceptable levels. It is obvious that one has to look for alternative directions, and it is interesting to see what we can learn from nature. Natural evolution has led to powerful ‘computers’ like the human brain, which can solve complex problems in an energy-efficient way. Nature exploits complex networks that can execute many tasks in parallel.

Moving away from designed circuits

The approach of the researchers at the University of Twente is based on methods that resemble those found in Nature. They have used networks of gold nanoparticles for the execution of essential computational tasks. Contrary to conventional electronics, they have moved away from designed circuits. By using ‘designless’ systems, costly design mistakes are avoided. The computational power of their networks is enabled by applying artificial evolution. This evolution takes less than an hour, rather than millions of years. By applying electrical signals, one and the same network can be configured into 16 different logical gates. The evolutionary approach works around - or can even take advantage of - possible material defects that can be fatal in conventional electronics.

Powerful and energy-efficient

It is the first time that scientists have succeeded in this way in realizing robust electronics with dimensions that can compete with commercial technology. According to prof. Wilfred van der Wiel, the realized circuits currently still have limited computing power. “But with this research we have delivered proof of principle: demonstrated that our approach works in practice. By scaling up the system, real added value will be produced in the future. Take for example the efforts to recognize patterns, such as with face recognition. This is very difficult for a regular computer, while humans and possibly also our circuits can do this much better.“  Another important advantage may be that this type of circuitry uses much less energy, both in the production, and during use. The researchers anticipate a wide range of applications, for example in portable electronics and in the medical world.

University of Twente

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"Scott!!" Virgil's frantic running sounded less like his usual storming boot falls, and more like tiny squicky mouse paws chattering along. His brother, now a giant in his eyes, had to know how to fix this! There was other choice. Big brother always made things better. "Whats going on?! Why am I tiny?!"

“Hey, short stuff.” Scott’s usual nickname for his brother slips out before he can help it and he cringes. “Uh. I mean. Virg, hey! It’s a long story, c’mere.” he stoops to scoop his miniaturised brother from the floor like a kitten, marvelling at his tiny boots and that tiny frown that’s precious rather than terrifying when he’s sat in Scott’s hands.

“Somebody’s been going round zapping us with atomising technology or something. Brains had a lot to say about it but there were things on his desk and I got distracted. Anyway, he’s been working on reverse engineering it or whatever but then I ate one of Gramma’s cookies because I was gonna die anyway and WHAM. Back to my usual, dashing self.” he wiggles his eyebrows at his tiny brother. “Do you wanna play Russian Roulette with a Gramma cookie? There’s 50% chance of a cure and 50% chance of…anything happening.”

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*hides under a table and then ZZAAPP! Kayo's shrinking too*

Kayo’s scream of fury dwindles in volume as her body rapidly shrinks in size. She’d been on guard, too. This was humiliating. She was supposed to be the one protecting her miniaturised brothers, and instead she was joining them.

Whoever was behind this still wasn’t safe, though. If they thought that shrinking Kayo made her less of a threat, then they were dead wrong. Now all her fury was concentrated into a compact vessel, and she was more determined than ever to find them and make them pay. Oh yes, nobody’s ankles would be safe until Kayo was back to normal size….

Important announcement

Work is absolutely exhausting at the moment, and I am missing and loving @madilayn far too much.

Also, want to miniaturise the lot of you to keep in my coat pockets so you’re all safe and warm.

The Grandma Voice

Grandma’s getting mighty frustrated with the teeny weeny goings on. Her family is being miniaturised one by one - thankfully not Alan, though, since the child would likely disappear and slip through the cracks. He’s pretty small already!

Regardless, Grandma’s feeling helpless. Because she doesn’t know what to do. She doesn’t know how to fix things - and not even a burned cookie is going to get them out of this mess.

There’s only one thing for it. The Grandma Voice.

“Alright, whoever you are!” she yells, using her many years of son and grandson-raising skills to speak in a voice that could move mountains. “You have five seconds to show yourself, or so help me, I’ll get my whisk!”

She knows it’s useless. She knows it won’t make a difference. But she has to do something.

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Title: The Fred Weasley Memorial Scholarship
Author: ad astra
Genre(s): Humor, LGBTQA, Young Adult
Rating: M
Characters: Albus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, Rose Weasley, OC
Ships: Albus/Scorpius 
Length: 77,572 words
Summary:  Five thousand Galleons. Five formerly law-abiding, studious Ravenclaws. One year to leave a legacy like no other.
Awards: Dobby Award Winner: Best Novel (2014) | Ravenclaw Story of the Month: Best Written (August 2014) | Slytherin Story of the Month (May 2015) 

We set off at a relaxed pace for the main stairwell, watching as hoardes of students pack into the bathrooms. “Now.”

Holly turns gracefully, hand buried in the pocket of her robes, and ducks briefly behind a statue. Three miniaturised doves come flitting out of her pocket, from the miniaturised toilet roll that acts as the master key for our Protean Charm. Then pandemonium strikes.

The doors to the bathrooms fly open, discharging flocks of doves and shrieking students. From all directions they come, yelling and swearing and careering around the castle while the doves soar gracefully overhead, every now and then pooping on the extremely unlucky. Lester casts a Shield Charm for us to hide under and, deciding we’ve gawked long enough, they walk me to Defence Against the Dark Arts.

“We’re gonna go spectate some more,” Holly says as they depart. “And then disappear. See you at lunch.”

Everyone’s talking wildly about the doves in the bathrooms once I get to class, and I hear some amazing stories – “D’you hear about some Gryffindor who was wiping his arse when it turned into a dove?” I hope fervently that it was Sean Finnigan.

Scorpius looks utterly bewildered when he plops into the seat beside me. “Have you seen – doves?”

“I’ve seen the doves, yes.”

“They’re saying someone turned the toilet paper into them – I mean, fuck. That’s – That’ll win the scholarship for sure, do you think we have more competition? Nobody in the Enemy could have come up with such complex magic…you don’t think maybe the Scamanders – ?”

“Scorpius,” I whisper. “It was us. It was Holly and Lester’s idea.”

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*watches the miniaturised Kayo scuttling around like an angry gerbil and cackles evilly* MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Your grandmother is next on my list and NOBODY CAN STOP ME

“Where are you? Stop hiding like a coward and come fight me!” Kayo screams at the top of her tiny lungs. She may be tiny, but her fury is still larger than life. The house is overwhelmingly big around her, but she still can’t see where her tormentor is hiding.

“Go after Grandma and I swear you’ll be leaving the Island in a coffin!” she rages, “and that’s not just because my brothers and I will kill you for trying. Grandma is pretty tough on her own. Mess with her and I promise that you’ll find yourself tied up and being force-fed cookies until you beg for mercy.”

This ultra zen floating Bonsai will make hippies shed tears of joy

A Japanese startup is combining tech with artisan craftsmanship to create bonsais that levitate using embedded magnets

Air Bonsai

Bonsai plants, for the most part, look pretty adorable. But the novelty of caring for these miniaturised trees wears off real quick once you take into account how much of a pain in the ass it is to cultivate them.

The guys behind Japan-based startup Hoshinchu, however, perceive them differently from the average plebeian. Keeping bonsais, for them, is like nursing the lovechild of Mother Nature and the Andromeda Galaxy.

And that is no exaggeration. Just look at their pitch on its Kickstarter page.

“This is a story from the past. The atelier was on a small island, a little star at the edge of the Galaxy. It was a space to create stars…”

You see, to truly appreciate the beauty of the Air Bonsai, you need a shift in mindset; look within yourself, and feel, the essence of the world seep into the deepest trenches of your soul.

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Right, I’ve about exhausted my faux Zen speak. Now let’s get down to the technical stuff.

For the bonsai plant to levitate, it has to rest on a base called the “little star”, which is powered by a built-in magnet. The maximum weight it can hold is 250 grams, and the bonsai must be no wider than 6 centimetres in diameter.

As long as bonsai falls within these parameters, the “little star” can levitate 2 centimetres from the “energy base” – a porcelain base with a built-in magnet and a rotating mechanism. The Air Bonsai then sits on a Japanese style cushion (which looks like a drinks coaster)

The fascinating thing about this product isn’t just about its technical capabilities either. It is how the artisans – Masanori Imayoshi and Hikaru Hoshi, are committed to using traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Each of the “energy base” is handmade in a process that takes three months. The patterns of each base are also hand-painted with a Japanese brush, after which it will undergo blaze firing to complete the process. Each product is then packed into a traditional “Kiri box” and covered with a layer of fabric.

Their commitment to authenticity may be admirable, but is it translating into monetary success?

Hell yes.

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Since the campaign’s launch on January 21, it has garnered US$562,706, far exceeding its goal of a mere US$80,000. My guess is it is hit with many new age yoga practitioners.

One of them may have even pledged US$10,000, which would entitle him or her to an all-expenses paid pilgrimage to the Bonsai Garden and Air Bonsai workshop.

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The essence of this picture can’t be miniaturised. Unlearn to ignore, unthinking isn’t ignorance. Education is really an apex priority. How do you square liberty, justice for all without having to make a statement? Profound Leaders needed to be their own solutions.

PhotoCred: Liberty Chigova (at The Alexander Theatre)
[1602.02368] Liquid Crystal Elastomer Strips as Soft Crawlers

[ Authors ]
Antonio DeSimone, Paolo Gidoni, Giovanni Noselli
[ Abstract ]
In this paper, we speculate on a possible application of Liquid Crystal Elastomers to the field of soft robotics. In particular, we study a concept for limbless locomotion that is amenable to miniaturisation. For this purpose, we formulate and solve the evolution equations for a strip of nematic elastomer, subject to directional frictional interactions with a flat solid substrate, and cyclically actuated by a spatially uniform, time-periodic stimulus (e.g., temperature change). The presence of frictional forces that are sensitive to the direction of sliding transforms reciprocal, ‘breathing-like’ deformations into directed forward motion. We derive formulas quantifying this motion in the case of distributed friction, by solving a differential inclusion for the displacement field. The simpler case of concentrated frictional interactions at the two ends of the strip is also solved, in order to provide a benchmark to compare the continuously distributed case with a finite-dimensional benchmark. We also provide explicit formulas for the axial force along the crawler body.