miniatures rules


The first dragon fight of the new Wednesday game campaign. We were skulking through a dungeon and wouldn’t you know it, there was a dragon inside. 

In a game of Dungeons and Dragons no less!

Our monk came up with the grand scheme to split the party (I know what you’re thinking), have half the party wait outside the horde room, while the monk and rogue snuck inside. The sorceress then lured the dragon out, into the narrow passage connecting the horde room to the rest of the dungeon. Our punch and stab duo (the monk and rogue) then popped out and attacked the dragon from behind.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen the 5E squeezing rules in use. I knew these rules existed and that they would be advantageous to us, but we had to look them up. Good news for us, the results were advantage on attack rolls against the dragon and disadvantage on attacks by the dragon (and Dexterity saving throws). 

Even with the edge that squeezing gave us, it was a close fight. The dragon managed to recharge and fire off two separate breath weapon attacks. Very exciting indeed.

Dog Trainer Problems

When we first brought Rudy home we did a lot of quick runs to Petsmart in order to get supplies. On one such visit we bumped into the head trainer there.

Trainer: “Oh! Look at your little puppy! He’s so cute!”

Me: “Please don’t pet him. We’re trying to teach him not to get excited around people, since he’s going to be a Service Dog In Training.”

Trainer: *reaches out and starts petting Rudy* “Well, that’s okay. We can work on that later, can’t we? You’re just a little puppy!”

Me: *dislocates wrist trying to hold onto Rudy as he attempts to squirm out of my arms to meet the trainer* 

- The Man in the Tan Jacket keeps talking to citizens about wanting to go home and the place he is from

- this place is beneath the Earth and our knowledge, according to the angels

- when asked for more information on TMITTJ he angels only said “a flower in the desert”

- the miniature city is under the Desert Flower bowling alley

- TMITTJ appeared in Night Vale in the episode where Teddy Williams catches the first glimpse of the citizens of the miniature city

- the piece of paper he gave Jackie Fierro said “ King City”

- the underground miniature city is ruled by a child king

- the city worships Huntocar to keep their city thriving “in the absence of nourishing sun” and is invading the Upper World to claim the “sun-soaked, precious land”

- shortly after arriving many citizen reported seeing TMITTJ standing and staring at the sun for hours

I’m not ruling out the possibility that the underground city is a red herring, there’s a pretty good chance that TMITTJ has nothing to do with the city at all. But with the book coming out so soon, I’m running out of time for theories.