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Today the Department of Gorgeous Glass Art is further exploring more extraordinary work by Indiana-based glass artist Kiva Ford (previously featured here). Ford combines his artistic skills with his background in scientific glassblowing to create delicate glass vessels that contain miniature glass objects, including animals, body parts, flowers, and geometric structures, exquisitely detailed and trapped inside like scientific specimens inside impossible bottles.

“Ford’s artistic work is influenced by his interests in history, mythology, and the natural world, and his affinity for scientific objects led him to pursue a college degree in Scientific Glassblowing. Several of his pieces are treated as if they were natural specimens preserved in jars like a floating, wriggling octopus, colorful glass birds, or delicate glass flowers sealed within glass bell jars.”

One of our favorites among his recent creations is a larger, elaborate piece entitled Metamorphosis, which features each stage of the metamorphosis of the red-eyed tree frog, from egg to tadpole to adult frog, as a progression through a series of laboratory glassware.

This video provides a fascinating look at how Ford creates his sculptures:

Follow Kiva Ford on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with his latest hand-blown glass creations. Many of his miniature sculptures are available for purchase via his Etsy shop.

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Блинчики 1:6 by Kolobok


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Averted a near disaster at work yesterday. Thank goodness I check all the clothes before I put them in the washing machines. I found a full miniature bottle of brandy stuffed into the pocket of a pair of trousers.

Can you imagine the mess if that had gotten into the machines?

Not only would it have shattered inside the drum, leaving shards of glass behind, but it could easily have broken the glass in the door of the machine, putting it out of order.

The Glenlivet 12
Herkesi bir şişe bulunca haberdar ediyorum şu sıralar. Çünkü yaş ibaresi olmayan Founder’s Reserve yaygınlaştıkça 12 yıllık bu viskinin de yavaş yavaş gözden kaybolduğuna tanık oluyoruz.

Paylaşımda gördüğünüz şişe ise 80'li yıllardan. Sevgili @leventdulgeroglu nun bana doğum günü hediyesi olan bu güzel şişeyi uzun yıllar boyunca saklamayı planlıyorum. Son şişeleri bile bulamazken bu ufak şişenin ne kadar önemli olduğunu söylemem boş olur herhalde😀🍸🎉

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