🍊🍫 Here is a cheeky sneak peek at my first #gbbo2016 miniature of the series! I will reveal ⭐️baker Janes full miniature 🍫🍊cake on Monday morning, for now, here is a slice🍰, I hope you like it so far Jane❤️

Also today me and Paul Hollywood had a little chat about biscuits, what a crazy day! 

I have been flying all my life

And now that I’ve gone through a period of my life learning a little more about movies and TV and how they’re made, certain prices have been coming together for me.

Like I was looking out the window and watching everything pass by me and grow more distant and it becomes so obvious that at a certain point (and not a particularly high one) everything looks like toys, like at a certain distance the world looks fake.

And that’s sort of why models and miniatures work, I think. Because it all looks unreal anyway at that distance, it doesn’t matter if your prop department or a city planner made it; it’s going to look exactly like stuff you played with as a kid once you reach a (not even particularly high) altitude.

This is probably existentially horrifying, an obvious revelation that once you’re far enough out of focus we all look like ants on a farm, and that we are but mere quantum playthings to the grand cosmic scheme of things, the models to the movie the universe is telling.

But to me I just think it’s a neat little thing on levels of abstraction and how the mind works.

#RPGADAY2016 Day 26

What hobbies go well with RPGs?

Miniature painting of course!

(Dungeon Tiles courtesy of @inkedadventures Thanks!)

At a car boot sale in 1985 it wasn’t the colourful rule books or the funny shaped dice that attracted me to the stall where a some older kids were selling roleplaying stuff.  It was miniatures.  Dozens of painted figures wielding swords and bows, overlooked by what I recognised (probably from the Ralph Bakshi cartoon) as the Balrog from Lord Of The Rings.  

As a kid who was reading The Hobbit and had devoured all the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks his local library had I knew I wanted in on this hobby!

(‘Jeremy’ the Ral Partha Ogre do you see the celebrity resemblance?)

Even though it’s quite rare that I use minis in my home game these days I still love to paint, and I’m still learning.  I don’t have any aspirations to win competitions but I think the standard of minis I set out on the table is better now that it was a couple of years ago and I’m still improving.  

(Ghouls and Ghasts, One of my first experiments using a shader product)

Of course I’m still buying them more quickly than I’m painting them but someone recently told me to think of unpainted minis as a form of life insurance;  Legend has it that if a mini painter runs out of things to paint he dies, but I think I’m safe for a few more years!

(‘Len’ the Cleric (Heresy Minis) so named because of a passing resemblance to one of my oldest gamer friends)

Post Script:  If you’re interested in watching me paint I do occasionally stream my painting sessions on twitch.  Constructive criticism, support and banter always well received!

DIY Inspiration: Miniature Hidden Potion Books from EV Miniatures.

Make Miniature Hidden Potion Books using miniature decorative bottles and DIY handmade books. *I searched Etsy and a linked site trying to find if these were still for sale - and had no luck finding this seller.

You can make the DIY miniature handmade books from tutorials I’ve already posted (see roundup below) and combine it with this super easy DIY Book Safe from Wikihow

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