Boxy box is finally finished, hardware all attached!  And ready to be sent to @fenedhislasa to be filled with lyrium. (It’s not really a doll’s coffin.  The last picture is just for fun.)  

I’m so proud of the hooks.  Do you know how hard it is to find hooks like that?  It’s very difficult.  I will tell you my secret, which is that they are made by a company that makes replacement cases for daguerreotypes and other historic cased photographs.  I felt clever for thinking to search for daguerreotype hooks at all, but it was difficult to find them for sale anywhere.  Also, I have made the area around the hooks extra dirty because I’m sure Cullen has had his dirty hands all over them.  I love making things look aged and dirty.

And he better not throw this one across the room!


Yes, I’m still in orrery mode - a little one set in a pocket watch case.  The planets are solid metal - gold, silver and copper tones.  It was made to be a desk ornament but could be very carefully used as a fob or pendant.  It doesn’t move - no orbit or rotation - just an assemblage piece made to look like it might move.  

Available in my https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/steelhipdesign