TLDR: kid played first ever game, proud dad moment.

So my almost 4 year old has always liked holding my figures, and about a year ago I gave him a box of old stuff I wasn’t too fussed about seeing destroyed but he didn’t really ‘get’ it.

Anyway, i’m in the other room when I hear the sounds of war in the air, and when I went to investigate there he was setting them out for a battle!!! he asked to play one of 'my’ games (first time ever, so while screaming with excitement inside, I played it cool on the outside)…We played with a couple of coloured dice and I was utterly defeated each of my men falling to his evil horde…

ok so my dice had only 2 stars max and his 3, but I thought my 25 years of wargaming experience would help me destroy him but the dice god’s evidently favoured this young upstart! ;)

Anyway, I seriously couldn’t be more proud and it looks like I may have a little Wargamer in the future!


Washitsu Chigaidana Staggered Shelf & Washitsu Oshiire Closet Sets by MurderWithMirrors
Via Flickr:
The smaller Pose Skeleton are probably too small for the room, but the larger size seems to work well with them.


Miniature desk orrery.

I’m made many orreries, well sculptures inspired by orreries really.  They don’t move by mechanical means - just look like they would if they were a real machine.  Well this one can move - you can carefully position the planets to where you want them.  I’ve used vintage clock, pocket watch and watch gears of different sizes, vintage brass stamps, beads and turned brass components. It looks simple enough but there are many, many hours of trial and error in this - finding the right material for the “arms” was difficult.  It’s available in my etsy shop.