I have been playing these games since 2012 and yet I have somehow failed to actually examine the blueprints of the portal gun until now.

And I thought the turrets were ridiculous.


Lundi Linkara : Margaret (Human Form)

Linkara monday is back with yet another Lovely Lady, perhaps even the original one since Margaret as the Magic Gun has been part of the show from the very beginning.

Once an innocent young girl, Margaret was brought up by cultists parents who only wished to sacrifice her to their evil God in hopes of creating the ultimate weapon. Thus, the Magic Gun was made, and through the dark and sinuous designs of destiny (or possibly Ebay), Linkara came across the wooden pistol and made it his weapon of choice. Unaware that Margaret’s soul was the source of the gun’s magic, Linkara used it at will to defeat many villains and foes all around, never really questioning its origin, until one day he was confronted by the girl’s residual hatred and sorrow, personified in a murderous abomination. Pushed to the brink of suicide by visions of guilt brought up by the creature, Linkara was eventually saved by the true Margaret, grown past her anger and resentment, who withheld her magic to prevent him to shoot himself. She also confided that she viewed him as a partner and a friend.

After this, more villains came to pass and Linkara fought them off, with Margaret’s help more often than none, but all these victories started to get to his head a little bit… Well, admittedly, he did convince a GOD to kill itself. That’s pretty cool to put on a resume (-Computer skills -Good team player -Types 120 words/minute -Convinced a God to kill itself -Also good at knitting). But when he became so wrapped up in his own awesomeness that he stopped paying much attention to his friends and maybe adopted a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ policy around the time Jearis broke into his place the first time, somebody decided perhaps it was time to give him a lesson in humility.

Because behind the great man, there was a woman, and a pretty badass one to boot. Not only did the Magic Gun stopped working but all the toys Linkara had enchanted to act as their real counterparts stopped working as well, leaving him pretty much abashed and exposed. ‘So, you think you’re the greatest thing since KFC’s Double Down, comic book nerd? Well, let’s see how great you do if I cut you off from the good stuff, chicken boy!’ Ok, maybe Margaret didn’t say this, and frankly Wendy’s Baconator was much better than the Double Dow…but I digress. *Ahem* Anyway, determined to know what went wrong, Linkara set out on a quest to find a way to restore his magic, get his gun to work again, find the true meaning of Christmas and annoy people at conventions in the meantime. 

It was eventually with the help of a very powerful wizard, Aplos (AKA Steve), that Linkara finally learned Margaret’s name, and the fact that his magic was failing because we was slowly turning evil. O___o Yep, simple as that. So go be a good boy now, ta-ta! 

Still a bit confused after this encounter and unsure what to do next, our hero comes at last face to face with Margaret in human form for the first time. With a calm and gentle demeanor, she explains that she withdrew the magic because she had to be sure about him before she unleashed her full potential. Because, ya know, you don’t give a rocket launcher to a trigger-happy child. She also reassures him that she still considers him a friend and a partner, but she makes him promise to make a real effort to be more considerate and pay more attention in the future, so that he won’t end up turning to the dark side (of the hat :3).

Margaret re-appears later for a confrontation against Dr Insano and, to Linkara’s demand, finally unleashes her full power, sealing the victory as well as the beginning of a renewed partnership between her and Linkara. She also comes back in human form one more time to fight an evil Mirror Universe Linkara and demonstrates she can fight without magic as well as she easily shoves aside her own Mirror-U self and helps Linkara to ensure another day of evil fighting and comic reviewing.

In conclusion, it’s really nice to know that even if Linkara is a decent and honorable guy most of the time, there’s still a sweet yet badass girl to keep him in check if he ever becomes a little too cocky ;)


The Linkara Collection II : The Quickening was given to Linkara at Conbravo 2015.

Find out if Linkara will knit Christmas sweaters with Fat Grandma anytime soon (What? It could happen!) here :

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This miniature Uzi though.

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Octavius could honestly say that 1920s gangsters would not have been his first guess as to what the new diorama directly across from his was going to be. But there it was, a miniature version of New York, or one of its streets at least, complete with a gang of fedora-wearing, tommy-gun toting miniatures led by Al Capone himself.

“Jupiter preserve us all.” Octavius muttered in annoyance. “What a choice.”


The second release in the Ghost Change (GC) Series is a set containing two Parka Ghosts. They are compatible with the Kamen Rider figures in the GC series.

Name: GC02 Musashi Ghost & Edison Ghost set
Price: 2700 Yen
Release Date: October 17th 2015


  • Includes the Musashi Ghost and Edison Ghost
  • Includes two miniature Gan Gun Sabres: Gun mode & Dual Wield mode
  • Individual display stands for the Parka Ghosts are included as well
  • Compatible with the Kamen Rider figures in the GC series
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A miniature Thompson sub machine gun! Go to to see more mini guns being fired!

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