I have been playing these games since 2012 and yet I have somehow failed to actually examine the blueprints of the portal gun until now.

And I thought the turrets were ridiculous.

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This miniature Uzi though.

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Octavius could honestly say that 1920s gangsters would not have been his first guess as to what the new diorama directly across from his was going to be. But there it was, a miniature version of New York, or one of its streets at least, complete with a gang of fedora-wearing, tommy-gun toting miniatures led by Al Capone himself.

“Jupiter preserve us all.” Octavius muttered in annoyance. “What a choice.”


The second release in the Ghost Change (GC) Series is a set containing two Parka Ghosts. They are compatible with the Kamen Rider figures in the GC series.

Name: GC02 Musashi Ghost & Edison Ghost set
Price: 2700 Yen
Release Date: October 17th 2015


  • Includes the Musashi Ghost and Edison Ghost
  • Includes two miniature Gan Gun Sabres: Gun mode & Dual Wield mode
  • Individual display stands for the Parka Ghosts are included as well
  • Compatible with the Kamen Rider figures in the GC series